Friday, March 21, 2014

Our 1st Spring Trip to the Park

As tradition has dictated, on one of the first nice weekends of the year, we like to take the boys to the park to play.  The first weekend in March gave us some lovely Spring weather, and the boys enjoyed getting to wear their shorts and t-shirts outside.

 photo park1_zpsb7ae43e7.jpg
Brody is such a big boy now at the park!

 photo park2_zps0b01d2d7.jpg
Loving that sweet smile, but the little red scar on his cheek from his recent fall makes me a little sad.  

 photo park3_zps90dc7df4.jpg
My cool kid

 photo park4_zpsc50e1419.jpg
Brody going down the big twisty slide. 

 photo park5_zps66c21662.jpg
And sliding is more fun with a daddy to catch you.

 photo park6_zpsfb3c7b70.jpg
Truck driver Brody

 photo park7_zpsb637a89c.jpg
Crossing the shaky bridge very carefully.

 photo park8_zpsc7cb814a.jpg
Evan wanted to ride this little motorcycle that he used to ride as a toddler.

 photo park9_zps0e634dd1.jpg
He loves the slides!

 photo park10_zpsc3111d8c.jpg
The purple dinosaur picture is always a must.
 photo park11_zpsc07b6324.jpg
He still loves it.  I think one day I will have a whole wall of pictures of all the pictures of them on this purple T-Rex.  Ha!

 photo park12_zpsfd92b09e.jpg
Had to get one together.

 photo park13_zpsb5737069.jpg
Yes, Evan thinks he is so cool in his shades!

 photo park14_zps4e796da3.jpg
Brody climbing up the little rock wall.

 photo park15_zps3c87137a.jpg
We tried to get one of all of us, but the boys would not cooperate.

 photo park16_zpsc57c96a5.jpg
Daddy and Brody pushing Evan on the swings.

 photo park17_zps5011bdb1.jpg
Brody thinks his daddy is hilarious!
 photo park18_zps455a00d9.jpg
Then it was Brody's turn to swing. 

After this short reprieve from the very long winter, we experienced many more rainy and cold days.  Today is another nice warm day, and we hope the weekend will be equally nice.  However, apparently our forecast is calling for this next week:

Yuck Yuck Yuck!  The article says we haven't had weather like this at this time of year since 1983!  


  1. We've enjoyed some nice weather too...just wish it would stay this way.

    1. Yes, I am ready for Spring to come to stay!

  2. How much fun! Evan looks so handsome in his sunglasses. I love the way the sunshine makes his hair look so red! Brody looks like he had such a good time. He looks like he is getting tall! We've enjoyed a lot of park time recently too. We are also in for another round of cold. Boo!

    1. I do love they way his hair shines in the sun! Boo to the cold! Luckily, the snow and ice missed us this time so we just got more yucky cold rain!

  3. I can't believe you've already been able to wear shorts and t-shirts! We've been all excited that we've been able to break out the Spring jackets! Ha! Is there a house for sale near you because I want to move there!!! Also, my kids always cooperate for pictures ;)

    1. Or as my post actually said "shirts and t-shirts"! Haha! It is correct now. Thanks for understanding what my addled brain was trying to say. ;-) You are welcome to move here any time of course!

  4. I love, love, love that I have been reading your blog long enough that I know that purple T-Rex! And I totally think you should do a purple t-rex photo wall! Or at least a shutterfly book. Ha ha!

    Glad you got to get out in shorts and t's and enjoy the park a little. We are right on the cusp of it getting too hot to do such thing.

    1. Yes, the purple T-Rex is a very important part of my kids' childhood! ;-)

  5. Love love the warmer weather.... thanks for sharing your family fun!


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