Saturday, December 14, 2013

Our Simple Christmas Decor

I enjoy a pretty simple and traditional Christmas display with our big traditional Christmas tree (a real one of course) covered with our traditional ornaments we have collected over the years since our family began.  Every year we add to the ornaments with a special ornament for the year as well as special ornaments for the kids or for places we have been.  I am especially loving that I am beginning to collect those beloved handmade treasures that my kids are making for me.  This year was our first Christmas celebrating with a real "angel" in our family so little Mattie is definitely represented in our Christmas decorations with her own special stocking and ornament on the tree.

 photo Christmashome_zps421ae7f6.jpg
Our little traditional Christmas tree.  I just love the warm glow of traditional white Christmas lights and added the gold bow topper and ribbon a couple of years ago.  
 photo Christmas79_zpsae30186e.jpg
Our little angel's special Christmas ornament.

 photo Christmas77_zpsfe2ed326.jpg
With her name and birth date on it. 

 photo Christmas50_zps788588da.jpg
I love these cute sparkly words hidden in the tree that I found last year. 

 photo Christmas49_zpsf8b517aa.jpg

 photo Christmas48_zps29711ec3.jpg

 photo Christmashome2_zps80f28112.jpg
I need to do more mantle decor, but I usually just put up our stockings.  I did add a little star banner I also found at Target this year.  I was going to attempt to make something Pinterest worthy, but I thought this would suffice for now.  Eddie and I still use our stockings that I stitched our names on our first Christmas together in 2003.  I am so glad I picked the choo choo train stocking for Brody in 2011 because of his newly acquired love of trains.  

 photo Christmashome3_zps09e9119e.jpg
And our sweet little angel has a stocking too.  I want to decide how to incorporate her into our traditions through the years.  Maybe the boys can write little letters or messages or draw her pictures and put in her stocking every year?  It could be something we could pull out and look at every year. 
 photo Christmas53_zps0d7ac4d2.jpg
I found this little banner in the dollar bins at Target, of course.  You know I love that place! 

 photo Christmas54_zpsac2496ea.jpg
One of my favorite treasures that Brody made me last year at preschool. 

 photo Christmas56_zps4244faa8.jpg
I wanted something simple and fun for our staircase this year.  I have put fresh garland on the railing in years past, but I really didn't want to deal with the mess this year so I found these little foam ornaments also at Target, and Brody and I decorated them with Christmas stick-on decorations and just hung them from some simple white ribbon. 

 photo Christmas55_zps7919aafe.jpg
I also found this little Christmas chalkboard countdown at Target.  
 photo Christmas43_zps59b8583a.jpg
The boys have their own little Christmas tree in their room.  It just has cheap unbreakable plastic ornaments on it which is a good thing since Brody has already pulled it down a couple of times.  
 photo Christmas44_zps9fb32989.jpg
It makes a great night light!

 photo Mattie6_zps4fe98f71.jpg
And of course, Mattie has a tree in her room too. 

 photo Mattie7_zps14bcc801.jpg
Still my favorite Christmas decoration is the Christmas lights shining on the picture of our angel.  I thought it fitting to put our old angel tree topper that we had used on our tree since our first Christmas together near the picture of our little angel. 

 photo Christmas74_zps1c1a312a.jpg
My husband did such an awesome job on our outdoor lights this year although he hates that he didn't do the usual icicle lights.  I am actually kind of happy that he didn't because it always makes me nervous when he climbs up on the big ladder to hang them.  

 photo Christmas75_zps80b9b7a1.jpg
Our house from the street.  I need to take a daytime picture. 

 photo Christmas76_zpsb50ce691.jpg
I love coming home to this welcoming display.  We started adding some colored lights to make it more fun for the boys.  We've always thought about adding something fun in the yard but can't decide what to get, and those added decorations can be pretty expensive.   
We hope you all enjoyed our little Christmas tour of our home!  Now, I just need to get my Christmas shopping done and wrap some presents if I can find the time in our pretty crazy schedule this month.


  1. Your house looks so pretty! I love Mattie's ornament. Your tree looks beautiful! You really do a great job decorating. You need to come and teach me a few lessons.

  2. Such a precious tree. I love the idea of the boys writing to their sister, and putting it in the stocking. It's a good family tradition.

  3. I love how Mattie is so much a part of your Christmas decorating. And I love the idea of you all writing letters to (or drawing pictures for) her each year and keeping them in her stocking. I just wish she could be in your arms enjoying your tree instead of watching over you from Heaven.

    I like your sparkly word ornaments, your cute Target decorations and the lights shining on Mattie's picture.

  4. I also love the idea of writing a note and leaving it her stocking. What a nice way to keep her part of your holiday traditions.

  5. A beautiful Christmas home. Everything is just lovely....I can almost smell your tree. I also think the notes in the stocking is a perfect tradition to start.

  6. It's beautiful! Simple is always a good thing! I love your idea of writing letters and drawing pictures for Maddie's stocking. You could put them in a notebook to look back at each year!

  7. See this is my kind of tree, definitely!


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