Sunday, November 17, 2013

A Taste of Fall

I really feel like fall arrived here in our area in the last couple of weeks.  Also, we had a little taste of winter this past week and even saw some snow falling...yikes!  The colors of fall arrived about two weeks ago, and while we were driving in the country to visit Eddie's family for his Grandmother's funeral, I tried to get a few pictures of the fall color.  Last weekend, I managed to get a couple of fall projects accomplished.  We still had a few apples left over from our picking adventure so I made a few jars of homemade applesauce.  Brody ate some this morning for breakfast and loved it which is not surprising since this was sweetened with brown sugar, cinnamon, and spices, and he is used to eating unsweetened.

 photo fall16_zps9945e317.jpg
I finally made a little banner for Thanksgiving with some scrap fabric I had and a paint pen.  Evan actually was the one who encouraged this project after we took down our Halloween banner.

 photo fall15_zps0be76aa2.jpg
Brody, of course, wanted to pose for a picture with the new banner.

 photo fall14_zps77a23fc3.jpg
I had made this little Fall banner earlier with some scrap ribbon and just printed out the letters.
 photo fall14_zps7817b40a.jpg
I finally got around to making a little burlap wreath similar to one I pinned over a year ago.  I loved the way the one I pinned had the pop of red against the simple burlap.  I used a wider and denser burlap fabric so it didn't really work to do the bunchy technique of most of the burlap wreaths I've found, but I do like the sturdier burlap fabric that doesn't unravel so easily.  

 photo fall12_zps6036d9eb.jpg

 photo fall13_zps1006d4a7.jpg
Our front porch and new wreath before I replaced our potted flowers with some mums and pumpkins.  
 photo fall46_zps348fb9ca.jpg
Our mums before they all completely opened.  

 photo fall47_zps19c840f9.jpg
And our pumpkins before we carved them up.  
 photo fall5_zpscea3e034.jpg
A pretty fall tree  we saw on our drive in the country.  This particular tree is in the churchyard of the church where Mattie is buried. 

 photo fall6_zps19523226.jpg
The road we were driving is in my husband's old childhood hunting grounds so he is very familiar with this area.

 photo fall7_zps75cc7749.jpg
I just love the look of a country road with fall foliage around it.  It always makes me think of Robert Frost's poem "The Road Less Traveled."  

 photo fall8_zpsfcccd4ec.jpg
I am clearly not a nature photographer, and this photo does not do this setting justice.  The little pond just looked so beautiful in the bright afternoon sun. 

 photo fall9_zps8ba7a920.jpg
Another view of our country drive.

 photo fall10_zps0f723b1c.jpg
These bright orange oaks are always my favorite fall trees.  

 photo fall17_zps5c7cd5d4.jpg
Crock pot applesauce.  The whole house smelled so good last Sunday with this cooking all day. 

 photo fall18_zps49833f4a.jpg
Three decent size jars should last us a while. 

 photo fall11_zpsb471044b.jpg
I also accomplished this little art project in the kids' playroom this past weekend.  I had wanted a way to display more of their artwork by hanging twine or string across and clipping artwork to it.  This is some of the artwork they have brought home this year.  I think I need to add another string above this one.  

 photo fall12_zps5472d949.jpg
Evan made this sweet collage of his family, and it touched my heart that he included his sister in it.  I love that boy!  
Now, hopefully we can have a few days for the leaves to dry out so daddy can blow them up in a pile for us to jump in.  We seriously need to do this because it looks like winter is coming fast...

Snow already? 
And Christmas trees too?  
 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. I love the wreath and the banners. You'll have to do a tutorial showing us all how to make them! I especially love the burlap and red wreath. It's so pretty!!!! I bet the homemade applesauce is delicious. Addi and Karsyn eat applesauce in mass quantities. I can never seem to keep enough at the house.

    I LOVE the pictures of your drive. NC is sure pretty in the fall. We've actually had a very pretty fall here too. It's been a while for us. I can't believe that y'all have already had a little bit of snow. How fun!

    1. I can't make any promises on a tutorial post, but since there are already so many on Pinterest these days, I don't think it will be missed. Brody seemed to approve of the applesauce, but applesauce has been a staple breakfast food item for him since he was a baby. Well, it wasn't very much snow and could barely even be called that, but I have a feeling after the crazy wet summer we've had, it is going to be a cold winter here. :-)

  2. I love the Frost reference. Just the other day I was wondering if anyone reads poetry anymore.... : )

    1. Awe, I am with you! I don't read nearly enough poetry, but I do still love it. I have actually written poems for each of my kids' baby books. I wouldn't call them good, but I just wanted to write something special for them. My latest post referencing a couple of my new favorite reads was especially for you, my fellow book loving friend! :-)

  3. Your Fall is looking gorgeous and I love all your home decorating projects. And yum! applesauce!

    1. Well, I have ambitions of cooking more yummy treats...maybe even a healthy alternative to a pecan pie for Thanksgiving so stay tuned! :-)

  4. What a great Fall post. I could almost smell the applesauce. I just love fall, which is unfortunate, since I live in a part of my state that doesn't really have fall. We go from summer to not-summer to "winter" (in quotes, because it's cold for about 46 seconds). So I love seeing fall from other people's perspectives. You might not be a nature photographer, but your pictures are still gorgeous.

    1. Seriously, I have told you that you have cold weather in your blood and need to move somewhere cooler. Haha! I am not a nature photographer and as you can see, I am definitely not a great "seasonal" decorator like you. Maybe one day when I feel more "settled" I can accomplish more in these areas. ;-)

  5. Love the fall decorations and the fall pix... Fall is my favorite time of the year! I love that God paints a different picture for me to see daily!


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