Monday, December 16, 2013

A Charlotte Christmas Tradition

The annual Christmas tree lighting celebration at one of our local mall's has become a special family tradition for us as a way to "kick off" our Christmas festivities.  We've been every year since moving to Charlotte except 2007 (2008, 2009 (I think we went, but I must not have posted about it), 2010, 2011, 2012).  Looking back, there has been a little something different every year we've gone although the big tree pretty much stays the same, and it is also nice to see how different our family looks each year.  It was actually a pretty warm night this year although in previous years it has been considerably colder.  We actually had a night previous to this one where we saw some snow falling so our weather has been pretty cold early this year.  The boys wore short sleeves under their Christmas sweater vests this year.  We think we'll keep this tradition going as long as we can.

 photo Christmas11_zpsfa9ce515.jpg
The big live Christmas tree after being lit up. 

 photo Christmas10_zpse58a29ee.jpg
Our traditional family picture taken by a stranger.  It turned out pretty well even with the addition of the boys' Despicable Me Christmas minion hats.  Ha!

 photo Christmas9_zps2b94c52a.jpg
Daddy and his little minions. 

 photo Christmas8_zpsce5a7e07.jpg
Evan was not in a smiling mood for some reason.  

 photo Christmas6_zpsa99c0a04.jpg
Some carolers were singing prior to the lighting.

 photo Christmas5_zps5f05a888.jpg
The boys and I did some crafting and made cute snowflake decorations. 

 photo Christmas4_zpsaf86fea5.jpg
Evan got a balloon sword. 

 photo Christmas3_zps4abcbf40.jpg
And Brody loved his balloon puppy. 

 photo Christmas2_zpsa86c1496.jpg
Evan was thrilled to play this little mini golf game set up before the tree lighting. 


  1. This looks like such a fun tradition! And I envy you your warmth, just as I know you would like our snow :)

  2. Dang! I typed out a whole comment and then left the page before I posted it. Duh!

    What a fun family tradition. I love the sweater vests. I'm tempted to buy new Christmas sweater vests for my boys every year.

    1. Oh, I've done that several times...on your page! Haha! Well, I was "recycling" the sweater vests here from past Christmases. Both of these were old ones Evan has worn in the past. :-)


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