Friday, January 31, 2014

Mattie Claire ~ 7 Months

Dear Mattie,

It is getting harder for us to imagine what you would look and act like now as I know you would have changed so much from a tiny newborn.  I imagine your hair looks different and that your entire little face and body has just grown and changed so much.  I wonder if your hair has lightened up and if it is more blonde like Mommy's and Brody's or if it has some red in it like Evan's and Daddy's.  I know that this month you would likely be sitting up and playing more and may even be attempting to crawl.  I think this may have been our most difficult month without you because after the Christmas rush was over, things around here slowed way down and left us with more time to think about you.  In the past couple of weeks, our family has been through so much with your Nana being very sick.  If you get to meet your Nana soon, I hope that you two will love each other and keep one another company until we are all together again.  She took good care of your Mommy when she was a little girl, and I know she'll do the same for you.  Although this was a slower month for us all with some very cold weather, I know you would have enjoyed experiencing some fun things with us all like your first snow day and your first trip to the circus.  Your big brothers had a blast!

If you were with us this month, you may look a little like this:

 photo Evan7month.jpg
Big Brother Evan
or like this:

 photo Week27.jpg
Big Brother Brody
And you would have looked very cute wearing some nice warm outfits like these:

 photo Mattie1_zpsd4612a26.jpg
Mommy found this little outfit last winter at Gymboree and knew you just had to have it.  I really hope you would have liked bunnies because you would have been wearing them a lot!  

 photo Mattiedress12_zps7dbcfc73.jpg
Mommy would have loved shopping for you and thinks you would look cute and be warm and cozy in this little pink sweater outfit with penguins on it from Janie & Jack. 

 photo Mattiedress9_zps360fa821.jpg
And the matching cardigan too!

 photo Mattiedress10_zpsd3db0826.jpg
And you would have definitely needed a nice warm hat to wear in your first snow. 

 photo Mattiedress11_zps8a6e2a23.jpg
And some nice warm pants to match!

 photo Mattiedress13_zps7166e868.jpg
And because a girl needs something besides pink, you would have looked ravishing in this little purple dress at church. 

 photo Mattiedress14_zpse80f80d2.jpg
With a little matching cardigan sweater. 

We love you and miss you, sweet baby girl!  You will never be forgotten!



  1. Bless your heart Sherry! I am amazed at your strength and your courage. I am sure you have days that you just can't get away from the thoughts of this sweet baby girl. My prayers for you today are that God will pour out a peace and joy that you have never felt since she went to be with Jesus. I am sure that you see glimpses of her in your boys. Take care.

    1. Thank you so much, Piper! I really love remembering her by thinking of what she would be doing now and "shopping" for her and thinking of what clothes she would wear. Your post makes me think of how our pastor says the blessing at the end of church and has everyone cup their hands to receive God's blessings. Brody, our 2 year old, holds out his little hands and says "tup" and then puts his hands to his heart. We are definitely hoping for God's blessings of peace and joy! :-)

  2. Thinking of your sweet Mattie today and praying for you my friend!

    1. Thank you, Tracy! This past month was definitely one of the hardest with everything that has been going on, but we are making it one day at a time.

  3. Those outfits are so cute. I think of Mattie often. : )

  4. Like Kelly, I think of Mattie often. Thank you for continuing to share her with us. I just hope and pray that your heart starts to feel a small piece of healing soon. I am so sorry you have had to live these past seven months without her Sherry.

    1. I am definitely ready for more of that "healing." Of course, all of things that have happened since her birth haven't helped much. When it rains, it pours apparently. I actually need "healing" on a physical as well as emotional level apparently. Sigh.


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