Sunday, December 8, 2013

Two Thanksgivings

Eddie and I love getting to celebrate Thanksgiving with both of our families.  His family gathering is slightly larger than mine, but we, together with my brother's family, have enjoyed making our own Thanksgiving traditions the last few years.  Eddie and Aunt Jessica do most of the cooking preparations.  Usually, Eddie does the turkey, but this year, they swapped responsibilities, and Jessica gave the turkey and stuffing a try.  Eddie made some yummy homemade homemade mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, and "healthy" pecan pie while I added a green bean casserole and Aunt Jessica added some other necessary Thanksgiving treats like cranberry sauce and deviled eggs.  At Eddie's family, his aunts do most of the cooking, and we just took a dessert. We really enjoyed catching up on family time after a busy year.

Thanksgiving #1

 photo Thanksgiving1_zpsd8723155.jpg
I love taking advantage of Uncle Matthew's house for a great fall backdrop for pictures.  

 photo Thanksgiving3_zps1edbb357.jpg
I am thankful for this little man. 

 photo Thanksgiving10_zpsacfcf56b.jpg
Great-Grandpa with all of his children for Thanksgiving. 

 photo Thanksgiving9_zpsbd7f8f85.jpg
Just the kids. 

 photo Thanksgiving8_zpse0f81fe1.jpg
Sweet baby Grady just enjoyed crawling all over and exploring. Hard to believe last year he was still in the hospital. 

 photo Thanksgiving6_zpse58b5268.jpg
Thankful to still have this man with us.  He is the last of the great-grandparents living. 

 photo Thanksgiving5_zpsbeda617d.jpg
Hanging out after dinner. 

 photo Thanksgiving4_zps988739ef.jpg
Just enjoying catching up with the family. 

 photo Thanksgiving7_zpsb0802424.jpg
Cousin Christy doing her niece's hair. 

 photo Thanksgiving12_zps991de0bb.jpg
More family time. 

 photo Thanksgiving13_zpsfff42a6f.jpg
Handsome cousin Hudson, the baby of the family, hanging out with his mother. 
 photo Thanksgiving14_zpsbc95ee7a.jpg
Aunt Patti watching Evan playing a game. 

 photo Thanksgiving15_zpsdfe4c5b4.jpg
My handsome husband. 

 photo Thanksgiving16_zps26dbd648.jpg
Aunt Dava enjoys some snuggle time with Grady. 

 photo Thanksgiving11_zpsd5d555ad.jpg
Evan did put down his electronic gadget to go outside for some exercise so there is plenty of hope for him. 

Thanksgiving #2

 photo Thanksgiving18_zpsf43bd2e0.jpg
Some yummy appetizers. 

 photo Thanksgiving19_zps6a0df2d4.jpg
Emma stuffing her mouth full of oranges. 

 photo Thanksgiving22_zps93c4b370.jpg
Cousins Cate and Brody posing for a picture, but it was too dark without a flash. 

 photo Thanksgiving23_zpsbf8d4a6e.jpg
Turkey, stuffing, gravy, macaroni and cheese, deviled eggs, and cranberry sauce.  Yum!

 photo Thanksgiving25_zps13ea8319.jpg
mashed potatoes and green bean casserole

 photo Thanksgiving26_zps9e337841.jpg
And what Thanksgiving table could be complete without a butter turkey?  Of course, he actually survived the meal completely whole.  I guess no one wanted to murder this turkey.  Ha!

 photo Thanksgiving24_zps68b8a222.jpg
Papa just brought himself for dinner. 

 photo Thanksgiving27_zps2fa54d39.jpg
Uncle Eddie prepares the rolls. 

 photo Thanksgiving28_zpsc00360f2.jpg
Uncle Paul pours the drinks. 

 photo Thanksgiving29_zpsdb6d55a6.jpg
The adult table.  We did enjoy our meal although I'm not sure this picture really shows it.  

 photo Thanksgiving30_zps22a059e5.jpg
The kid table.  I think Brody was probably the only one really into his food. 

 photo Thanksgiving20_zps81ba4023.jpg
And the kids all wanted these for dessert.  Ha!


  1. I love the butter turkey! I did you make it? The candy turkey is super cute too! Karsyn is just like Brody. While everyone else is picking, she's chowing down. I'm worried that it'll be only a matter of time before she decides that she's picky too.

    It looks like ya'll had two great Thanksgiving dinners! Yum! The boys are super cute in their matching dog shirts!

  2. That butter turkey is awesome! Who made it and how???

    It looks like you had two great Thanksgiving celebrations. How fun to be able to celebrate with both of your families.

  3. OK. What the heck! Your blog posts are not updating on my blog roll. No wonder I keep getting so far behind. That happened once to me where my posts where not updating on other people's feeds. It somehow just fixed itself.

    Anyway- fun looking Thanksgivings. I am sad to report that I have never, ever in my life had a butter turkey. I feel left out.

  4. My sister-in-law's house is like something out of Home and Garden...I'm always taking pictures over there!! : )

  5. Oh wow, looks like so much fun. Love tht you could celebrate 2 thanksgivings!! The boys are so cute!


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