Friday, November 29, 2013

Happy 1st Birthday, Grady!

We can't believe that it has already been a year since this little Thanksgiving blessing came into the world.  What a blessing he has truly been!  He has definitely proven to be a little fighter as we have seen him overcome some odds that were medically against him from birth.  He was a small baby with some genetic issues to contend with, but he has really already surpassed so many of our expectations for him and continues to surprise us with his progress.  Despite having hearing issues that will inevitably mean he'll have to wear a hearing aid for life (his ear canal isn't formed at all in one ear and is undeveloped in the other), he has proven to respond to sounds and does well with his hearing aid and sign language.  He is also just the happiest baby in the world and loves everyone he meets, but his grandparents are definitely his favorite people.  He is his great-grandpa's favorite little buddy for sure!  He is now proving to be little mover as he crawls around very quickly and is standing up and cruising some too.  He is also developing a quirky little one year old attitude and does not like being told no!  Ha!  I am definitely seeing more and more similarities to his big cousin Brody.

 photo Grady4_zps74b8165d.jpg
Mommy did a great job on the decorations.

 photo Grady1_zps2c4ff0f9.jpg
The birthday boy is ready to party!

 photo Grady2_zps22d28b14.jpg
This little turtle is one!

 photo Grady3_zpse1c6adb6.jpg
And he's so excited about it.  He understands and knows the sign language for yay and shakes his little fists when he's excited!

 photo Grady5_zps8001a0dd.jpg
Cupcakes for the guests. 

 photo Grady6_zpsf32a386a.jpg
Cousins Evan and Brody giving their baby cousin lots of love!

 photo Grady7_zps366d41c2.jpg
A picture with Mommy and Daddy. 

 photo Grady9_zps5cff9f9c.jpg
Grady's happy family.

 photo Grady10_zps0db9a5e3.jpg
A cute turtle center piece.

 photo Grady11_zps39538c60.jpg
Mommy made the birthday party hats too. 

 photo Grady12_zps161a6eec.jpg
Talking to his mommy. 

 photo Grady13_zps2fb3c757.jpg
Brody cheesing for the camera of course. 

 photo Grady14_zps95e74dd4.jpg
Grady getting kisses from his big sister, Chloe. 

 photo Grady15_zps142d1908.jpg
Cute family. 

 photo Grady16_zps99fbcb0a.jpg
Daddy with his babies. 

 photo Grady17_zpsd27b7a38.jpg
Grady's special turtle cupcake. 

 photo Grady18_zpsa7e8fc30.jpg
Preparing to blow out his candle. 

 photo Grady19_zps4918c227.jpg
Grady's like "um, you are putting fire close to me.  Why?" 

 photo Grady20_zpsa0dd1a7e.jpg
"Just give me the cake, lady, and nobody gets hurt!"

 photo Grady21_zps098b039f.jpg
"Okay, now what am I supposed to do?"

 photo Grady22_zpsdb51e8e7.jpg
"Ah, you want me to eat it.  Okay, you asked for it!"

 photo Grady23_zps2086ec22.jpg
Here I go. 

 photo Grady24_zps6b843c5b.jpg
"What are you looking at?  Haven't you ever seen someone eating cake before?"

 photo Grady25_zpsffc8fec1.jpg
"What?  Do I have something on my face?"

 photo Grady26_zps1e73da31.jpg
"So?  I'm still cute!"

 photo Grady27_zps2e06dc3f.jpg
"Anyone want to high five?"

 photo Grady28_zpsc2c49385.jpg
Brody still prefers using utensils. 

 photo Grady29_zps2df357f9.jpg
Big sister Chloe shows little brother how it's properly done. 

 photo Grady30_zps6012d704.jpg

 photo Grady31_zps3c20e3aa.jpg
Yay!  Paper!

 photo Grady32_zpscc53f3cd.jpg
Okay, cousin Evan, but this is my toy!

 photo Grady33_zpsc0411d7b.jpg
Yay for big presents with lots of paper! 

 photo Grady34_zpsa7ca948b.jpg
And it is now time for a milk break. 

 photo Grady35_zps1d356452.jpg
Wow!  Grady racked up!
 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. What a great party! I love all of the decorations. It really makes me wish that I was more crafty.

  2. I love the birthday banner! Also, it is great to hear that he is doing so well.

    And Sam's first birthday party was a turtle theme :)

  3. I love the turtle theme for a birthday party. The colors were just great. Grady did an awesome job destroying that little turtle cupcake. Good job Grady!


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