Saturday, February 15, 2014

Built to Amaze

Going to the circus has become a family tradition for us the past few years.  It wasn't really our intention to go every year, but the circus has been different every year (2012 and 2013) and Evan always begs to go again.  It does usually help break up the monotony of our winter months and gives us a little something fun to look forward to in these less busy months.  This year's theme was "Built to Amaze" as Barnum & Bailey were determined to build a show that would truly amaze guests.  Although most of the circus events were the same, it was still a fun show to watch.  We also got closer seats this year, but I'm not sure if that was a good thing or not.  I think our pictures from previous years may have been a little better because sometimes sitting closer to a show where many of the acts take place way up in the air isn't always better.  Still, I think the boys enjoyed being closer to the action.

 photo circus1_zpsca42a850.jpg
The boys are ready for the show!

 photo circus2_zpsdc699f7b.jpg
Before the main event, we enjoyed watching the clowns put on a little pre-show act.  

 photo circus3_zps08057ed4.jpg
Brody has a good view from Daddy's shoulders.

 photo circus4_zps3ce2310a.jpg
The show begins with the American flag.

 photo circus10_zps053c8999.jpg
And the singing of the National Anthem.

 photo circus11_zps9a181e15.jpg
Brody liked the clowns and their cute little dump truck. 

 photo circus5_zpsdf11f47b.jpg
The elephants are always a hit.

 photo circus6_zps15bd0bcf.jpg
Me and my little man enjoying the show.

 photo circus12_zpsadecf775.jpg
Amazing horses.

 photo circus7_zps1525131e.jpg
These uni-cycling basketball players were pretty amazing.

 photo circus8_zpse5d3112b.jpg
The fact that the tigers always have to be inside a cage just shows you that you really can't "train" these wild cats.

 photo circus9_zpsb04ea0ed.jpg
Daddy and Brody watching the tigers.

 photo circus13_zps93d44a5a.jpg
That is a big cat!

 photo circus14_zpsed31645f.jpg
The tightrope walkers are always impressive.

 photo circus15_zps1cf27edc.jpg
I think I am always so impressed by these stunts because I have a small fear of heights.

 photo circus16_zps47f1cb35.jpg
And of course, it wouldn't be the circus without someone being shot from a cannon.

 photo circus17_zps6b7e1982.jpg
And there she goes!  

 photo circus18_zpsf980f0cc.jpg

 photo circus19_zpsd733bc04.jpg
I think this is another of my favorite pictures of Eddie and Brody.

 photo circus20_zpsac2fa1f3.jpg
These poodles won my heart.  You can definitely see why they are known as one of the smartest breeds of dogs.   
 photo circus22_zpsb19b8588.jpg
And the final farewell. 

 photo circus21_zpsd069df37.jpg
No, this sweet little guy did not make it until the end.


  1. I really love your new header and that picture of Eddie and Brody is AWESOME!!! I now want to see if a circus is coming our way. This looks like a lot of fun.

  2. How much fun! The last picture of Brody is way too cute! You also captured some great action shots. We haven't taken our kiddos to the circus yet. It never seems to line up with Jason's days off or sports. We're going to have to make it happen though. And I love your your blogger header too. You have the cutest family!!!

  3. Do you know that I have never taken my kids to the circus? I should probably do that soon. I have great memories of going when I was a kid. I am also 99% sure that I have the same shirt that you were wearing. Did you get it at Target?


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