Saturday, December 21, 2013

Decorating the Tree & Family Photo Session

I am still playing catch up on all of these posts.  We did a lot of Christmas stuff on the weekend after Thanksgiving.  After getting home from getting our tree and eating lunch, we proceeded with decorating the tree.  Chalk this up to another instance of my OCD, but I simply cannot leave my tree unadorned for even one day after bringing it home.  It simply must be all decorated before bedtime.  Ridiculous, right?  Oh well!  Whatever saves my sanity!

 photo Christmas38_zps0ef52663.jpg
Of course, when you are OCD, you get stuck doing the lights.  Ha!

 photo Christmas39_zps3ba7d01b.jpg
And the bow topper.  Eddie put it up, but I had to straighten it. 

 photo Christmas40_zps0d2a1288.jpg
Evan enjoyed decorating his own little tree. 

 photo Christmas41_zpsb212a04c.jpg
And Brody helped too since it is technically his tree too. 

 photo Christmas42_zpsdbc13c17.jpg
Love watching them work together.

 photo Christmas43_zps59b8583a.jpg
They did a good job!

 photo Christmas45_zps0502108f.jpg
Brody liked helping Daddy hang ornaments on the big tree.  He has since added a few "extras" to the tree.  

 photo Christmas46_zps3c770285.jpg
Hanging some special ornaments together.

 photo Christmas47_zps8c4e79e3.jpg
Just a few last touches.

 photo Christmas51_zps73195bdb.jpg
And the finished product, of course. 

On Sunday, we got all dressed up and took our family Christmas card photos (looking for those "perfect" Christmas card pictures of course).  We took 114 photos, and these are some of my favorite outtakes.  Of course, I can't put 114 photos on the Christmas card and had to limit it to just 3 shots.  The outfit choices for the year:  Brody wore his big brother's old outfit from when he was two, Evan got a new red sweater from Children's Place, Daddy wore a red striped sweater he already owned, and I got a red sweater dress and infinity scarf from Old Navy that was on sale.

 photo Christmas57_zpse8a538f1.jpg
Some cute shots of the boys together.

 photo Christmas58_zps6bbeae7b.jpg
They were very well-behaved for most of the shoot.  I think they are just "well-trained."  Haha!

 photo Christmas59_zps11e70de5.jpg
Daddy took some shots of Mommy and the boys while he was setting up the tripod to get the family shots.  

 photo Christmas61_zpse6020597.jpg
Love these cuties.

 photo Christmas62_zps2b8d53ff.jpg
Love Brody's "real" smiles here.

 photo Christmas63_zpsc4d6b654.jpg
This pose was inspired by Brody who has been lying like this a lot lately.  I just think he always looks so cute and grown up lying like this so I had Evan do it too. 

 photo Christmas64_zps23bd1a4d.jpg

 photo Christmas65_zps588d0f68.jpg

 photo Christmas66_zps949c2160.jpg
My little cutie

 photo Christmas67_zpsbdf8addd.jpg
And you know he is always this sweet.  Ha!

 photo Christmas68_zpsd7bde87e.jpg
A big boy pose on the stairs.

 photo Christmas69_zps74c8e562.jpg
Little brother wanted to join him.  

 photo Christmas70_zps389375c4.jpg
The family card worthy shot. 

 photo Christmas71_zpseb227f48.jpg
A fun pose of the boys. 

 photo Christmas72_zpsce4cdd41.jpg
Silly boys. 

 photo Christmas73_zps2898ef69.jpg
A fun family pose

 photo comparisoncollage_zps1be6c2e8.jpg
And of course, we needed a little comparison shot of these boys wearing the same outfit at two years old.  Looks like we had to "bribe" Evan with candy to get this shot.  Ha!
We have since mailed out our Christmas cards for the year.  I wish that I could send cards to everyone who has shown us love and support through this difficult year, but I limited the number of cards we mail out each year to close relatives and some relatives who live far away that we don't get to see often and a few of our closest friends.  I hope you will not take the absence of a mailed card to mean you don't mean a lot to our family.  There are many, many people in our lives who have shown us their love and support this year, and we hope that if you are one of them, you will "pretend" that this little card is in your mailbox as it is shared with love for you all.  If you did receive one of these in your mailbox, you can also appreciate that you are one of few.  :-)

 photo Christmascard1_zps94579b48.jpg

 photo Christmascard2_zpsf0943aca.jpg


  1. That is a really lovely card Sherry and I totally get that you can't mail them out to everyone you would want to. Also, can you come decorate our tree because we've had it for four days and it isn't done yet? sigh.

  2. Your tree is so beautiful! You always do such a good job decorating! Your Christmas pictures are so amazing! Every single one is adorable. I wish I could get my kids to comply a little better!

  3. I love to eat my nighttime snack and read your blog. I always enjoy it! Still thinking about you and praying for you constantly. : )

  4. Beautiful pictures. I could look a pictures of Christmas trees all day long and not get bored. I actually really like that one of you doing the "finishing touches". The lighting is just really pretty.

    I'm laughing at how many pictures you took, because that sounds like my family too. We are both always looking for that perfect shot!

    I'm also laughing because Elliott also wore a sweater vest that had been Spencer's. Spencer wore it when he was 4! Elliott- 2! That's how different they are in size!


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