Friday, February 28, 2014

Mattie Claire ~ 8 Months

Dear Mattie,

Happy Valentine's!  There is no one on this earth that I want to express my love to more than you.  You will always have a piece of my heart with you, and you will always be my special little Valentine.  I know your daddy and brothers would have loved to lavish lots of sweet hugs and kisses on you for Valentine's too.  When we celebrated Valentine's last year, I just knew that would be my last one where I got all the attention from those boys because I knew that this year, they would be so crazy about you and would want to spoil you rotten.  You are still Daddy's special little Valentine and princess.  When I think of what you would look like and sound like and be doing now, I can't believe it.  You are only a few months away from being a year old.  You would be laughing, crawling, eating lots of new foods, playing with your big brothers' toys and probably making them mad, and maybe even trying to walk.  I know you would be stealing hearts wherever you went as the sweetest and cutest little angel around.  You would have us all wrapped around those sweet little fingers.

You may have looked a little like this:

 photo Evan8month.jpg
Big Brother Evan

 photo Brody12-7.jpg
Big Brother Brody
Here are a few outfits you may have worn this month:

 photo Mattie2_zpsaca0c5c6.jpg
This was an outfit that I had purchased for you last year anticipating your first Valentine's day. 
 photo Mattiedress15_zps51ce65bd.jpg
A sweet little onesie with love bunnies on it for our little love bunny!  This would definitely have been a piece that I would have had to purchase from Janie & Jack.  I cannot resist the bunnies.  

 photo Mattiedress3_zps3cc68869.jpg
One of the Valentine's dresses you may have worn with your sweet name embroidered on it.

 photo Mattiedress2_zps4d62a233.jpg
Or this one. 

 photo Mattiedress6_zpsd60149bd.jpg
And I like this one too. 
 photo Mattiedress4_zpsd9f993d5.jpg
Another great option for you. 
Mostly, we would have just enjoyed showing you so many things this month.  We will always love you, sweet baby girl!



  1. Happy 8 months Mattie! You are so loved! I'm sending hugs to your mommy :)

  2. Such pretty clothes for such a beautiful little girl. Such a sweet little Valentine. Hugs for you my friend!

  3. What a sweet post. Sending hugs from Texas!

  4. She would have been a doll in her sweet Valentine's outfit. Love you Sherry. Sending you hugs as you remember your sweet Mattie.

  5. Ah, what a sweet love letter to Mattie Claire for Valentine's Day. I love the little red jacket you bought her last year.

    I know that she is in heaven missing you and knowing just how loved and missed she is.


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