Sunday, December 29, 2013

Evan's School Christmas Celebration

I am not very "PC" around here and don't call Evan's school party a "Holiday Party" or any other more PC term.  For us, it is a Christmas celebration.  For me, it is just my instinctual greeting this time of year to say "Merry Christmas."  It is what I have always said and will continue to do so.  I don't even think about it before blurting it out.  I don't say it to offend.  I say it to spread the joy that I am feeling during this season of the year.  Evan sent us home a special invitation to his class party, and I knew I just had to go this year.  I missed several of his classroom parties and festivities last year.  I arrived a little late due to coming from work, but my sweet boy's face lit up when he saw me, and that made it all worth it.  They enjoyed their treats, he showed me some of the crafts he had made, and played a little game of pin the nose on the snowman.  They were all wearing their pajamas on the last day of school so he enjoyed getting to wear his Christmas pajamas all day.

 photo Evanschool3_zpsd430de9e.jpg
Their treats for the party.  

 photo Evanschool4_zpsf4e7bf32.jpg
My boy ate most of his healthier treats and really could have cared less about the cupcakes.  I had to encourage him to eat the chocolate one he asked for. 

 photo Evanschool5_zps35ef951a.jpg
He showed me his little gingerbread house.

 photo Evanschool6_zps2d46f776.jpg
His little friend, Taylor, was being silly showing off her green nose and mustache.

 photo Evanschool7_zpsebe5e85d.jpg
He refuses to take off his coat most of the day. 

 photo Evanschool8_zps36b7164e.jpg
Playing pin the nose on the snowman.

 photo Evanschool9_zps7d74be42.jpg
All of the kids pretty much got the nose in the right spot.  I'm not sure if this was because they could actually see through their mask or because the snowman was just the perfect height for them.

 photo Evanschool10_zps9cc72048.jpg
Evan helping Taylor on her turn.

 photo Evanschool2_zpsb1d86c50.jpg
This picture was from a couple of weeks earlier when the school PTA invited us all to a little concert to hear some songs the kids were learning in music.  They actually didn't perform any Christmas songs, and the concert was a little disappointing for all although we enjoyed watching Evan perform.  
 photo Christmas108_zps320dabb6.jpg
We like to take care of our teachers for Christmas.  Evan's class just did individual gifts so we did a handy gift card to our beloved Target and made this yummy smelling homemade sugar scrub (so so easy, ya'll!).  I added a little handmade printable tag and painted the teacher's monogram on the jar for a special touch.  

 photo Christmas109_zps8ec33086.jpg
A sweet smelling concoction consisting primarily of sugar, brown sugar, coconut oil, and vanilla.  


  1. Okay, that sugar scrub looks awesome! And I'm glad you were able to make it to Evan's party.

  2. I have made that sugar scrub before! It's like showering with cookie dough. Yum.


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