Tuesday, March 11, 2014

I am Divergent!

Yes, I just finished reading the first novel in this series.  Just in time for the upcoming movie release later this month too.  I did enjoy reading the book, but mostly, I enjoy the reflection it has given me comparing my own personality and choices to those of the characters.  

So which faction would I be?  

Amity = peace seeking and kind 
Candor = truthful at all costs 
Dauntless = fearless and brave 
Erudite = always knowledge seeking 
Abnegation = selfless  

Each faction believes that focusing on just their one great quality is all it takes to achieve “perfection” in life.  While each quality sounds great in its own way, what happens when we leave off any of the other qualities?  Apparently, it is too “dangerous” to display a mixture of these qualities. 

Is it dangerous to seek peace and kindness while trying to be as truthful as you can without being too candid and hurting others’ feelings while striving to be brave and fearless enough to fight for those who cannot fight for themselves while seeking after knowledge that will help make the world a better place while striving to be selfless enough to sacrifice your own happiness to help those less fortunate? 

In Tris’s world, it is dangerous to exhibit some or all of these characteristics because you would be too difficult to control.  Is this society and world really that different than our own today?  If someone thinks differently than us, are we accepting of the differences or does our society try to squash those differing opinions and force its own opinions on others?  What happens when one “faction” of like thinking people tries to force all the other “factions” into submission?  I think we could easily look back in history and see exactly what happens.  In the novel, one faction’s lack of the qualities of peacemaking, kindness, truthfulness, and selflessness led to that faction seeking to control all the others to gain power.  I think that may have happened a time or two in real life, don’t you?   

So what are your thoughts on this book? 


  1. I just downloaded this to my kindle! I need to get through this week of work and then I'm going to start it too. I have been very "on the fence" about reading it because of the reviews I read. Everybody says that the first two books are fantastic and that the third is a waste of time and ruins the first two. There is no way I can read one and two and not three, but I worry that I am setting myself up for disapppintment.

    I'm excited about the movie too!

    1. I hope you do read it as I definitely thought it was a good read. I hadn't heard that about the third book, but I do think you will be "invested" after reading the first and must at least read the second as the first ends abruptly and the second picks right up where the first stops. There's one way to insure you'll have success selling a second novel, huh? I doubt I will not be able to read book three either. Of course, I can't say that the third Hunger Games book was my favorite either, but I had to read it. I just didn't like the way it ended...I was never a Peeta fan. Hehe!

  2. I am going to have to read this. Some of the mama's in Addi's gymnastics class were talking about this book too!

  3. I really liked this series. I too am Divergent and can't wait to see the movie.


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