Sunday, February 9, 2014

Our Little Snow Day

After a pretty dry and cold January, we finally saw a little of the white stuff covering the ground.  Brody had pretty strong opinions about the white stuff when he got out and felt how cold it was:  "It's told.  It's yuck."  Haha!  He really enjoyed it though but didn't like when his hands started getting cold.  He loved wrestling with his big brother in the snow, making a snow angel, and just walking around and making tracks in the snow.  I loved hearing his opinion about the snow now that he is verbally communicating more.  We only got a couple of inches this time because we have had such dry air over our area that has limited the amount of moisture that gets through the atmosphere and falls to the ground.  The snow that finally got through was very dry and powdery so it was not good for making snowballs or snowmen.  It made very good snow cream though.  Yum!

 photo snow1_zpsabc1cbe8.jpg
Brody takes his first peek at the snow in the morning.

 photo snow2_zpsd6a60213.jpg
Going out to explore before the sun melted all of it away.

 photo snow3_zps670fc8e1.jpg
Little man did not like the cold stuff on his hands.  

 photo snow4_zpsa797ea9f.jpg
We didn't get enough snow for sledding so we just did sliding instead.

 photo snow5_zps471a9235.jpg
And he cleared off the slide.

 photo snow6_zpsc1d38348.jpg
Brody loves to pose for pictures.

 photo snow7_zps117fc876.jpg
Evan's snow angel

 photo snow8_zpse9241e27.jpg
Mommy helping Brody put on his gloves.  

 photo snow9_zps5644320d.jpg
He was happy to touch the snow with his gloves on. 

 photo snow10_zps06678e42.jpg
Throwing powdery snow.

 photo snow12_zpsfc93aef8.jpg
Mommy and Brody trying to pack a snowball.

 photo snow13_zps97d95160.jpg
Putting snow on big brother.

 photo snow14_zps948fb59d.jpg
Showing Mommy his snow covered glove.  "Help me, Mommy!"

 photo snow15_zps90732467.jpg
So excited!

 photo snow16_zps61534c8c.jpg
Evan trying to make snowballs.

 photo snow17_zps588af408.jpg
Evan throwing snow at his little brother.

 photo snow19_zps9f3b8a43.jpg
Our magnolia tree looked pretty covered in snow.

 photo snow20_zps19b797c0.jpg
Snow covered magnolia leaves.

 photo snow21_zpsa56cc326.jpg
Our snow covered house

 photo snow22_zps52c2e272.jpg
Our traditional family snow picture

 photo snow23_zps675cd3a0.jpg
Evan broke away from our traditional red winter coats and went with green last year.

 photo snow24_zps501052ec.jpg
Brody making a snow angel.

 photo snow25_zps5c2a6fa7.jpg
Cutest snow angel ever!

 photo snow26_zps855a4486.jpg
Going for a walk with Mommy and checking out our tracks.

 photo snow27_zpsc27f073b.jpg
Warming up over cups of hot chocolate with marshmallows.

 photo snow28_zpscbfaea55.jpg
Evan wanted peppermint and marshmallows in his.

 photo snow29_zps98f1b5f3.jpg
Thanks to preschool, Brody now blows bubbles in all of his drinks.  

 photo snow31_zps3f93163e.jpg
Hooray for snow cream!

 photo snow30_zps9cad4a6a.jpg
Snow "ice cream"

And now we may be due for some more of this winter weather this week.  Our neighbor that lives behind us is a local meteorologist, and he is predicting that Tuesday and Wednesday could bring us between 4 and 8 inches of snow and maybe some ice on top.  The snow sounds fun, but I could do without the ice!


  1. Fun day! I'm glad you got a snow day, if only so you could take such awesome pictures. Ha ha ha!

    I was thinking the exact same thing when I saw Evan's coat.......what? Green? Everyone else is in red.

    There is just something about a snow covered tree. They are just gorgeous. Not like I see that in my day to day life, ever, but I totally agree.

  2. Fun, fun, fun! I love how your family always has such a good time together. I'm also super jealous that you got not one, but two great family pictures! =) Ya'll need to come teach us a lesson on family pics.

  3. Mmmm... snow cream. I have to remember to make some this year!

    And tell Brody that his twin Rachel never keeps her mittens on either and then gets very grumpy when her hands get cold.

    I hope you enjoy your snow days and that the ice continues to stay away.


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