Monday, January 6, 2014

Welcome, 2014!

We have developed a little tradition of ringing in the New Year at our home with our little ones (albeit a little earlier than midnight Eastern Standard Time).  After I got home from work, we went out to pick up some fun New Year's hats and some sparkling beverages and ate dinner at a local pizza restaurant.  We returned home and got in our pajamas and prepared to ring in the New Year at 9:00 p.m. with a little trip to Rio de Janeiro via a live broadcast of their celebration online.  We also watched some other celebrations around the world and really enjoyed the awesome fireworks display in Dubai.

 photo newyears5_zps8e8e77b1.jpg
The boys enjoyed drinking their sparkling grape juice from "fancy" glasses.  

 photo newyears6_zps163b5e3e.jpg
Cute smiles from Brody as he was quite happy to down a sweet liquid beverage right before bedtime.  

 photo newyears7_zpscf041b20.jpg
Brody knew exactly what he was doing with his champagne glass. 

 photo newyears8_zpsdb4dd2e9.jpg
They are a couple of party animals! 

 photo newyears1_zps99f72cbf.jpg
Evan picked out their hats and some colorful beads for us all.  The hat selection was extremely limited.  We have got to remember to buy the hats a little in advance next year.  Evan also convinced me to buy him some cool glasses too. 

 photo newyears2_zps6987c6ce.jpg
My New Year's baby!

 photo newyears12_zps5a5a8c52.jpg
Watching the celebration in Rio online.  

 photo newyears9_zps8f726b31.jpg
Good to the last drop!

 photo newyears10_zps8f46788f.jpg
Making sure he got it all.

 photo newyears11_zpsf95feae1.jpg
Drunk baby?

 photo newyears13_zpsfe5ecb48.jpg
And I got New Year's kisses from all of my men, but this is the only picture. 
While 2013 wasn't everything we hoped and planned it to be, we are thankful to have made it through the year together and to have grown closer as a family through all that we have experienced!   As tradition, here are some of our memories from 2013:


 photo NYE6_zps0df2dbf4.jpg
We rang in the New Year together.

 photo birthday2.jpg
Celebrated our favorite daddy's birthday. 

 photo Baby6.jpg
And shared the news of little girl's pending arrival.
 photo Baby36.jpg
And her first baby pictures.


 photo circus2_zps95e0403b.jpg
The boys enjoyed going to the circus again.  And this has become a bit of a tradition as we purchased tickets again this year.  Ha!

 photo valentines28_zps2ea4d074.jpg
The boys enjoyed getting some Valentine's goodies.

 photo valentines12_zpsde4658dd.jpg
And they made Mommy her favorite, chocolate covered strawberries.
I shared this post about our Valentine's proposal story in 2002.

 photo dinosaurs1_zps0a683bd7.jpg
We took a little trip to the Jurassic period to see some dinosaurs.

 photo snow32_zps5ab2071e.jpg
Brody got to see his first snow!


 photo Spring18_zpsa812bf1e.jpg
The boys got a new bunk bed to begin the journey of sharing a room. 

 photo Spring43_zps17c5a38f.jpg
And we enjoyed some early Spring weather. 

 photo Spring15_zps12c620f8.jpg
We proudly wore our green for St. Patty's Day!

 photo Spring20_zps72c23dc4.jpg
And Evan, our very own little leprechaun, finally joined us. 

 photo Spring33_zps781a858e.jpg
We had a little family Easter egg hunt.

 photo Easter3_zps145867f3.jpg
And we met the Easter bunny in our neighborhood.

 photo birthday14_zpsb732b51d.jpg
And we had a fabulous day celebrating Evan's 6th birthday!


 photo Easter45_zps09c4c665.jpg
We took our annual Spring family pictures.

 photo Mattie1_zpscc9865f9.jpg
And got another sneak peek of Baby Mattie.

 photo baseball1_zpsce928c6f.jpg
Evan had his first baseball game of the season.

 photo Evantoothfairy2_zpsd8632ab7.jpg
And lost his first tooth!

 photo party8_zps4c16e0dc.jpg
We celebrated the boys' birthdays with a joint celebration at the Lazy 5 Ranch.

 photo Brody1_zpscf60ac2d.jpg
Our baby turned 2!

 photo family5.jpg
And we had to say goodbye to my sweet and much loved Grandma.


 photo golf13_zps124cc7b0.jpg
Evan and Daddy attended the annual Quail Hollow Golf Championship and got lots of autographs. 

 photo graduation6_zpsf3708f86.jpg
I FINALLY completed law school. 

 photo mother4_zps0aeda2f3.jpg
And I celebrated a special Mother's Day with my two sweet boys and my little girl on the way. 

 photo pregnancy1_zps8736e961.jpg
Mommy was looking pretty large those days. 

 photo gifts_zps9ab764a5.jpg
Baby Mattie got lots of pretty new things.

 photo Brodyschool3_zps099ae114.jpg
Brody ended the school year with a little indoor picnic with Mommy and Daddy and his class.

 photo parade4_zps23c05c3d.jpg
And Evan ended Kindergarten with a little parade making a splash into First Grade.

 photo baseball33_zpsffccc709.jpg
Evan got another trophy for his youth sports career.

