Wednesday, November 13, 2013

October ~ A Busy Month for Preschoolers

Brody had such a busy and fun month at home and at school.  I can really tell he is loving school and is learning a lot as he is able to express himself more now.  When we ask him if he is ready to go to school in the mornings, he smiles and nods and says "yes" now.  Then, he can't wait to put his coat and shoes on and head out the door.  I am so glad that he is enjoying his fun preschool years, and I am really going to be sad when they are all through.  I am also going to miss the little updates we get from his preschool teachers about how they spend their days since those updates are rare in grade school.  In October, Brody's class had several fun themes, including apple tasting, transportation (Brody's favorite!), and pumpkins and Halloween.  Brody got to taste red, green, and yellow apples, and as his teacher explained, the kids seemed to like them all as they ate them as quickly as they put them on their plates.  Ha!  Then, for transportation week, they enjoyed hearing a train whistle and making a train with their chairs while listening to "The Little Red Caboose."  I know that was particularly enjoyable for our little train conductor.  Another week they talked about astronauts and blasting off to the moon from their "launch pads" and playing in "moon mud."  To end a fun month, they enjoyed cleaning out and carving their class jack-o-lantern and turning him into a "happy" jack-o-lantern.  His teacher explained that some children were brave and enjoyed touching the goo inside the pumpkin.  Any guesses if that was Brody?

 photo preschool10_zpse76dfbcc.jpg
Brody poses for a picture on the playground. 

 photo preschool8_zpsf3b517db.jpg
Brody happily holding his orange truck as they learn all about transportation.

 photo preschool9_zps71c9455a.jpg
Making a choo choo train. 

 photo preschool11_zps675b0940.jpg
Yep, Brody was definitely one of the brave ones. 

 photo preschool12_zps6d882854.jpg
Brody and his class with their very happy jack-o-lantern! 
 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. Lance loves saying "train" and "truck." Sometimes that is all he will say...ha. : )

  2. Just reading the post I've missed! Your boys are so cute! I loved the costumes! Your such a good mom! I know they will appreciate being able to look at all this one day :)

  3. Awe! He goes to such a great school. I'm glad that he enjoys it so much. The picture of him on the play ground is way too cute!

  4. Rachel is loving preschool too. I will also be sad when she's done. It's such a different experience than elementary school.

  5. Cute! Spencer had such a good preschool experience and I am looking forward to starting Elliott next year. I love all of the themes they do in preschool.


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