Sunday, February 23, 2014

Another Snowy Valentine's

Yes, I said another snowy Valentine's.  No, we aren't in the habit of getting many snow covered Valentine's around here, but in 2010, we did get snow a day or so before Valentine's and had to commemorate the occasion.  This year, I used our little Valentine's banner that I got from the dollar bins at Target for some Valentine's pictures in the snow.  Grandma, Aunt Naomi, and cousin Grady came up to stay with the boys on Valentine's night so that Eddie and I could go out on a little date.  We enjoyed going out for a nice dinner and then going to see a movie.  We went to see Winter's Tale because it seemed like the only "romantic" movie that was showing.  It was actually not quite what I imagined it would be although I did enjoy seeing the actress that played Sybil on our favorite show, Downton Abbey, on the big screen.  Eddie and I enjoyed our evening together and just gave each other the customary Valentine's cards.  We have never liked the idea of buying expensive gifts for one another for Valentine's and just use the occasion as another day to celebrate our love. Evan and Brody both received lots of Valentines from their classmates at school as well as some little treats from Mommy and Daddy and Grandma.  I bought all the boys a little something fun to show my love.  I didn't even take pictures of the boys' Valentines they took to school this year although they were not anything fancy.  They were just some cute little Valentine cards I found at Target with some cute lollipops (sports themed for the boys and pink and purple stars for the girls).  They definitely weren't as "pinterest-worthy" as last years, but they didn't really receive any pinterest-worthy ones either so I assume the whole pinterest craze may be fading out around here.  Ha!

 photo valentines1_zps1b20104c.jpg
Just a few simple Valentine's decorations.  I had bought the first heart banner from Target in late January along with the little wooden "Be Mine" sign.  Then, a couple of weeks later I went back to Target and found the little Love banner that was a little kit to put together.  I just liked it even better. 

 photo valentines2_zps2d0f521c.jpg
I actually made this little printable myself after seeing a large canvas print at Target with the message on it.  I didn't want to pay $30 for the canvas so I took a picture and made my own.  Yes, I am cheap like that!  I think I might put it in our room to keep all year! 
 photo valentines3_zps2e405ad2.jpg
I had to use our little love banner to help commemorate our snowy Valentine's.  

 photo valentines4_zpsa3f73c0f.jpg
Me & my little Valentines

 photo valentines5_zpsf455f010.jpg
And then my big Valentine magically joined the picture.

 photo valentines6_zps924027b5.jpg
Evan needed to hide from the bright sunlight so that he could smile.

 photo valentines7_zps8807f621.jpg
This is love!

 photo valentines8_zpsda6ff7cb.jpg
I had to get the boys a little Valentine's treat so I got Evan this little Spy set because he loves pretending he is on secret missions.  Ha!

 photo valentines9_zps3777538e.jpg
Daddy bought them both some chocolate and Grandma brought them all Reese's heart candy (yes, that is very appropriate).

 photo valentines10_zpsdcd441f3.jpg
My little tool man got a new tool belt.

 photo valentines11_zpsa9b37533.jpg
My sweetie did not buy me flowers this year, but my sweet blog friend, Natasha, did send me a sweet and cheerful bouquet that arrived the week of Valentine's!  Thanks, Natasha!  I owe you so much for all you've done this past year.  You are an amazing friend!
 photo nametab_zps6b2d01a2.jpg


  1. Love the snowy Valentine's Pictures!

  2. The snowy Valentine's Day pictures are so pretty! And Natasha is way too sweet!!!!

    1. You have both been great friends, and if we don't get to meet up one day soon, I will consider myself cheated! I think we girls should plan a nice little girls' getaway somewhere sunny and warm and tropical. What do you think? ;-)

    2. Thank you Tracy! And I agree with Sherry -- we need a girls' getaway so we can meet and hang out on the beach and talk! When????? :)

  3. See. I totally should have read this before I asked my last question. It was answered within seconds.

    I love all of your decorations. They looked great. And I totally agree on saving the $30 and doing your own printable. I've been trying to do that a lot which is easier now with pinterest.

    Looks like you all had a nice Valentine's Day. The boys got such cute presents. I know it's such a commerical holiday but I actually love buying my boys little things for Valentine's Day. My parents never celebrated it with us and I always wished they did so I guess I go out of my way to do stuff for my kids now.

    Oh, and I almost bought that make your own love banner. I kind of wish I had now. It came out great.

  4. I love Brody's little tool belt and the Love banner. I think I bought that same kit on sale to make for next year! And I'm glad you enjoyed the flowers. You deserve them :) And you are a good friend too Sherry.


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