Thursday, December 5, 2013

It Just Isn't Fall Without Leaves

Although I am really ready to move into the Christmas season now, I still have a few fall things to record.  We had to wait a little longer than usual to accomplish our annual leaf pile jumping tradition.  Daddy had blown the leaves in the yard up into piles the week before Thanksgiving, but due to several days of rain and getting dark earlier, we waited until the weekend for a chance to play in the leaves and to allow Daddy a chance to mulch the leaves.  Instead of bagging the leaves for our city to pick up and take to the landfill, we like to mulch the leaves and use it to replenish around the trees and shrubs in our yard.  It keeps the yard looking neat while being a little better for the environment.  The boys had a great time playing in the leaves.  Evan loves seeing how high he can jump!

 photo fall2_zps5c5c937a.jpg

 photo fall3_zps57ac21a4.jpg

 photo fall5_zps39ee6d9a.jpg

 photo fall6_zps05dccea2.jpg

 photo fall4_zpsa3a0b737.jpg

 photo fall7_zpsea56ec05.jpg

 photo fall8_zps7e7e9d68.jpg

 photo fall11_zpsc9b95723.jpg

 photo fall10_zps16ce3fcb.jpg

 photo fall13_zpse331c587.jpg

 photo fall14_zps0b5ae813.jpg

 photo fall15_zpsc3306980.jpg

 photo fall16_zps4039716f.jpg

 photo fall17_zpsf95e349d.jpg

 photo fall20_zpsc2ec7d9d.jpg

 photo fall21_zpsf31b6ef4.jpg

 photo fall22_zpsbc07b07d.jpg

 photo fall23_zpsdccf99c2.jpg

 photo fall24_zps608d96ce.jpg

 photo fall25_zpsf6d2ac06.jpg

 photo fall26_zpsc06f1463.jpg

 photo fall27_zps12226dae.jpg

 photo fall28_zps3f26576b.jpg

 photo fall30_zps80351557.jpg

 photo fall31_zps7a5d9fd8.jpg

 photo fall32_zpscb3b223d.jpg

 photo fall33_zps29eb3ce4.jpg

 photo fall34_zpsc4ed8c59.jpg

 photo fall35_zps34b384fa.jpg

 photo fall36_zps64fca06b.jpg

 photo fall37_zpsdf115baf.jpg


  1. How much fun! I couldn't help but have a big smile as I looked at each of these pictures. You can just see so much joy on your faces. The Evan jumping pictures are amazing!

    1. I felt that captions weren't really necessary. It's almost a wordless post, but their faces just speak for themselves. :-)

  2. I love leaves especially when you can play in them! We always have fun doing this. It looks like yall have too!

  3. These are the cutest pictures!!!! I can't wait to do this some day with my kids. Y'all are such a cute family! We mulch our leaves, too.

  4. You got some great pictures Sherry! I especially love the ones of the boys tackling Eddie!

  5. Wonderful fall pictures. Isn't it wonderful that kids can have so much fun with a free pile of leaves?


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