Monday, November 11, 2013

Family Pizza Night

Whew, I am still more than a little behind with my posts, but I just can't seem to find the "steam" to put together the more intensive posts I need to write.  I am so tired at night that I have been "passing out" as soon as we get the kids to sleep.  This may have something to do with the fact that Brody has been coming into our room a lot at night.  He pretty much wants to move in with us, and twice, he has even brought his pillow with him!  Oh, that little stinker!  So for now, I am posting a lighter "food" post about a new tradition we have started.  Evan is very interested in helping in the kitchen (well, Brody is too, but that isn't always productive), and he started requesting that we have make our own pizza night.  He and Daddy have already done this a couple of times, but Daddy wanted to wait to start the pizzas one night until I got home so I could "show them how it's properly done."

*Side Note - One of my first jobs after graduating from high school and while attending college was to work in a local pizza chain restaurant as a cook.  I was never interested in being a waitress as I am an "introvert" who doesn't like the chaos of remembering orders, carrying lots of drinks, and just dealing with a lot of people in a crazy setting.  The thought just stresses me out!  I was much better suited in the kitchen area as I am clean and meticulous and appreciate "perfection."  I prided myself on making the "perfect" looking pizza (I guess it probably didn't taste any different than one put together more hastily, but you couldn't tell my OCD that!).

I enjoyed showing Evan the proper process for making the pizza, and I really have to admit that our little pizzas were super yummy!

 photo pizza1_zpsb26e32ee.jpg
Mommy adds the pizza sauce.  

 photo pizza2_zpsdc33751e.jpg
And Evan spread it out.  It was a team effort. 

 photo pizza3_zpsd8e84c0d.jpg
And Brody never misses an opportunity for having his picture taken. 

 photo pizza4_zpsbd6363b3.jpg
Evan's laughter is so contagious as he entertained us while putting on the toppings. 

 photo pizza5_zps08a3206d.jpg
We added pepperoni, green peppers and mushrooms.  Evan only wanted green peppers on one side.  A new funny thing about him is that he loves mushrooms and will eat them "raw" after they are washed.  I told him he was a weird kid and not to eat ones he finds growing in the yard.  Ha! 

 photo pizza6_zps81774e37.jpg
Evan and I showing off our pizza before it goes into the oven. 

 photo pizza7_zps66166e92.jpg
The proper pizza method order:  sauce, cheese, toppings, and another layer of cheese. 

 photo pizza8_zpsd2328258.jpg
Pizza perfection!

 photo pizza9_zpscd16e71d.jpg
Daddy prepares the dough for the second pizza. 

 photo pizza10_zpsf707502b.jpg
The boys take a little technology break while the pizza bakes.  *Sigh*

 photo pizza11_zps98d005e6.jpg
A perfectly prepared pepperoni pizza with extra cheese on top.  I had to teach Eddie that with pepperoni pizza, all the cheese goes under the pepperoni, but he wanted "extra" cheese on top. 

 photo pizza12_zps6cef0d8d.jpg
The pepperoni pizza is ready! 
Bon Appetit!

 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. Thank you dear, I was wondering what I was going to make for dinner tonight. : )

  2. Oh yummy! We've been trying to start a pizza night too, but we haven't startery night yet. The year after I graduated high school, I worked at a pizza joint too. I worked at the bank during the week and every Saturday night there to help out my friend who was the manager. Then, I started dating Jason and decided I'd rather spend my Saturdays with him, instead of making pizza. =)

    1. Man, as we keep discovering more similarities, I am beginning to think maybe we are twins too. Haha! I worked at the pizza place during the summer after my first year of college. I had just started dating Eddie, and I went to work there because my church friend was the manager, and he let me work full time day hours during the week so I had my weekends to see Eddie. That is so funny!

  3. I love this little tradition. I think it's important to involve kids with cooking so they know how to feed themselves when they grow up. We should start doing something like this too.

    On a side note- my dad worked in a pizza place in high school and college. He was also in the kitchen making the actual pizzas. He knows how to flip the dough up in the air and everything. We would always do pizza parties when I was growing up. He would make the dough and then form it into pizzas and then everybody at the party would help to do the toppings. Mmmmm. Now I want some of my dad's pizza!

    1. Yes, I think cooking with kids is such a great tradition. I just wish I could be home more to do more of the actual cooking. Poor Eddie took over most of the chef duties years ago. *Sigh* I actually really enjoyed working in the kitchen...way less chaotic than the dining room. And working with the dough was definitely my favorite part. Since I worked at chain pizza place, we had specifications for everything so we had to weigh out the different dough for small, mediums and larges and I became so good at it, I could pretty much cut the exact piece off for each size I needed perfectly every time. It was like a game to this OCD mind. Haha! I also loved the big roller equipment for making thin and hand tossed dough (instead of flipping). I could throw a piece of dough into that machine and retrieve it with perfection. I really did take a lot of pride in my pizza making abilities. I really think I've always had a superior work ethic and took pride in the work I did at every job. When I worked as a salesperson/cashier, I prided myself on being the fastest at keeping customers from waiting in long lines. I worked cashier at Best Buy one Black Friday, and I was placed at the first cashier spot (the busiest), and I didn't see the end of my line until after lunch, but I was MOVING. These are some great memories for me. I should really do a throw back post about all of this so my kids know all the things I did. I don't want them to ever be like these spoiled brats today who think they are "too good" for a little hard work. ;-)

  4. Oh you guys are such great parents! And I love that there are pictures of you with the kids. Sadly I'm usually behind the camera and never seen.

  5. I really want to start doing a regular home made pizza night with our family. You are inspiring me to start making pizza the "proper" way :)


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