Saturday, February 22, 2014

A Snowy Week

If there is one thing we southerners know how to do, it is appreciate a snow day.  I know it is harder for people in colder climates to appreciate the snow when they get so much of it and spend the majority of winter trying to dig their way out of it in bitterly cold temperatures.  We are thankful that we get just enough snow occasionally to enjoy playing in it and then usually get some warmer temperatures within just a day or two that melt it all away.  This snow actually gave us several days of pleasure before it melted away.  Since our areas don't invest in heavier snow equipment to scrape away all the snow from major and secondary roads and since most of us are not that capable of driving in snow and ice conditions without the advantages of snow tires, snow does usually mean that our towns "shut down" for a day or so during these little blizzards.  We are lucky to have a four wheel drive vehicle and can usually get out if we need to though.  Our neighborhood roads and surrounding area roads were pretty snow and slush covered this time after we got about 8 or 9 inches of snow this time with three days in a row of snow falling.  We just enjoyed the little snow break that let us have a couple of nice slow days at home with our kids.  We managed to accomplish some things on our very important snow agenda list, including building a snow man, making snow cream, and even a little sledding!

 photo snow1_zps46d1b5ea.jpg
This snow just looked so "magical" while falling.  I think there is something special about watching snow fall during the day.  As I kid, I can remember and appreciate the magic of waking up in the morning to a snow covered ground from snow that fell during the night, but as an adult, I really appreciate snow falling in the daylight so I can watch it.

 photo snow2_zps97fa4977.jpg
We took a little walk through the neighborhood while the snow was falling.  Brody made up a new song called "Dancing in the No."

 photo snow3_zps9ae6b2e1.jpg
Yes, there is a road under there.

 photo snow4_zpsa8676dbb.jpg
And another one there.

 photo snow5_zps06328bbd.jpg
Evan playing hide and seek in the snow.

 photo snow6_zps9d93da67.jpg
The snow was falling pretty heavy at this time.

 photo snow7_zps184c0a7c.jpg
Brody says this is the real disadvantage of having long eyelashes...snowflakes keep getting stuck to them!

 photo snow8_zps9c76ba6c.jpg
My sweet boys loving the snow...or "no" as Brody calls it.

 photo snow9_zps74267241.jpg
I could have seriously enjoyed waking to this view out of my bedroom window for many more days.

 photo snow10_zpsa1f9df0a.jpg
Snow even made our backyard look pretty.

 photo snow11_zps9ecfe71f.jpg
The little dwarf Japanese maple tree looked pretty covered in snow.

 photo snow12_zpseb35e0c1.jpg
Evan and Brody saying hello from up in their playhouse.

 photo snow13_zpsfac1f698.jpg
I didn't have a lot of help building our snowman.

 photo snow14_zps033224b4.jpg
Evan was too busy enjoying sliding in the snow.

 photo snow15_zpsce96be89.jpg
And they both enjoyed making snow angels and rolling around in the snow.

 photo snow16_zps47ebd0b6.jpg
Two down, one to go.

 photo snow17_zps6769d33d.jpg
The boys come over to inspect my work.

 photo snow18_zpsf0e4c570.jpg
Brody just decided to sit down in the snow beside his headless snowman.

 photo snow19_zps0a329940.jpg
While Evan was rolling all over the yard.

 photo snow20_zpsb2ad120a.jpg
Putting on the head and finishing touches.

 photo snow21_zpse61819b2.jpg
Brody decided to add some "snow tumors."  Haha!

 photo snow22_zpsa1ab0755.jpg
I just love the way the trees look covered in snow.

 photo snow23_zps25dba5b0.jpg
Our family with our snowman.  We discovered a few years ago that Mr. Potato head parts make excellent snowman faces.

 photo snow24_zpseb7458d4.jpg
We love our snowman!  Ooops, we actually never named him before he fell over later in the day!

 photo snow26_zpsdbb9dbf4.jpg
And then we tried a silly family picture, but as you can see, only Mommy and Daddy made silly faces.

