Sunday, March 30, 2014

Mattie Claire ~ 9 Months

Dear Mattie,

How is it possible that it has been 9 months since the day of your birth and the day you received your angel wings?  You have now been in heaven about the same amount of time you were in my tummy.  Mommy really misses you.  I long to know what you would look like today.  I wish you were here making memories with your family.  I cherish the memories we made during your life with us and am so very thankful that we did make so many memories with you.  I read a story just recently about another mommy going through the same situation missing her little girl in heaven.  She wrote about how although they knew their little one was most likely going to go to heaven before she was born, they made special memories with her two brothers and shared the experience together.  Although we never expected in a million years your life would end so soon, we are so thankful that we experienced so many memories together as a family of five.  I smile when I think back to nights when you, Mommy, Daddy, Evan and Brody would cuddle together on our bed (yes, it can be quite crowded at times, but we love it!) and how we would all laugh together and watch you move and kick.  We all looked forward to having you join us in a tickle fest and wanted to see who would make you laugh first.  This month, you would likely be crawling all over the house and getting into all of your brothers' toys.  I can just see you chasing them around the house.  There would be so much laughter!

You may look like this:

 photo Evan.jpg
Evan ~ 9 months


 photo Week38.jpg
Brody ~ 9 months (wearing the same cardigan sweater)

This month, we took family pictures wearing our green for St. Patrick's Day, and we would have loved for you to be with us.  Here are some of the outfits you may have worn:

 photo Mattiedress3_zpsfa152c96.jpg
A cute Carter's outfit

 photo Mattieshirt_zps3c56e173.jpg
And a cute little t-shirt. 

 photo Mattiedress7_zpscb3de009.jpg
You would likely still need to wear some warmer clothes this month as we've had an unusually long winter. 

 photo Mattieshirt3_zps2102c991.jpg
 photo Mattieskirt_zps882e22f6.jpg
 photo Mattiedress4_zps867c783e.jpg
 photo Mattiedress5_zps549df7ae.jpg

No matter what you would wear, you would be so beautiful to us!  We love you, little angel!

Your earthly family


  1. Thinking about you and praying for you today and always my friend.

  2. What a precious tribute to your baby girl! Praying for you

  3. I still pray for you every day Sherry. I can't imagine that missing Mattie is getting any easier. I wish so very much that you had your nine month (and three day) old sweetie here on earth with you. Love you friend.

  4. Thank you, ladies! I refuse to just let her be forgotten. :-(

  5. Oh how beautiful sweet Mattie Claire would have been at 9 months. I'm sure she would have been chubby like her brothers and gorgeous and giggly.


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