Saturday, November 30, 2013

Mattie Claire ~ 5 Months

Dear Mattie,

Happy 5 Month Birthday!  We hope you have enjoyed sharing this past month with your earthly family.  We've had quite a busy month filled with lots of fall fun.  I know you would have loved apple picking, pumpkins, and leaves.  We really missed you on this Thanksgiving, but although we can't be together, we are still so very thankful for you.  We are so thankful God gave us you, sweet angel, even if we only got to have you for a little while.  As we enter the Christmas season and think about all that means to us, we can't help but think how special it must be to spend your first Christmas with Jesus and celebrate his birthday with him.  Please wish him a happy birthday from us.  We also hope you will enjoy joining us in your earthly home for our little family celebration.  We think you will like all the fun and special times we share together.  If we could see you now, you may look a little like this:

 photo Evan5month.jpg
Big brother Evan at 5 months. 

 photo Week19.jpg
Big brother Brody at 5 months. 

 photo Mattie1_zps49fc3234.jpg
We took some pretty new flowers to your grave earlier this month.  Mommy just wanted some simple red and white flowers for Christmas. 

 photo Mattie2_zps40346a7f.jpg

 photo Mattie3_zps37d1d4ef.jpg
A sweet little warm outfit Mommy bought you before you were born.  And your nice warm monogrammed blanket from Aunt Jessica would be perfect for keeping you warm as we've had some chilly days lately. 

 photo Mattie4_zpsf6993a44.jpg
Sweet little Peter Rabbit. 

 photo Mattie5_zps4b02c172.jpg
Yes, you would have had the cutest little bunny feet ever. 

 photo Mattie8_zps8b17aaf4.jpg
I think this sweet little dress would have been perfect on you with some warm leggings.  I just love the color. 

 photo Mattie9_zps41906296.jpg
And you must have a first Thanksgiving outfit.  

 photo Mattie6_zps4fe98f71.jpg
You have your very own sparkly tree in your room.  

 photo Mattie7_zps14bcc801.jpg
Your picture overlooks our big Christmas tree, and I just love the way the tree gives you some added sparkle like you are a little star. 
We love you, sweet Mattie, and we hope you enjoy this special season in heaven.  You will always be in our hearts!

Love always,

Mommy and Daddy

 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. Thinking of your little Mattie today. Sending you love.

  2. Still praying for you and your family dear. : )

  3. I love how your Christmas tree lights sparkle on your sweet girl's picture. I love the outfits you have chosen for her. She would look so beautiful wearing them. Thinking and praying for you friend!

  4. I too love the Christmas tree lights sparkling on Mattie's picture. I'm sure your angel is watching over you from heaven as you enter this season without her. I still pray for you all daily, Sherry.

  5. Her flowers are beautiful! Perfect. Still praying for y'all, especially through this season.

  6. Oh darn, a pregnant girl shouldn't read this because I'm bawling my eyes out. And I did that prior to all these wacky hormones! This is sooooooo sweet and love the picture with the Christmas tree light stars!

  7. A precious post for a loved and missed baby girl. It is just wonderful how the lights sparkle in her picture. I think it's her way of literally lighting up the room.


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