 photo snow27_zpsf921c87d.jpg
That's a little better, Evan and Brody.

 photo snow28_zpse3ef3b46.jpg
Yep, we are crazy!

 photo snow29_zps427ce1bb.jpg
More snow falling on our little snowman friend.

 photo snow30_zps5dfdd708.jpg
And since Valentine's Day was that week, we had to show a little PDA.

 photo snow31_zps10164875.jpg
Sweethearts in the snow.

 photo snow32_zpsbf68d9b4.jpg
Evan's next door neighbor friend, Zachary, came over to invite him to play and sled.

 photo snow33_zpsc6d84bf0.jpg
Zachary used his sled to do a little snowboarding.  I think he has been watching the winter Olympics a lot.

 photo snow34_zps7fea011e.jpg
Evan trying out the sled.

 photo snow35_zps1d97d690.jpg
Zachary, future Olympic gold medalist snowboarder

 photo snow37_zpsfa70f64e.jpg
Daddy giving the boys a push down the hill.

 photo snow38_zps443bb0d0.jpg
There they go!  Poor Brody had to endure the sled rope being held right over his eyes.

 photo snow39_zpsbc19a5a8.jpg
We put Brody in the safer middle position for all three boys to ride together.

 photo snow40_zps68864700.jpg
Zachary was nice enough to pull Brody back up the hill.

 photo snow41_zpsd3eaf0ad.jpg
Zachary took his dad, Mr. Eddie, for a ride.

 photo snow42_zpsff65cfd2.jpg
And Brody and Mommy enjoyed riding together.

 photo snow43_zps4a106910.jpg

 photo snow44_zps6d1f30e9.jpg
Sled racing!

 photo snow45_zpsc8a11c9b.jpg
I can actually say I would enjoy a few more opportunities to do this.

 photo snow46_zpsacfb29c0.jpg
We all had a blast!

And thankfully this week has given us some nice warmer temperatures in the 60's and 70's!  Spring is on the way, folks!

(Side note:  Apparently, I am just not meant to get blog posts written these days.  I had this post almost completed this morning when I thought we could enjoy a quiet morning at home while Eddie was gone to do a little program for work helping the city sell tree seedlings.  The boys were doing a good job playing together and were in my room with me when suddenly Brody started crying, and when I looked over at him, his little face was bleeding terribly from a cut on his cheek.  His brother had blood on his hands from trying to help him up where he had fallen against the side of my bed and our nightstand.  Evan had been playing with Brody with his silky blanket and had been tugging on it, but when he suddenly let go of the blanket, Brody had fallen.  Sigh.  After cleaning up the bleeding, it was apparent that he may need stitches.  I called Eddie and prepared to take the kids to urgent care.  Luckily, we found several Children's Urgent Cares in our area with very little wait times.  The cut was able to be glued together without stitches, and we are home resting now.  Brody doesn't seem to be bothered much by the little cut.)


  1. Carolina winters sound much like OK winters. We get to enjoy the snow when it comes. And I so agree about the day time snow...there is just something so peaceful about watching the snow fall. I love all of your pictures. Your little family is just way too cute. Looks like ya'll had some very enjoyable snow days!

    I'm so glad that Brody is okay. =) That sounds scary.

  2. I love the snow pictures. I hope Brody is all better soon. I fell off the bed when I was little and landed on a big sea shell. Thankfully I didn't need stitches either. : )

  3. We enjoyed the snow too! I'm glad it's gone though. Bring on Spring!!!

  4. Oh dear -- I hope Brody is still doing okay. Poor guy.

    And I love to see your excitement about the snow. We get that for about a month and then it just becomes a royal pain! HA!

    I'm glad to see you made the most of your snow days :)

  5. Awe, I'm so glad you got a few good snow days in there. Your pictures are absolutely beautiful.

    I'm sorry it had to end with Brody's injury. Poor baby. Spencer had the bridge of his nose glued back together when he was 3. He had stitches on his lip when he was 2. We're going to have a plastic surgeon fix both scars next year. Hopefully Brody heals better.


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