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Basketball Season 2013-2014

Evan started his first season of basketball with a local church league in our community in December.  They had the first practices and games and then took a long break for Christmas before starting back in January.  The season ended on February 15th so I am more than a little behind on this post.  He is starting another season of baseball this month so I definitely needed to get caught up.  The church that hosted this sports program is a large church in our area that has a big youth ministry comprising these sports programs.  They reach a lot of young people in our community with this great ministry and the focus of all the sports is always focused on ministering to the young people and their families.  Our church does not have a sports program so I am very glad this church has chosen to focus their children's ministry in this area.  The sports are not as competitive here and are just focused on teaching the kids the fundamentals of the game and good sportsmanship.  They also had devotions and prayer at every practice and game.  It was a very fun and rewarding experience for all of us!

 photo basketball1_zpsad1734e0.jpg
They had a little opening ceremony to welcome all of the players and called all the kids to run in wearing their uniforms.  

 photo basketball2_zpsb3ffbb77.jpg
There goes our Evan...#5!

 photo basketball3_zps1031c062.jpg
The team huddle at the first game of the season.

 photo basketball5_zpsb911fa52.jpg
Our little player prepares to play his first quarter.  They played man-to-man defense so he wore a colored wristband that matched a player on the opposite team that was his man to cover. 

 photo basketball6_zps9638ad34.jpg
He really got the game very quickly considering it was his first season playing.  His only other basketball experience was a little basketball clinic at the YMCA when he was not quite 4.  

 photo basketball7_zps904217f4.jpg
Everyone wore the same jerseys in this league with the shirts being reversible so they could be either blue or gray.  

 photo basketball8_zps3804f0c5.jpg
The cheering section.

 photo basketball9_zpsb3ca22fe.jpg
Our coach was such a sweet man and really good with the boys and his wife was awesome too.

 photo basketball10_zps0a6a8094.jpg
Evan showing he's open for the pass.

 photo basketball11_zps72fb814a.jpg
Listening to the coach. 

 photo basketball12_zpsf477b067.jpg
Taking a little break during halftime while a little show and lesson was put on by the church leaders.

 photo basketball13_zpseca48a16.jpg
I just love the varying heights of boys at this age.  Evan is kind of right in the middle on height right now which I suspect will be about where he'll stay. 

 photo basketball14_zpsd321fe90.jpg
The end score of the first game was very close although sadly we didn't win.  It was still a great game!

 photo basketball15_zps4ae77e3f.jpg
Preparing for the second game. 

 photo basketball16_zps6ba9ea01.jpg
He's ready.  He actually scored his first goal of the season at this game.

 photo basketball17_zpsf05df9b2.jpg
Trying to get open or pass the ball.

 photo basketball19_zps8b7679d2.jpg
Little brother liked watching the game.  

 photo basketball20_zpsac6adcff.jpg
Evan preparing for another quarter.

 photo basketball21_zps49d2d957.jpg
The lighting in gymnasiums is not great for taking pictures.  

 photo basketball22_zps3ad608a3.jpg
Fighting for the rebound.

 photo basketball24_zpsd61e681a.jpg

 photo basketball25_zps54e6565d.jpg
Looking for a pass.

 photo basketball26_zps4677cd4b.jpg
Good game, boys!

 photo basketball27_zps64cf5352.jpg
The first game after the Christmas break is about to begin.

 photo basketball28_zpsf605eff0.jpg
Evan did great dribbling down the court.

 photo basketball29_zpscf176ea5.jpg

 photo basketball30_zpsa10e79fe.jpg
My little champ

 photo basketball31_zpsef79537f.jpg
He got the ball a lot during the last game.

 photo basketball32_zps1e6d6e29.jpg
Ready to help his teammate.

 photo basketball33_zpse82a75bb.jpg
His cousin Lanny was there to help.

 photo basketball34_zps7be0cd23.jpg
They had a little end of season party after the last game to eat pizza and snacks and get their awards.  

