Friday, November 8, 2013

A Cop and an Escaped Convict

For Halloween this year, the boys decided to be a cop and a little prisoner.  Yes, Brody was the "bad guy" as he is prone to some bad behavior as a little boy in the middle of the terrible twos.  It just seemed appropriate!  When we went costume shopping, I couldn't locate a costume that was actually his size.  They had a little toddler costume that was for 18 to 24 months that was a one piece with feet.  I figured that would definitely be too small for him, but the next prisoner costume was in the bigger kid size.  We went to Party City to check out the toddler costume.  It was a little snug, but it worked if we cut out the feet.  The arms had little mesh sleeves to look like skin with tattoos covering them.  Brody actually really enjoyed his costume, and he was a big hit in the neighborhood and got lots of compliments.  The costume just really seemed to fit his personality.  Haha!  Halloween night was a bit chaotic as Mommy and Daddy both had to work all day.  By the time Mommy got home, it was already dark, and we had to eat a quick dinner.  Daddy had the kids already dressed in their costumes and took their pictures outside before dark so we headed out for a quick bite to eat at a restaurant across the street from our neighborhood and then started trick-or-treating in our neighborhood on the way back to our house.  Our neighborhood is awesome for trick-or-treating.  We just have a lot of younger families with a lot of kids so almost all of the houses participate.  Many go all out with decorating, and the people at home passing out candy have as much fun as the trick-or-treaters.  Many neighbors get together to have little street parties and pass out candy together.  It is just a lot of fun for the kids and the adults too.  The weather was also very nice on Halloween night although I did feel a couple of raindrops on our walk.

 photo halloweencollage_zpsfaec0045.jpg

 photo halloween1_zps56e835fc.jpg
Crazy kids! 

 photo halloween2_zpse10a50c7.jpg
Brody surprisingly liked being handcuffed.  Yes, he did eventually break out of them. 

 photo halloween3_zpsa8607cb2.jpg
Had to get some shots with our "Spooky" Target banner from last year. 

 photo halloween4_zps5371cf50.jpg

 photo halloween5_zps88a914a6.jpg

 photo halloween6_zpsf5face28.jpg
The cutest cop and prisoner duo I've ever seen. 

 photo halloween7_zps5b18a15f.jpg
Brody has quite a cheese face these days. 

 photo halloween8_zps15a4871a.jpg
Silly prisoner...back to the "play" pen you go!

 photo halloween9_zpsae3f504f.jpg
I think stripes really work on him. 

 photo halloween10_zpsfb02e2d5.jpg
Showing off his Mommy tattoo. 

 photo halloween11_zps175dfea1.jpg
He's Mommy's prisoner for stealing her heart. 

 photo halloween12_zps53dd9c40.jpg
"May I please have some candy?"

 photo halloween23_zps533e9d27.jpg
Oh man, that policeman means business with his night stick. 

 photo halloween24_zpsfda9b60e.jpg
Yikes!  Look out, Brody! 

 photo halloween25_zps24b59ff9.jpg
Police brutality? 

 photo halloween26_zpsf597ba07.jpg

 photo halloween27_zpsf277117e.jpg
No, we couldn't get Brody to say "trick or treat," but he loved saying "Hi!" and "Bye!" to everyone. 

 photo halloween28_zps352adf8d.jpg
Fearlessly taking candy from the cloaked skeleton creature. 

 photo halloween29_zpse45319fe.jpg
Evan attacks a zombie in a tree with his night stick. 

 photo halloween30_zps9aff6eb4.jpg
Mommy and her little prisoner

 photo halloween31_zps6f29d2c8.jpg
Someone's throwing up pumpkin. Gotta love it.  It was just missing the empty beer bottles all around it.  

 photo halloween32_zps15fb15e1.jpg
Big brother cop fights off the evil ghost. 

 photo halloween33_zpsa74cad52.jpg
Brody enjoyed posing in front of all of the yard decor. 

 photo halloween35_zpsb971b89b.jpg
Big brother was more into fighting.  

 photo halloween34_zps7af800c6.jpg
Brody didn't discriminate on signs and wanted his picture taken in front of a real estate for sale sign too. 

 photo halloween36_zps4810b36b.jpg
He was a trick-or-treating expert this year. 

 photo halloween37_zps80e09562.jpg
Brody tried to run away in the graveyard, but big brother caught him again. 

 photo halloween38_zpsf1075e07.jpg
Always Evan's favorite house.  The flash from the camera takes a lot away from the effect of this house.  It is very dark on the porch with just a blacklight so the scary creature on the porch and the spiderwebs are pretty spooky.  

 photo halloween39_zps15199077.jpg
Brody was amazed at the skeleton creature. 

 photo halloween40_zps0be14302.jpg
These two zombies are always a familiar sight in their "cages." 

 photo halloween41_zps0d92a73e.jpg
Brody wanted to touch the large spider. 

 photo halloween42_zpsa90f9283.jpg
Daddy trick-or-treating with the boys. 

 photo halloween43_zpsde4a589d.jpg
Brody wanted to take a break and sit on a pumpkin. 

 photo halloween44_zpsec874f3b.jpg
More trick-or-treating. 

 photo halloween45_zpsd4c5dd7e.jpg
Evan checking out these mischievous ghosts from Casper. 

 photo halloween46_zps31a1bd1a.jpg
Brody loved these big, funny ghosts.

 photo halloween47_zpsd616d53a.jpg
This zombie was trying to catch us. 

 photo halloween48_zpsecd48887.jpg
But Evan took care of him. 

 photo halloween49_zpsdbc97308.jpg
Brody wanted to pose by these little ghosts. 

 photo halloween50_zps3bb65668.jpg
And a scare crow. 

 photo halloween51_zps246e7c83.jpg
We had to walk under this giant spiderweb. 

 photo halloween52_zps73d5440c.jpg
And one last stop at our next door neighbor's street party before going home to bed. 

 photo halloween53_zps8d432030.jpg
The buckets were filled. 
 photo halloween54_zps33c88db4.jpg
Whatever will we do with all this candy? 
 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. Evan looks so handsome in his police officer uniform. I started cracking up at the police brutality pictures. hee hee hee! Brody looked way to cute too! My girls would have been afraid of the zombies, but I love how your neighbors go all out. Glad ya'll had such a great night!

    1. Yes, I could see the zombie house being scary to some, but that is definitely a favorite with most of the kids in the neighborhood who have come to love it every year. Evan took his role as policeman wielding his night stick a little too seriously. Haha!

  2. Hmmm. I thought for sure I had commented on this. I read it forever ago.

    Brody made the cutest little crook ever. That costume was a total hoot. I love the tattoo sleeves....such a funny little touch. I feel like I need to encourage costumes that will go together for my kids while they are young enough to tolerate it/not have an opinion. The cop/robber idea is going on the list! I should pin this to my halloween board so I don't forget!

    1. Well, I am sure you read it from your phone while at work as I often do and then I wait to make a comment until I can do so from a computer because I make so many mistakes when I try to do it from my phone. Ha! Yes, I love "matching" costumes right now, but I had to "convince" Evan that he didn't need to be a ninja again this year. Sigh. My days of coordinated costumes are definitely numbered. I think we can squeeze in one more year as Evan wants to be a ghost buster next year so his little brother can be the ghost (or Slimer if I can work out a costume). :-)

  3. Oh how cute are they. I love that their costumes go together!

  4. I love how cute they are Sherry! And I especially love your captions!!! Also, that picture of Brody in front of the real estate sign made me laugh a lot :) I think I would find Hallowe'en in your neighbourhood too scary though!


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