Monday, November 4, 2013

A Day with Smokey Bear at the Nuclear Power Plant

Catchy title, I know, but it was the best I could come up with.  One of our nuclear power plants (yes, apparently it takes two to power the 17th largest city in the U.S. and 23rd largest metropolitan area with over 2 million people) hosted a special family event last Saturday.  This one is located north of Charlotte in the neighboring city of Huntersville.  Our power company, Duke Energy, held a special exploring the outdoors day on their property on Lake Norman, and Daddy had to attend to set up a booth for work.  He brought his huge (almost 20 foot tall) new Smokey Bear whose presence definitely dominated the area.  I was actually surprised this air filled Smokey was still as soft as a teddy bear as he was covered with fur and cloth instead of just made of vinyl material.  Brody loved cuddling Smokey's feet (the only part he could reach).  That may have been a little weird if Smokey had been a person in a costume.  Ha!  Evan loved getting to participate in some special activities like shooting a bow and arrow (he wants one for Christmas...yikes!), shooting a be-be gun, climbing a rock wall, racing Mommy in a sack race (yikes again!), and fishing all while Daddy was "working" nearby.  We also learned a little something about nuclear energy and how it is turned into electricity at the Energy Explorium.

 photo fall83_zps784dbff8.jpg
Smokey taking his job very serious as usual overseeing the event. 

 photo fall84_zpscf9c2033.jpg
Off Brody goes to explore. 

 photo fall52_zpsb692511b.jpg
Brody enjoyed rubbing Smokey's soft feet.  

 photo fall53_zps8d3689f6.jpg
Daddy only packed the zoom lens on the camera so it was impossible to capture a full shot of Smokey and Brody together without standing in the middle of the lake. 

 photo fall54_zps03c82283.jpg
Brody giving Smokey's feet love.  Ha!

 photo fall55_zps1a17095a.jpg
Brody and Evan try out driving a boat. 

 photo fall56_zpsdc9e93e2.jpg
This face was saying "Could someone please help me get down?"

 photo fall57_zps5ec3caf5.jpg
Checking out the lake on this beautiful fall day. 

 photo fall58_zpsef92b5cf.jpg
My sweet boys

 photo fall59_zpsb678b1ca.jpg
After I asked them to turn around. 

 photo fall60_zps05de6290.jpg
Evan tried climbing the rock wall, but he is a little scared of heights.  He gets an "A for effort."  

 photo fall61_zps83a2142d.jpg
Brody attempted the sack race. 

 photo fall62_zpse12431f9.jpg
Evan was a pro and definitely beat his Mommy. 

 photo fall63_zps88305af0.jpg
Mommy had to help Brody.

 photo fall64_zps4a1b20de.jpg
And big brother gave Brody his prize sucker for his performance. 

 photo fall65_zpsf286bcfb.jpg
Love Evan's happy face!

 photo fall66_zps9533e5b4.jpg
Evan learned to cast a fly fishing rod.  I just think he looks like a pro here. 

 photo fall67_zps850172bc.jpg
I guess we need to take him to the mountains to go trout fishing. 

 photo fall68_zps95429290.jpg
Getting tips from a pro. 

 photo fall69_zpsa6ed05b5.jpg
He almost caught a Brody fish. 

 photo fall73_zpsa33a1dbd.jpg
Trying out a bow and arrow.  

 photo fall72_zps4c56d136.jpg
Getting some instruction. 

 photo fall71_zpsd1d2d813.jpg
Brody enjoyed watching big brother shoot. 

 photo fall74_zps6edb9c4d.jpg
Evan did shoot well and hit the target, but he couldn't get his arrows to stick.  He just needs a little more practice. 

 photo fall75_zps43e7845d.jpg
My little fishermen. 

 photo fall76_zps5864bf4f.jpg
It was a beautiful but windy day on the water. 

 photo fall77_zpsa24bee07.jpg
Sweet fisherman.  I think he would be a great fisherman because he has a lot of patience. 

 photo fall78_zps17c59943.jpg
Little brother caught his first fish...with a little help, of course. 

 photo fall79_zps73e77e8d.jpg
And he was not afraid to touch his fish. 

 photo fall80_zpsdfb44f96.jpg
He grabbed the fish with two hands while giggling.  The fish still had the hook in its mouth so we were a little worried. 

 photo fall81_zpsc5864f53.jpg
Holding his catch. 

 photo fall82_zpsf98d438f.jpg
Just his size.  He told the fish bye bye before we threw him back in the water. 

 photo fall85_zps5ce0cf49.jpg
Evan enjoyed an ice cream break after all of his outdoor adventures. 

 photo fall86_zpsbcc04ff3.jpg
And then he enjoyed resting in the butterfly garden.

 photo fall87_zps664d84b5.jpg
Wrong season for butterfly watching I guess. 

 photo fall88_zps11f74f44.jpg
My little caterpillar turned into a butterfly. 
 photo Explorium4_zps59dc1f04.jpg
Evan puts on his hard hat to go to work at the nuclear power plant.  I had to capture these indoor shots with my phone because the zoom lens just is not ideal for smaller indoor spaces.   

 photo Explorium3_zps6622a510.jpg
Brody and his hard hat. 

 photo Explorium1_zps58ab50d5.jpg
Evan and Brody posing with an atom. 

 photo Explorium2_zps44487a33.jpg
Evan makes electricity with his touch. 
We had a fun and educational day with Smokey and Daddy!

 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. Looks like y'all had a blast! Don't you hate when you bring the wrong lens sometimes. I did that a few times and it is annoying but you still got GREAT shots!

  2. For brining the wrong lens, you sure got some amazing pictures of your boys! The one of them looking out at the lake by the white fence is a framer. Brody was way too cute hugging Smokey's feet. I love how Evan really takes the time to learn something new. What a fun day!

  3. That looks like a really fun day! I love love love the picture of Evan smiling. And Brody hugging Smokey's feet is just way too cute. What a sweetie :) I'm impressed you did the sack race. Way to go! And you got some really great shots despite having the wrong lens. You're a great photographer Sherry.

  4. What a beautiful fall day to enjoy lots of family fun! Isn't a joy to watch their smiles and faces when they are attempting something new!!
    Thank you for sharing!! And thank you for your sweet comments on my un-kept blog.... :)


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