Sunday, February 2, 2014

Good Days/Bad Days

Isn't that what life is all about?  Some days are good and some days are not so good.  Some days just plain stink.  Life is a roller coaster ride, and for us, the month of January was definitely a wild ride!  The month started off slow which was a refreshing break from the hustle and bustle of the holidays.  Then, bad news came.  My mom, Nana to the boys, became very sick.  She was in the hospital for surgery to her wrist from a recent fall and then developed an infection.  While being treated for the infection, she suddenly suffered a decline in her oxygen levels and needed to go to ICU and be put on oxygen.  We just didn't understand what was causing her lungs to fail her and not be able to keep up with breathing on their own.  Although she has suffered many long years of various health problems, she has never had lung problems.  After several days of being on an oxygen mask, her lungs were not improving and seemed to be getting worse.  The doctors were recommending she needed to be put on a ventilator, but my dad wasn't sure that was what she wanted.  She was still conscious but had trouble communicating through the oxygen mask.  When the mask was removed for a few seconds, she had a sharp decline in her O2 levels.  Finally, we all met with her doctor, and after determining from him that he felt the ventilator was the only viable option to allow her lungs a chance to heal from whatever had caused them to be inflamed, we chose that option.  She has been on the ventilator about a week now, but her lungs haven't improved much yet.  She just has the tube down her throat right now and is heavily sedated, but the tube seems to be irritating her throat now so we do not think she'll be able to tolerate that much longer and may need a tracheotomy soon.  She is fighting hard, and we are just waiting and praying for the Lord's will in this situation.

In the last couple of weeks, we've had some unusually cold and dry weather that has just left me feeling yucky.  My sinuses do not like the cold, dry air of winter, and they get so swollen that I cannot breathe.  The only thing that seems to help is a nasal spray decongestant.  I also developed a toothache in my wisdom teeth that has made me pretty miserable.  I finally went to the dentist and doctor on Friday.  After the dentist evaluation, we decided to take out the wisdom teeth on that side of my mouth.  I have both the top and bottom ones on that side but only one on the other side.  They have never caused me problems before, but my mouth is so small and it is difficult to reach them with my toothbrush or floss so I had a cavity.  I have never had cavities before.  I could have them filled, but I think the wisdom teeth are also causing me to grind my teeth at night because they cause my bite to be uneven on that side.  Anyway, I will be going to the dentist tomorrow morning to have them pulled.  Hopefully, there will be no complications, and they can just be pulled in the dentist's office without the need for further oral surgery.  I am a little nervous, but I had to have a tooth pulled when I was a child (I had an extra permanent tooth) and I don't remember that being particularly terrible so I hope this will be a similar experience.  I also went to the doctor and discussed some issues I am having with my body just not feeling and acting normally, and I had some blood taken so hopefully I will get some answers soon.  So that's a lot of the "bad" stuff from January.  Through all of that, there were always good days and good memories that I don't want to forget.  Just last weekend, the boys and I enjoyed a good Sunday afternoon playing outside together in relatively warm weather.  It really made me feel so much better.  That's the kind of stuff that makes all the bad days more bearable.  To make this post seem less like a big whining and complaining session, I will include a few pictures from our fun day.

 photo goodday1_zps7d24f648.jpg
Brody practiced riding his tricycle.  He actually did well using the pedals although I had to get him started.  He rode more than he usually does.  Usually, he prefers to just push it around instead of riding on it. 

 photo goodday2_zps288d32cc.jpg
He looks so big on his trike.  

 photo goodday3_zps188d3582.jpg
Still his favorite method of using his trike. 

 photo goodday4_zps45d0b874.jpg
I guess he thought the grass needed cutting. 

 photo goodday5_zps624e5b70.jpg
Evan practiced basketball, and he wanted me to guard him to help him practice.  I actually got a nice workout.  

 photo goodday6_zps00ff18c4.jpg
Our front driveway is so sloped that I don't like him playing there since his ball constantly rolls down to the road.  Daddy "fixed" him a bigger basketball goal in the backyard for now.  He attached Evan's old toddler basketball goal to the side of the shed.  Ha!  

 photo goodday7_zps403e8451.jpg
Brody wanted to show off his tree climbing skills. 

 photo goodday8_zpsa4eb669d.jpg
So big!

 photo goodday9_zps45ae142e.jpg
Evan joined him in the tree. 

 photo goodday10_zpsb6d0e8ce.jpg
So handsome. 

 photo goodday11_zpsb70bff35.jpg
And Brody is loving posing with the Valentine's decorations. 

 photo goodday12_zps5b592d65.jpg
Evan enjoyed a favorite frozen treat after basketball. 

 photo goodday13_zpsf75677b4.jpg
Brody enjoyed his "ice" too. 

 photo goodday14_zps704b5906.jpg
My husband apparently doesn't like when I post pictures of him eating.  I wonder if this qualifies? 
Stay tuned for more good days!  We actually got a snow day and went to the circus again!


  1. Sherry, I've been praying for you mom. I can only imagine how hard this is on your family. I'll be praying for your dentist appointment too. I'm sorry that you haven't been feeling well. Please keep us posted on your blood test results.

    I LOVE the picture of your boys in the tree. Could they get any cuter? I love how you are staying so positive in this time.

  2. Oh Sherry, I am sorry about your Mother. I will pray that God's hand of healing will be on her. May He give you peace in the situations you are facing. Praying that you feel better as well.
    Even in the tough days, we can always find good...sometimes it gets harder to see the good, but as a wife and a Mom, we must press on for our husband, and for our children. They need to see that we trust the Lord and that His love never fails. My friend is hosting a month of devotions on God's Redeeming Love... if you have a chance visit.... her blog is full of love family truth and God's word.

  3. You take the cutest pictures. Hope things pick up soon. I'm not an outdoorsy person, but we enjoyed the weather for a long time on Sunday. : )

  4. Oh Sherry -- know that I was praying for you throughout all of January. You had so much piled on you this past month, I can't even imagine. Don't ever worry about "complaining." While I don't like blogs where every single post is negative, I want people to be able to blog about what is actually happening in their lives. And you know what, sometimes life just doesn't have a lot of sunshine for us some of the time.

    I really hope you get your health issues figured out soon. Life is difficult enough without feeling 100%. You are still in my prayers all the time, my friend. Love you.


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