Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas in the City

I had been wanting to take the boys into the city to show them the Christmas decorations and let them see how Christmas in a big city feels.  You know, kind of like that feeling we all get when we see pictures or movies depicting Christmas in New York City or some other big city.  It just feels kind of magical.  Our city started a little tradition in recent years with an ice skating rink set up outdoors in the city, and I thought Evan might like a chance to try it.  He has been working so hard on being brave this year and has accomplished so many goals by doing so.  Mommy sort of forgot she is not in great shape right now and ice skating is pretty intense, but she managed okay.  It was actually a really warm night so although it didn't help it feel more like Christmas, it was a pleasant evening for walking.  We ate dinner at a fun little place in the center of our city called Epicentre that has a bunch of fun restaurants and hang outs around a big open square in the middle of the tallest buildings in the city.  Then, we took some pictures of the Christmas decorations and walked to the ice skating rink.  After ice skating, we made our way back to see the big tree in front of the Bank of America building (Charlotte's tallest "skyscraper") and another beautiful display of lights.  It was a fun night in the city!

 photo Christmas134_zps1ca25b05.jpg
The big tree in the middle of the city in front of the Bank of America building. 

 photo Christmas135_zpseac53bb0.jpg
The boys posing by the big tree. Evan was trying to be so cool in all of these pictures with his hands in his pockets and not really smiling.  

 photo Christmas132_zpsdf04ed21.jpg
It had been a long day, and we were all a little tired by this point. 

 photo Christmas133_zpsb0c20fa4.jpg
Someone did take our family picture. 

 photo Christmas130_zps03057a7e.jpg
Brody really enjoyed the lights and was much more into posing for pictures than his brother. 

 photo Christmas129_zps41a7b813.jpg

 photo Christmas128_zps375d5a0e.jpg

 photo Christmas127_zps893aa6fd.jpg
He just ran up to this tree to pose for pictures. 

 photo Christmas126_zpsd1ea2014.jpg
This little corner across the street from the Bank of America building looks so romantic with the trees all lit up.  It is across from our big theater hall where Broadway shows are held so it feels a little like our own Lincoln Center all lit up for Christmas. 

 photo Christmas125_zps9fe0f23e.jpg
Me and the boys 

 photo Christmas124_zpsc8929d61.jpg
You couldn't really tell in the dark pictures that there was a big waterfall and fountain behind us. 

 photo Christmas123_zps1fc3140c.jpg
Hard to tell here, but I had a death grip on Brody's hand because we were standing precariously on a little "island" with water all around us in this sunken water fountain display.  

 photo Christmas122_zps7c361e1f.jpg
A little better picture to show the festiveness of these colored lights in the trees. 

 photo Christmas121_zpsea03c5d0.jpg
I just love the romantic look of this clock decorated for Christmas.  Doesn't it feel like something from a movie? 

 photo Christmas120_zps5df0da94.jpg
Ice Skating time

 photo Christmas119_zpse1914fa0.jpg
There we are getting started.  The first pair of skates I tried on were too narrow, and my feet were killing me after I went around the rink once. 

 photo Christmas118_zpsfff9b63d.jpg
And we won't even discuss how bad my back was killing me.  I am definitely not as young as I once was, but this was ridiculous! 

 photo Christmas117_zps7e97fefa.jpg
Evan had a good time and really made me so proud so I can't complain. 

 photo Christmas116_zps922ab424.jpg
My little skater. No doubt he'll master this new skill soon too.  He wants us to take him to our indoor ice skating rink soon.  It is actually right down the road from our house. 

 photo Christmas115_zpsf5e10572.jpg
I love the look of the strings of lights over the ice.  It was such a warm night and there were so many skaters that there was actually a ton of water from the melted ice on the rink, but the Zamboni wasn't being used very frequently since so many people were there to skate.   

 photo Christmas114_zps54497401.jpg
We stayed around the edge, and if Evan got a little shaken, many kind individuals would lend him a hand. 

 photo Christmas113_zpsbac3c054.jpg
After going around the rink a few times, Mommy had to call it a night. 

 photo Christmas110_zps2e973887.jpg
The festive tree in Epicentre. 

 photo Christmas111_zps6c5840b2.jpg
Epicentre with the Bank of America building over it. 

 photo Christmas112_zpsc3c467bf.jpg
Me and my boys with the pretty snowflake tree


  1. Looks like fun. We're still trying to decide if we are going to go ice skating. : )

  2. How much fun! There is an outdoor ice skating rink set up in Tulsa and this post really makes me want to go. I love the big city Christmas magic. You my friend, were way too cute on your skates. I'm so impressed! Tell Evan he did a great job for us!!

  3. Oh how fun! I do know the magic you're talking about, I even got to experience NYC one year at Christmas time but how fun was it to take the kids to experience that!!

  4. Your big city lights are really impressive. And Evan looks like he did a GREAT job! And you too Sherry :)

    And there is a reason that I took Sam to see "Frozen" and Dave is taking Sam ice skating. I am so bad at it!!!

  5. Fun night! I refuse to roller skate or ice skate so I will not be modeling a night after this. Ha ha!


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