Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Preschool Christmas Celebration

On the last week of school before Christmas break, Brody's preschool put on a little Christmas concert for all the parents and families and then his class had a little party for the parents to attend.  We loved getting to share these special days with our little guy.  He seems to have a good case of stage fright like most of the kids in his class, but I was proud that he was doing his best to be brave and not cry on stage as all the kids around him were crying.  I was determined that I would try to not let him see me to see if that would help keep him from getting sad, but he was looking around so sadly at all the faces in the crowd like he was just searching for that one familiar face so I finally gave in and let him see me.  He immediately perked up with a little smile for me, but then he just couldn't stand being on that stage another minute and started off towards me.  I met him and went to sit with him on the stage so that he would stay and "perform."  He didn't sing, but he definitely knew the songs and motions and even smiled a little.  After the kids performed, they all joined their families in the audience for a family sing-a-long.  He loved that, and when some of the older kids started going back onto the stage to sing, he and his big brother went too.  He loved having his big brother with him.

 photo Brodyschool13_zpsc2fdbc47.jpg
A little unsure about all the unfamiliar faces. 

 photo Brodyschool14_zps6d0e1bc5.jpg
But he was okay once Mommy joined him. 

 photo Brodyschool15_zps36af2596.jpg
Sitting patiently while the older kids performed. 

 photo Brodyschool16_zps54f4f392.jpg
He loved ringing his bells for Jingle Bells. 

 photo Brodyschool17_zps4001aff8.jpg
Looking quite handsome and grown up. 

 photo Brodyschool18_zpsef8b42fe.jpg
Singing with Mommy. 

 photo Brodyschool19_zps52b9e00c.jpg
And wrestling with big brother in the pew. 

 photo Brodyschool20_zpsd38ecd37.jpg
So happy to stand with big brother on stage. 

 photo Brodyschool21_zpsf93033bc.jpg
And posing in front of the big Christmas tree on stage. 

 photo Brodyschool22_zpse79540f5.jpg
And one with Mommy.

 photo Brodyschool1_zpsaded389e.jpg
Listening to the Christmas story told by his teacher. 

 photo Brodyschool2_zps0232637b.jpg
With the little characters. 

 photo Brodyschool3_zpse4d6b1c3.jpg
Singing some more cute songs they've learned this year. 

 photo Brodyschool4_zps266c79f6.jpg
Decorating and eating Christmas cookies. 

 photo Brodyschool5_zps4216a8b5.jpg
Brody's friend Miles watches closely.

 photo Brodyschool6_zpsbc5f183f.jpg
Adding sprinkles.

 photo Brodyschool7_zpsad64eaf0.jpg
Mommy helping Brody's little friend, Sierra, with her cookies.

 photo Brodyschool8_zps7f8a2999.jpg
A plate full of goodies.  He really wasn't very interested in eating his cookies though. 

 photo Brodyschool9_zps4593cd46.jpg
Posing with the little stocking he made.  His even had a choo choo train picture on it. 

 photo Brodyschool10_zps53187e81.jpg
Brody and his friend, Sierra, pose for a picture. I think these two stick together a lot at school.  Young love maybe?

 photo Brodyschool11_zps15e25ba8.jpg
Sierra had her mouth full of cookie.

 photo Brodyschool12_zpsb75fb129.jpg
And one last performance with his teacher.
 photo Christmas106_zpsdd1c4164.jpg
We contributed money towards the class gift, but Mommy wanted to give Brody's teachers a little something special from him so she made these little "monogrammed" candy jars.  She just wrote on the jars with a silver paint pen and filled them with festive colored chocolate candies.  

 photo Christmas107_zps1350fa56.jpg
Some cute paper bags and printed tags completed these cute gifts. 


  1. Preschool programs are the cutest thing ever! Brody and Sierra are very cute together :) I love those teacher gifts. They're very pretty.

  2. What fun preschool activities! And I love the teacher presents. I'm always keeping an eye out for teacher presents. Maybe I will pin this!


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