Thursday, March 27, 2014

Happy 7th Birthday, Evan!

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Yes, this kid is 7!  
Dear Evan,

You have given us the best 7 years of our lives as we have enjoyed being your parents so very much.  You never cease to amaze us with your bright smiles, laughter, intellect, sense of humor, and numerous other skills you seem to acquire on a daily basis.  Every sport you attempt, you play with skill and a true love of the game.  From your earliest days as a toddler, you had a profound love of a ball (it was your first real word, you know).  From the moment you started talking, we marveled at how someone so small could sound so grown up.  You have always possessed a maturity level and fascination for life well ahead of your years.  Your caring and sensitive spirit have often made me worry about you, but you continue to show me that most of my fears are unnecessary as you are completely capable of being strong when you need to be.  As fast as these wonderful 7 years have passed, I know that the next 7 years will be even faster.  Soon, you will be 14 and then 21 and 28.  I am sure you will quickly comprehend that I counted by 7 there as you are such a math wiz!  You are such a well-rounded individual these days.  I have also worried considerably about your education the last few years, but you continue to show me again that my worries are likely unnecessary as every new lesson you tackle seems to come so easy for you.  You love math but can also appreciate history and science, and I will often find you watching a history channel special with your dad.  You are also a technology geek and are so good at all the games you play.  Your cousins often want you to play their games for them to beat some part they can't win.  You also love to sit and read for fun now which makes me so happy.  It only took us finding some more interesting books for you to challenge your mind.  You actually read a condensed version of Tom Sawyer recently and really loved it.  You even appreciate the things that girls like which is probably why you get along well with the girls in your class as well as the boys.  You are all boy for sure, but the girls do all seem to really love you.  When Daddy visited your class a couple of weeks ago to do a forestry presentation, he asked the class if you could go home with him after it was over.  One of your girl friends, Addison, spoke up and said "No, we NEED Evan!" Haha!  I will try not to harass you too much about the girl stuff, but just know that when you want to talk, your daddy and I are here.

From the first moment I laid eyes on your adorable little face, glowing red hair, and beautiful blue eyes, I knew you had stolen my heart.  My love for you has only grown since that day.  You continue to make us so proud, and we will always be here to help you become the man you are meant to be.  We wish you another amazing birthday and year!

Love always,
Your Mommy and Daddy


  1. Happy Birthday Evan! Hope that you will have the best birthday ever. May you always be a beacon of God's light. Love ya! Ms Diana

  2. Happy Birthday Evan! You are a special little guy! I'm pretty sure you and my Evan would be the best of friends!

  3. OK, I know that I should be commenting about Evan and his birthday, but what I really want to comment about is how much I am like you (and you are like me) and our kids are alike. I really could have written this about Spencer. Almost every single part. I love that!

    Oh, and Happy Birthday Evan!

  4. Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!! I know I have told you before time flies..... don't blink! Our babies are 29, one will be 21 this month, one 17 this month and 9! Enjoy them!

  5. I love this Sherry! Happy (very belated) Birthday to Evan! I hope I get to meet him in person someday because he sounds like one amazing kid :)

  6. Thank you, everyone! Evan did have a good birthday, but he is looking forward to celebrating at his party this weekend!


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