Saturday, November 30, 2013

Soccer Awards Party

Soccer season came to a close, but we enjoyed one last great moment as a team at a little awards party on the Monday night following the last game.  We all met at a local pizza restaurant and enjoyed a fun evening eating pizza, sharing laughs and memories about the season, enjoying some yummy cupcakes, and getting trophies of course.  I know that it may not always be the case where trophies are given to every team, I have to say that I do think our little team deserved some recognition for all their hard work.  They fought hard every game and really learned to work together as a team.  I really was proud of all these guys...and gals!  Eddie and I wanted to add a little special treat for the parents and players so we gave them little collage prints of some of our favorite pictures from the season.  I really love the way they turned out, and I want Evan to remember this little team of friends.

 photo Evancollage_zps4d0a5baf.jpg

 photo Austincollage_zps217595bc.jpg

 photo Fultoncollage_zpscefd72f8.jpg

 photo Alexcollage_zps7301da53.jpg

 photo Lannycollage_zps8668e846.jpg

 photo Bencollage_zps9f82c36e.jpg

 photo Madisoncollage_zpsb6584c69.jpg

 photo Sarahcollage_zps418019cd.jpg

 photo soccer1_zps4b79e382.jpg
The boys enjoying their dinner together. 

 photo soccer2_zpsd7a53f37.jpg
Coach Kyle enjoyed sitting with all the girls. 

 photo soccer3_zpscd318267.jpg
A speech from the Coach. 

 photo soccer5_zps2bb71152.jpg
Passing out awards and saying a few words about each player.

 photo soccer8_zpsa0534940.jpg
Evan proudly accepting his trophy. 

 photo soccer10_zps93ed3fe7.jpg
Aunt Jessica ordered some cute little printable cupcake toppers for the occasion. 

 photo soccer11_zpsda42ca99.jpg
So cute and the yummiest cupcakes. 

 photo soccer12_zps9a1483c7.jpg
Special messages for the team. 

 photo soccer13_zps90cc6f42.jpg
This may be my favorite of all of Evan's trophies.  It is so cute and well made. 
 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg

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  1. I love the photo collages! I can't believe you had those all made Sherry. You are amazing.


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