 photo 40weeks_zps7aa36f95.jpg
We celebrated our 10 year anniversary just as we were ready to welcome our little princess into the world. 
 photo nursery1_zps6607cdfc.jpg
We revealed Mattie's finished nursery. 

 photo dad6_zpsf19b2b60.jpg
Daddy celebrated Father's Day with his little mini me's. 

 photo swimlessons11_zps6702f8a8.jpg
Evan had his first swim lessons.

 photo Mattieedit12_zpsa1532d85.jpg
And we welcomed the arrival of the most beautiful little angel and said our goodbyes as she went to live in heaven. 

 photo beach26_zpsb199be9e.jpg
Evan learned to swim and started doing cannon balls all in the same day!

 photo beach39_zps680f6ca8.jpg
We enjoyed some much needed beach therapy.

 photo July4th1_zps9eb6b282.jpg
We celebrated our nation's Independence Day.

 photo Mattie24_zps166dd40b.jpg
We held a special Memorial Service for our precious Mattie.

 photo bike7_zps764f50d4.jpg
Evan made great strides in his bike riding.

 photo summer39_zpse7b52036.jpg
And in his diving too.

 photo summer23_zps1394f062.jpg
We had fun at the park with cousins.

 photo beach5_zps99cf8555.jpg
And enjoyed our annual beach vacation.

 photo family13_zpsef40d2d9.jpg
We took our annual beach family photos.

 photo school2_zps1992a642.jpg
Evan started first grade.

 photo Raleigh28_zps7166ff55.jpg
We took the boys to their first NC State football game.

 photo Raleigh35_zpsc4c0b142.jpg
And on a tour of our college campuses.

 photo Raleigh69_zpsa3085496.jpg
We toured our state capital. 

 photo Raleigh118_zps3ca0ccd9.jpg
And saw a real dinosaur skeleton!

 photo preschool5_zps1a997b3f.jpg
Brody started preschool.

 photo birthday2_zpsec87472e.jpg
And I turned the big 33.

 photo shooting3_zps811b54ca.jpg
Daddy gave Evan his first shooting lesson.

 photo soccer11_zps5eac4f29.jpg
Evan started his 3rd season of soccer.


 photo apples16_zps5327527d.jpg
We went apple picking. 

 photo Pumpkincollage_zps02e5aaf0.jpg
And enjoyed our trip to the pumpkin patch and corn maze.

 photo fall44_zps5bc473fe.jpg
We finally got a fall family picture.

 photo fall79_zps73e77e8d.jpg
Brody "caught" his first fish.

 photo halloweencollage_zpsfaec0045.jpg
And the boys were an adorable cop and convict duo for Halloween.


 photo Grady3_zpse1c6adb6.jpg
We celebrated cousin Grady's first birthday.

 photo Evancollage_zps4d0a5baf.jpg
Evan finished up another great season of soccer.

 photo soccer8_zpsa0534940.jpg
And got another trophy.

 photo fall34_zpsc4ed8c59.jpg
We had fun playing in the leaves.

 photo funeral21_zps04f93300.jpg
And had another sad goodbye at Daddy's grandma's funeral.

 photo Thanksgiving1_zpsd8723155.jpg
We celebrated Thanksgiving together.

 photo Christmas70_zps389375c4.jpg
And spent a fun Christmas together.  
As we embark on the journey into 2014, we have a few "resolutions."  Eddie and I both plan to get healthier physically and spiritually this year with improvements in our diet and exercise.  Evan resolves to read all of the Magic Treehouse books, and he is off to a great start as he is on the fifth book already!  Brody, of course, resolves to keep up with his use of the English language and to be fully potty trained.  Here's to a successful year for us all!


  1. Sherry,

    Your strength and faith through out this past year amazes me! I feel so blessed to be able to count you as a friend. The way that you remember your sweet Mattie Girl is beautiful!

    I'm praying that the new year holds lots of blessing for you and your family.

    1. Thank you, Tracy! I am honored to call you friend as well. We too hope and pray for lots of blessings for us all!

  2. That was really fun to read. You did a fantastic job recaping your year- the highs and the lows.

    1. Whew, it hard work condensing a whole year down to one post. Haha! And yes, it was a roller coaster ride for sure!

  3. Wow, Happy New Year and even though you had a lot of good times in 2013, let's hope 2014 is wayyyyyy better!

    1. Yes, we hope 2014 has lots of good things in store!

  4. I love your picture walk through of 2013. It reveals what life rally is- ups and downs, laughter and heartache. However, in the end we know our Father is waiting to grace us with His love and glimpses of pure joy. Sending you my love. :)

    1. Beautifully written and stated as usual, Marci! I think as part of our resolution for spiritual health this year, I need to get your devotional! :-)

  5. I started following your blog more closely during the second half of the year, and I really enjoy it. You are such a blessing to me! : )

    1. Thank you, Kelly! It has been great counting you a friend as well!

  6. Sherry, it is so sweet and heartbreaking to see how Mattie was so much a part of your year. I also am just amazed at how you continued to make precious memories for your boys even through your grief. I pray that 2014 holds more good than you can even imagine at this point. I love you friend.


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