Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Who's Ready for Santa?

These boys...

 photo Christmas1_zps20bd0238.jpg
Evan and Brody are ready for Santa to come tonight.  

Tonight is the night the big guy comes to visit.  We will be ready for him with cookies and milk waiting and little ones tucked into bed (hopefully at a decent hour) and dreaming of sugar plums.  Do kids still dream of sugar plums?  Do they even know what sugar plums are?  On that note, I'm not sure I know what sugar plums are, but I am sure my kids will be dreaming sweet dreams of Christmas morning.  In anticipation of this night, we did have to visit the man in the red suit to whisper what we want this year.  We visited our same spot at our local mall where we've been lucky to see the same Santa (the one and only of course...wink) every year since Evan was a baby.  Evan has always loved Santa and even pulled his beard the first year.  I really wish I had that memory on video.  Our Santa doesn't allow video or other photography so that you have to purchase pictures from him, but we did get a pretty decent deal online this year to get printed pictures and free downloads of the other images.  We had high hopes of Brody also loving Santa after his first Christmas in 2011, but 2012 proved a different story and he continued that theme this year when he lost it when we sat him on Santa's lap.  So yes, Mommy had to get in the picture to get a decent shot of both boys in one picture together.

 photo Santa1_zps0925e28f.jpg
Evan's perfect pose as usual. 

 photo Santa2_zpscc32c78a.jpg
And Brody's not so perfect "I wanna get down" pose.

 photo Santa3_zps84d7940e.jpg
Santa was a good sport about it.  Very professional!

 photo Santa4_zps4d869fd1.jpg
And he calmed down with Mommy holding him.  This was the best shot of Evan.

 photo Santa5_zpsceae76f3.jpg
And the best shot of Brody with Evan looking at something up high. 

 photo Santa6_zps12585400.jpg
And the print worthy shot! We'll call it a success. 


  1. Your boys are way too cute in their pj's. I hope that Santa was good to you all this year. I LOVE all the Santa pics!!!

  2. I hope your family had a very Merry Christmas!!

  3. You got some great pictures here! Even the ones of Brody by himself aren't terrible :) I hope you all had a great Christmas!

  4. We didn't get new Christmas jammies this year and now I'm a little sad about it. Maybe we can get Easter ones.....do they have Easter jammies?

    That's awesome that it is the same Santa every year!


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