Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Another Goodbye

Well, I have to write about one more "sad" post, but although it is sad for us, I can't say that it was really a sad occasion.  Goodbyes are hard.  It is hard for us to let go.  This year I've had to say goodbye to way too many people.  My grandmother passed away in April (on Brody's birthday).  While that was hard because I had hoped to see her live to see her 90th birthday, I know that she was ready to go and be with her husband and family in heaven.  I was thankful she didn't have to suffer too long with lung cancer.  Then, of course, we met our greatest trial when we had to say goodbye way too soon to our little Mattie.  That alone was bad enough for the year or the rest of our lives.  Then, a couple of weeks after little Mattie passed away, my brother was contacted by our biological half brother, Gary.  He had been in touch with him in the last few years.  We share the same biological father who was married to Gary's mother.  I hadn't seen Gary since I was a very young child and actually do not have any real memories of him although I knew his name.  I didn't even plan to post about this event because it just seemed like too much to even believe.  Gary contacted Paul because our biological father was lying in the hospital in a diabetic coma, and they were going to take him off life support the next day.  Paul and I decided that for our own closure we needed to go and be with Gary during this time.  It was very hard to watch as the plug was pulled, and we watched a man we knew so little draw his last breath.  Paul knew him better than I and had reached out to him as an adult to help him let go of some of his anger and forgive.  I truly admire my sweet brother for this effort.  He is an amazing Christian example for his children and has always been a kind of hero for me.  Paul prayed for our father and stepped up in the hospital room as a "head of the family" man with our father's wife, brother, son, and family.  Our father had made a lot of mistakes, and he had suffered greatly in life with debilitating diabetes after leading a rough life.  It wasn't a moment for picture taking, but the memories will forever be in my heart.  This post is not about that, but it is about goodbyes.  It is also about hope.  Hope that our father found peace at last.  Hopefully, our last goodbye of the year came in late October/November when we attended the funeral of Eddie's grandmother (on his dad's side).  Grandma Alice was a sweet lady who lived a full life of 89 years.  She mothered 6 children and was loved by many grandchildren and great-grandchildren.  She had happily spent the last few years of her life in Minnesota with her daughter's family and received the best care imaginable.  Although away, she always wanted to know how her little great-grandbabies were doing and was so sad to hear about Mattie's passing.  While we were sad to say goodbye, we were thankful that she was finally reunited with her husband and could love on her little baby Mattie for us.  Yes, I can see her rocking her little Mattie in heaven right now just like this picture of her rocking baby Evan.

 photo EvanGrandmaReese3.jpg
Grandma & Evan

 photo funeral10_zpsfaa5a658.jpg
Eddie and his cousins were the pall bearers. 

 photo funeral12_zpsaea51590.jpg

 photo funeral21_zps04f93300.jpg
Saying a final goodbye to a special mother and grandmother. 

 photo funeral20_zps92263b6e.jpg
This sweet boy has been to enough funerals this year. 

 photo funeral19_zpsb93a945d.jpg
My handsome husband and littlest sweetheart. 

 photo funeral17_zpsf72d808f.jpg
The beautiful flowers Eddie picked out. 

 photo funeral16_zps86bde861.jpg
Eddie standing with the other pall bearers. 

 photo funeral13_zpsafe96330.jpg
Great-Grandma was buried next to her beloved husband, a WWII veteran, just before Veterans Day.  
We love you, Grandma, and hope you enjoy watching over all your family from heaven!


  1. Such a long hard year for you. Prayers for your family and your continued strength.

    1. Thank you so much, Megan! It has been a crazy year. Sometimes, I can't believe all of this happened in one year. It sounds unreal!

  2. Oh Sherry, I am so sorry. This has been such a tough year. Just want you to know that I am praying for you and your family.

    1. Thank you, Tracy. I don't want to simply forget this year despite all the heartache because I also know we have shared so many wonderful times together which we can't replace. I just pray for better days ahead for all!

  3. Oh Sherry -- I can't believe how many people you have had to say good-bye to this year. It is just unbelievable. I love the image of Eddie's grandma rocking Mattie in heaven. It brings tears to my eyes.

    And thank you for sharing the story of your biological dad. I'm so sorry you had to go through that but it sounds like it was a blessing you and Paul could be there.

  4. You have had a really rough year. I'm glad that you were able to post about it because when things are easier, and there will be a time that they are, you will be able to re-read this post and say, "wow, we were really strong as a family to have been able to come through all of that." Our really hard year was 2012 and even though it was pretty recent in the grand scheme of things I have already forgotten a lot of what made it so hard. I think it's important to remember those things because it gives you an appreciation for the happier times.


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