Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A Message from Our Angel

Eddie and I both feel very strongly that this little moment was just a sweet way that our little angel Mattie showed us that she is watching us all.  We truly believe that she visits her big brother, Brody.  Lately, when we go downstairs in our house, and he spies her picture hanging on the wall, he points to her picture and starts smiling and waving furiously and saying "Hi!" like he is speaking to a friend.  When we ask him where his baby is, he also points to the picture.  Her picture is surrounded by baby pictures of him and his older brother.  It has become sort of a routine of his and Daddy's to stop and look at the picture on almost a daily basis now.  Last week, Daddy got to witness another special "moment" with Brody and his little sister.  I got chills when Daddy sent me the video while I was at work.  While he and Brody were waiting in the carpool line at his preschool, Brody was enjoying getting to sit in the front seat and wanted to listen to music. Usually, Daddy has the radio set to a talk radio station in the morning that plays an occasional pop song.  Brody decided he wanted to hear something different and switched the station to one playing something a bit different.  This was the first station that he "picked" as if it was what he intended.  I don't even know what station this song was playing on as it is a pretty old country song that would be seldom played anymore.  The name of the tune is "Angels Among Us" by Alabama.  As Brody started smiling and dancing and looked so happy, it just seemed like his sister was whispering to him to play this song to show she was still with us.  I just wish sometimes I could "see" what he sees!

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  1. How sweet! I love the moment where he pauses as he puts his hand against the side window for a moment. It brings tears to my eyes!

  2. I just love that he seems to be dancing with Mattie. What a sweet moment Eddie captured.


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