Thursday, March 13, 2014

ABC's of Brody (almost 3)

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Since Brody is almost 3 and has changed so much, I thought I would re-write his ABC's to show how much he has changed.  The last time I wrote this, he was 1 year and 4 months old.  On the 29th of next month, he will turn 3.  A lot has changed!

Age: 2 years, 10 months, 1 week and 6 days 

Bed size:  Twin size on the bottom bunk of the bunk beds I share with my big brother, Evan.  I do still really prefer Mommy and Daddy's King though.  I often wake up in the middle of the night and drag my boppy pillow and silky blanket into Mommy and Daddy's room.  I try to lift them onto the big bed by myself and then get frustrated and say "Hep me!  My boppy!  My silky!"  Once I am all snuggled up on the bed, I sleep like a baby! 

Chore you hate:  I like to help around the house, but I don't like being told to pick up my toys after I have ransacked my play room and other areas of the house.  Mommy and Daddy often come home from work to find my toys spread all over the downstairs living area, play room, and kitchen.      

Dog's name:  Nope, I still don't have a doggy, but I do love them.  I don't call them dogs though.  They are "woofs."     

Essential item to start your day: The first thing I look for when I wake up is the remote in Mommy and Daddy's room.  I often just throw it at my Mom and demand "Toot Toot," my favorite show!  Mommy usually complies because she wants to keep sleeping. 

Favorite color: I really like the color blue, and I think everything is blue.  It is a really great color!  I will often ask/demand Mommy and Daddy to get my blue silky, but I really mean my green one.  

Gold or Silver:  I still don't really understand this one.   

Height:  I measure almost exactly 3 feet these days. 

Instruments you play: I will still occasionally play the drums, but I still mostly love playing my music on the stereo and dancing.  My favorite song these days is "the B.I.E." (aka The B.I.B.L.E.)

Job title: Preschool Student, Big Brother Keeper (I don't know what he'd do without me), movie watcher, choo choo train engineer, aspiring chef, and Mommy and Daddy's Professional Trainer

Key to a Happy Life: lots of silky blankets, choo choo trains, funny movies and cars with DVD players, tickles, sweet tea, Mommy and Daddy kisses, big comfy beds, Super Mario Bros., Kindles, cell phones and other electronic devices, and big brothers who play with me

Living arrangements: I live with my Mommy, Daddy, and big brother in our house.  I kind of rule this kingdom. 

Mom's name: Mommy, of course

Nicknames:  Brody-saurus, Brody-Pody, Stinker, Cutie Pie

Overnight hospital stay:  When I was born.  Just a short two night stay before heading to my forever home. 

Pet Peeve: Not getting something that I want and being able to do something I want to do.  I am really good at pouting and saying "No, I don't!" or "No, I go night night!"   

Quote from a movie: "Pana Pana Pana" which means Kung Fu Panda which is my favorite movie lately.  I also like Aladdin, Madagascar 3, and pretty much any other movie I drag out just to make you have to change it in the DVD player for the 5 minutes I may watch it before I find another one.  That is pretty much a game only my grandparents let me get away with! 

Right or left handed: I am more decidedly choosing my right hand lately. 

Siblings: An older brother named Evan that I love more than anything in the world and a little sister named Mattie that I really miss.

Time you wake up: During the week, I usually wake up between 7:30 a.m. and 8:00 a.m. to get ready for school and to see Mommy before she goes to work.  On Saturday, I may sleep until 8:30 a.m.  I still really like getting to join Mommy and Daddy in their bed and cuddling with Mommy some.

Underwear:  I still wear diapers although I have made some progress with using the potty.  I do have some cool underwear with trucks on them that I hope to start wearing soon.

Vegetable you dislike: I love vegetables.  Big brother and I fight over peas and carrots!

Ways/Reasons you run late: I am NEVER late...the party does not start until I get there!

X-rays you've had: None

Yummy food you like to eat: It would be easier to list what I don't like.  I love salads, peas, carrots, chicken nuggets, fruit (strawberries and grapes are a favorite), tomatoes, cheddar bunnies, macaroni and cheese, and ice cream. 

Zoo animals you like: I am really excited to see the pandas at the National Zoo.  I really love all animals.  I liked the elephants and tigers at the circus.  I like to pretend I am a dinosaur or other ferocious beast.  My big brother calls me a piranha because I'm like the little girl in Finding Nemo who said "I'm a piranha" and acted like she was going to bite someone!  


  1. I love this post.. such a creative way to document the stages of life. I have an almost 3-yr. old myself and plan to do this type of post very soon! As far as Divergent, I have the book, but haven't cracked it yet. I guess I need to get to reading before the movie comes out! :) Lana

  2. This is so cute! Although the answer for "S" made me sad. I can't imagine what life is like for Evan and Brody not having Mattie around when they were so looking forward to her.

  3. I did all of our ABC's a long, long, long time ago. I think Spencer was still one. Maybe just barely two. Now I am feeling inspired to do ours again, and Elliott's for the first time!


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