 photo basketball35_zps7514ea4c.jpg
Evan actually said he didn't want any pizza so Brody ate his piece.

 photo basketball36_zps71e3bf91.jpg
Coach gave Evan his "game ball" from the second game where he scored his first goal.
 photo basketball37_zpsde0cb4af.jpg
And he got a little award for being fearless and a good passer.

 photo basketball38_zps5a3b1bbd.jpg
And he got a sweet little trophy for his collection.

 photo basketball39_zps55977897.jpg
I hope all of these will help to inspire him and remind him what he can accomplish with hard work and perseverance.

 photo basketball40_zpsd07faaa3.jpg
I made him show off his award when he got home.

 photo basketball41_zpsf6251de1.jpg
Evan's little game ball.

And now we are about to embark on the most competitive sports season yet as we enter the realm of machine pitch baseball.  We actually bought Evan his first cup today...there's one for the memory books!  Eddie will be assistant coaching, and the kids actually had evaluations yesterday.  Tonight, Eddie and the other coaches got together to select the teams based on the performance evaluations.  Eddie said it was like the major league drafts, and luckily, he and his coach got the first draft pick.  Yay!  But seriously, we are praying that this will be a good experience for Evan and us.


  1. That basketball season looks like a lot of fun! How awesome that it was all hosted, and organized, by the church. It looks like a great ministry.

    Way to go Evan on playing so well this season. I'm excited to read about your baseball season next :)

    1. It was a very good experience although I did have to "put a sock in it" a few times because of some bad referee calls. Haha!

  2. Way to go Evan! You know our little family loves basketball! It looks like he did a great job and really got in there after the ball.

    It is amazing how much the kids vary in size! There were some forth grade girls that played on Pay's leauge and they were almost as tall as me. Pay looked tiny out there!

    Can you believe it's already baseball season? We started soccer last week and Pay's first game is this weekend. For some reason, Evan doesn't play for a couple of more weeks.

    1. Yes, I have always been a little worried about Evan's size when playing sports. He was the youngest on his team but not the smallest so I thought that was a good thing. Evan definitely loves baseball, and I think he feels less pressure about his size in that sport. Plus, it seems to involve less confrontation with other players than sports like basketball and soccer. Baseball is our Spring sport of choice and soccer is our fall sport. :-)

  3. Oh thank you so much for allowing me to continue to be a part of your blog-life. You are one of the few that read my blog (with me being so random and sporatic) and you are always so sweet to comment.What fun basketball is...Evan looked like he was having a great time.!! Kea played again this year and had a great time and Baby C played a prepeewee league. Loved it!! Praying for you as you take each day at a time and loving those sweet little boys! One day, I just know God is going to let us meet in real life!! Can't wait for that day! ;)

    1. Oh, I definitely think that day is coming, Piper! We love entirely too close to never meet in real life! Thank you so much for continuing to blog and being such an inspiration to me!

  4. Ha ha ha- Evan's first cup. That's definitely one for the memory books.

    I really like the idea of the matching wrist bans to help with who you should be paired with. I never would have thought of that. And that's why I am not a basketball coach.

    Spencer has always been the tiniest kid. I hope that someday he can just be "in the middle". Michael and his dad were both late bloomers, so hopefully Spencer will follow in their footsteps.

    1. See, I think I put that little tidbit about the cup in there just for you. I knew you would find the humor in it! ;-) Yes, I wouldn't have thought of the wristbands coaching for me. Hehe! Here's some encouragement about Spencer and Evan as I know they have both been size challenged a little since birth. Evan was the youngest on his basketball team, but he was not the smallest. He has definitely been "running up" lately and is starting to at least be more average sized. I never thought Evan was going to be particularly small when he grew up since I knew he was so much like his daddy. Judging by your and Michael's seemingly average sizes, I think Spencer will be just fine! :-)


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