Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Celebration #2 ~ In the Rock

After we finished the Christmas morning festivities, we got the kids dressed and headed to the Rock (the nickname for Daddy's hometown of Rockingham) for Christmas with Grandma and Great-Grandpa.  We all met for an appetizer style lunch in Hamlet and some more gift opening before going to Great-Grandpa's for present opening with Grandma.  Daddy's family has grown so much that we have to meet at Great-Aunt Dava's Women's Club instead of someone's house.  The kids always have a great time together.

 photo Christmas180_zpsfb71dde7.jpg
Great-Grandpa smiling for the camera while he opens his presents from everyone.  He had a tough year with his health, but I think he looked great at Christmas and was very happy to be with everyone.  He loves watching all of his great-grandchildren playing.

 photo Christmas181_zps31ccc38a.jpg
All of the kids enjoyed watching Evan playing on the kindle. 

 photo Christmas182_zps9d3f2342.jpg
Brody just looking cute in one of his favorite poses.

 photo Christmas183_zps7aae7f74.jpg
We all bring miscellaneous gifts every year and usually play a lively game of "Dirty Santa."  I brought this cute and girly apron this year that I found at Home Goods.  I thought one of the younger women would like it.  Aunt Dava switched the game this year to one where we have to move the gifts around the circle to a Christmas story to see who ends up with what gift.  Uncle Garry LOVED his apron!  Haha!  The funny thing is he does really enjoy cooking, but I am sure he prefers a more masculine apron.  Luckily, cousin Hudson traded him to give the apron to his girlfriend.  

 photo Christmas184_zps6d8e23ea.jpg
We enjoyed chatting with Great-Grandpa.

 photo Christmas185_zps3c7d0d80.jpg
Evan passed out the presents at Grandma's and Great-Grandpa's.

 photo Christmas186_zps09e9a346.jpg
Brody and cousin Grady are ready for their presents.

 photo Christmas187_zps74544fea.jpg
Brody digging in.  He got even more toot toots 'cause you can never have too many toot toots!

 photo Christmas188_zps09aaf094.jpg
And Evan got some more Skylanders.

 photo Christmas189_zps9b87cae6.jpg
The boys just love Grandma.  Brody has finally started saying Grandma recently, and he ask for her often.

 photo Christmas190_zps31447f80.jpg
Grandma has always been one of Evan's favorite people.

 photo Christmas191_zps9225a3f2.jpg
I helped Grady open some of his presents.

 photo Christmas192_zpsfc1dcecb.jpg
And all the boys loved his new car.


  1. What a fun get together! The apron you picked out is super cute..even if your Uncle got it. ha! The picture of Brody with his hand under his chin is way too cute!!!

  2. I love the picture of Brody with his hand on his chin. And that apron is awesome! You could have sent it to me instead because you know I have a love affair with aprons :)

  3. We are having a very late Christmas get-together with friends this weekend. That apron would be perfect for our girft exchange! I will have to check out Home Goods.


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