Friday, November 29, 2013

Soccer Catch Up #2

More Soccer games:

Killer Bees v. Blue (Tough late September game on a hot day with a couple of players missing)

 photo soccer29_zpsd278e915.jpg
Getting warmed up. 

 photo soccer30_zpsfe4c0f11.jpg

 photo soccer31_zps6ab8d8b7.jpg
The boy can jump!

 photo soccer32_zps97cc4058.jpg
Go #6!

 photo soccer33_zpsf052d0ef.jpg
What a kick!

 photo soccer34_zpsec97d591.jpg
Go Killer Bees!

 photo soccer35_zps4d28d09c.jpg

 photo soccer36_zpsbd8b5d52.jpg
Getting instructions from Coach Kyle. 

 photo soccer37_zps6e1e7dad.jpg
Fulton, Evan, and Alex are ready.  You can tell they were working hard in the heat. 

 photo soccer38_zpsa4298055.jpg
Ben was playing goalie. 

 photo soccer39_zps83f49fcc.jpg
Get that ball, Alex!

 photo soccer40_zpsf1ae1fd6.jpg
Evan ran until I thought he was going to pass out from sheer exhaustion.  

 photo soccer41_zpsaa0b7a3c.jpg
Taking a much needed water break. 

 photo soccer42_zps0dd202c4.jpg
Evan has a take charge attitude as he goes up against his toughest competition. 

 photo soccer43_zps0b9e1a2f.jpg
Evan goes head-to-head. 

 photo soccer44_zpsbb256f05.jpg
Brody was also feeling the intense heat. 

 photo soccer45_zpsd4d88f9a.jpg
Evan showing his leadership skills on the field. 

 photo soccer46_zps8656924d.jpg
Go Killer Bees!

 photo soccer47_zps125fdf50.jpg
Evan was driving the ball to the goal. He was so fast this was the only picture Daddy could get before he scored a goal. 

 photo soccer48_zpsa9df0f28.jpg
And it's good! Yay!

 photo soccer49_zps76103f5f.jpg
Going after the ball again. 

 photo soccer50_zpsdcb896bc.jpg
Evan and his partner Sarah working together. 

 photo soccer51_zpsd10a0e77.jpg
There they go!

 photo soccer52_zpsfcb20115.jpg
A much deserved break. 

 photo soccer53_zpse141ab20.jpg
Getting a pep talk from Coach. 

 photo soccer54_zps5f71fb7f.jpg
He's got this!

 photo soccer55_zps1d7d05dc.jpg
Seriously, when this kid sets his mind to it, nothing can stop him!

 photo soccer56_zpscb371d59.jpg
Go #6!

 photo soccer57_zps88e08389.jpg
Great game!

Killer Bees v. Gray/Silver

 photo soccer58_zps0d58a918.jpg

 photo soccer59_zps7abb22f0.jpg

 photo soccer60_zps4b965c95.jpg
Evan is ready to play. 

 photo soccer61_zps8903ea2d.jpg
What a cutie!

 photo soccer62_zpsd4d998f2.jpg
Taking charge!

 photo soccer63_zps8092a9b5.jpg
Check out that face!  That's the look of determination right there. 

 photo soccer64_zpsdc3294ad.jpg
Evan enjoyed playing against his old preschool buddy, Jack. 

 photo soccer65_zpsff676e82.jpg
Go get 'em, Evan!

 photo soccer66_zps1356668f.jpg
The two #6's go head-to-head here. 

 photo soccer67_zps53f8fb2e.jpg
Evan and his other old school pal, Julia (Jack's twin sister), playing against one another. 

 photo soccer68_zpsc70fcb72.jpg
Good game!

Killer Bees v. Red (Last Game)

 photo soccer69_zps509e1b63.jpg
The weather had turned cold. 

 photo soccer70_zpsbf5f658d.jpg
Fighting hard. 

 photo soccer71_zpsf82fd32d.jpg
Never giving up. 

 photo soccer72_zps392a4327.jpg
Determination and endurance. 

 photo soccer73_zps1d1b6f0c.jpg
And skill. 

 photo soccer74_zpsfa8e052f.jpg
Playing offensively. 

 photo soccer75_zpsd85cb4f9.jpg

 photo soccer76_zpsac2c7b7b.jpg
Helping team mates. 

 photo soccer77_zps5197f5eb.jpg
Being ready. 

 photo soccer78_zps56139b30.jpg
Assisting his team mates. 

 photo soccer79_zps32086750.jpg
Going for the goal. 

 photo soccer80_zps930b5d66.jpg
And scoring!

 photo soccer81_zpsad393ed4.jpg
Go Evan go!

 photo soccer82_zpsa4769186.jpg
Staying focused.

 photo soccer83_zps693c4794.jpg
Working together like good little bees. 

 photo soccer84_zps09c812c0.jpg
Evan scores again!

 photo soccer85_zps35c7e346.jpg
Let's go bees!

 photo soccer86_zpsf49fab88.jpg
Last minutes of the last game. 

 photo soccer87_zpsc4a41364.jpg
Evan scored two goals for his team in the last game of the season, and although they didn't win, we were super proud of our awesome little bees!

 photo soccer88_zpscdd9ec2d.jpg
And everyone's favorite time...snack time!

 photo soccer89_zps4ce9c598.jpg
Evan and Lanny enjoy their snack together. 

 photo soccer90_zps33563429.jpg
Love these cute little soccer champs!
 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. Great pictures!! I can't decide which one is my favorite. They are all so good! It looks like Evan had a great soccer season. I love how determined he is. He looks like he is pretty quick on his feet.

    1. Whew, he can definitely run circles around me, but I do worry when he starts to tire himself out because he works himself so hard. Sigh. He is beginning basketball season next week so we'll get to see how that goes.

  2. Whoa! Can Evan ever jump! And run! And did those first few games ever look hot. I'm glad it cooled down a bit by the end. It looks like he really did have a great Fall soccer season :)

  3. I think he disproves that movie, White Men Can't Jump :). Again, great shots of the games!!


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