Friday, November 29, 2013

Soccer Catch Up #1

Soccer season is officially over.  Actually, it has been over for a couple of weeks now, and I am just getting around to posting the pictures.  It has just been a crazy busy but fun season in our lives. This was Evan's 3rd season playing fall soccer.  He started when he was 4 playing in U6 soccer.  I remember that season was really tough for him because he was still small and a little scared to play aggressively.  I never would have foreseen back then that he would ever become a good offensive player.  Last year, he actually became a really good offensive player and was one of the best on his team, but I thought that might be because he was one of the oldest on his team since it was his second year in U6.  This year he moved up to U8, and he still showed superior offensive skills.  His skills have continued to improve, and he still has an intense love of the game.  Well, he has a love of just about any sport involving a ball actually!  We were so proud of him this year as he is a great team player, and we really lucked out again with a great little team.  They didn't look like they would be a domineering team on the field because most of the players were smaller and younger, but I called them our little team that could.  One particular game stands out in my mind.  It was the first game that they had to play without Evan's cousin Lanny who was one of our best offensive players.  We arrived to find we were playing what I had suspected was one of the best teams because I knew a couple of the players from previous years.  The other team also looked a lot bigger than most of our players.  Evan and the rest of his little team stepped up to the challenge and held their own.  Eddie overheard the young referee telling his mother that he had actually feared that our little team would get stomped, but he was impressed that they could handle themselves on the field.  Go Killer Bees!

Killer Bees v. Green (September game)

 photo soccer1_zpsaacb076e.jpg
Our favorite little bee. 

 photo soccer2_zpsd96819f4.jpg
Showing off some moves while warming up. 

 photo soccer3_zpsdb679818.jpg
Taking the field.  Man, this kid can run! 

 photo soccer4_zps94d17b35.jpg
And he's really cute too!

 photo soccer5_zps184e6b30.jpg
Cousins and best buddies!

 photo soccer6_zps8c54d42e.jpg
Throwing the ball in. 

 photo soccer7_zps6793557e.jpg
Evan and his buddy, Alex, were also a great offensive team. 

 photo soccer8_zps61123b53.jpg
Get it, Evan!

 photo soccer10_zpsa6d78159.jpg
Taking a much deserved break. 

 photo soccer11_zps8fbc50c3.jpg
The cheering section.

 photo soccer13_zpsd5bede7c.jpg
Evan is ready to go back in. 

 photo soccer14_zps2cd65e16.jpg
Half time break. 

 photo soccer15_zps7fb08c9b.jpg
So serious about his game. 

 photo soccer16_zps1d464b3c.jpg
Keeping control of the ball. 

 photo soccer17_zps7d0b79d5.jpg
Going against his old pal, Reid, on the other team. 

 photo soccer18_zps90861bd0.jpg
My soccer star. 

 photo soccer19_zps6e85815a.jpg
I just love watching him in action. 

 photo soccer20_zps21481323.jpg
This offensive duo are at it again. 

 photo soccer21_zps552cd689.jpg
Go Evan and Alex!

 photo soccer22_zpsf7fc0284.jpg
Evan, Alex, and Ben working together. 

 photo soccer23_zpsdcbe380f.jpg
Taking the ball to the goal. 

 photo soccer24_zpsfe1ee887.jpg
This little green player actually tried to trip him, but that didn't work. 

 photo soccer25_zpsd8f330e4.jpg
Alex and Lanny are there to help. 

 photo soccer26_zpscda1566c.jpg
Lanny going head to head with his opponent. 

 photo soccer27_zpsbb809377.jpg
Always a good end of game hand shake or high five. 

 photo soccer28_zps0c51f919.jpg
Snack time!
 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. How exciting! I love that Evan's a great offensive player. That's awesome and it makes me so proud of him. I've learned from my Evan playing soccer to never rule out the small guys. They are usually pretty quick on their feet. I'm so glad to know that he had such a great season!

    1. Yes, I think soccer is a game where smaller size and being lighter on your feet may be a benefit. We have loved playing in this little league but think we may have to join a different league in the future if he wants to continue playing more competitively. This league is just so convenient for us.

  2. I love seeing the pictures of Evan's moves. I can't wait until Sam gets a little more excited about sports. It just seems like a lot of fun!

    1. Well, sports can be a lot of fun, but I know that it isn't for everyone. A ball was just Evan's first love, but other kids may have more of a creative side and prefer different activities like music or art. I'd just take cues from what Sam really likes when choosing extracurricular activities for him. And who knows, Rachel may be your more athletic child. :-)

  3. Awe, such great shots you got of his games!


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