Sunday, October 27, 2013

Miscellaneous Fall Fun

Fall is a fun season, but it is also a busy one.  We have so many traditions that we like to squeeze into our already hectic schedules.  We try to experience the fun of the outdoors during this cooler season.  We haven't had a chance to have any fun playing in fallen leaves yet as ours have barely even started turning colors.  I do hope we get to enjoy a little fall color before the leaves fall off. Along with our big trips to the apple orchard and farm/corn maze, we visited a local pumpkin stand down the road to pick out pumpkins and mums to display on our front porch and to carve for Halloween.  I just hope we can get enough energy together to perform our carving ritual this week. It is going to be a very busy week!  Thankfully, Evan is out of school on Friday (the day after Halloween) so he can get some much needed rest after a late night of trick or treating.  Well played, Charlotte schools, well played!  Evan and I also participated in our neighborhood's pumpkin painting while Brody was taking his afternoon siesta.  Yes, I did want to join Brody's activity, but I couldn't miss the pumpkin painting festivities again.

 photo fall31_zpsb3c28521.jpg
Evan and Brody at the local pumpkin patch. 

 photo fall26_zpsebb10c7c.jpg
Our littlest pumpkin in the patch 

 photo fall27_zpsee61c1d0.jpg
Brody searching for the perfect pumpkin. 

 photo fall28_zpsa37fde40.jpg
Brody was like "This is crazy!  They all look the same!"  

 photo fall29_zpsc2cfab25.jpg
"I'll just take this one.  Now how do I get out of here?"

 photo fall30_zps6d43ab31.jpg
"Yep, this one will do." 

 photo fall32_zps3308c8a5.jpg
Brothers at the pumpkin patch after church. 

 photo fall34_zps0b3e7c04.jpg
Mommy and her little pumpkins

 photo fall35_zpsfb889676.jpg
"Here, Edah!  Mommy is always calling you her pumpkin head!" 

 photo fall36_zpsdc88aa37.jpg
One mischievous and one sweet.

 photo fall37_zps19b0705c.jpg
Sweet boys. 

 photo fall38_zps7b5a0355.jpg
Last year's pumpkin mountain was a lot bigger, but this one was still impressive. 

 photo fall40_zps32275e6c.jpg

 photo fall39_zps8781aac6.jpg

 photo fall42_zpsaccab13d.jpg
Daddy and his pumpkins

 photo fall46_zps348fb9ca.jpg
I wanted mums that weren't all open yet so they would hopefully last a while. 

 photo fall43_zps967cf677.jpg
The sweetest kisses from my boys!

 photo fall44_zps5bc473fe.jpg
We needed a fall family picture and didn't get one at either pumpkin patch so this will have to do.  

 photo fall45_zps3e3a1288.jpg
One with Brody's best cheese smile
Pumpkin Painting!

 photo fall18_zps8136c3dc.jpg
Evan creating his masterpiece.  He decided he wanted a Panthers pumpkin painted Carolina Panthers blue.  Unfortunately, the child safe washable paint did not dry quickly on slick pumpkin surfaces and the paints ran together quickly.  

 photo fall19_zpsbfae3ddf.jpg
He still painted like a pro. 

 photo fall20_zps34cb8ccb.jpg
The color he chose was a pretty good match to Panther blue. 

 photo fall21_zps67f87ded.jpg
He attempted to write Panther on his pumpkin and did a decent job considering the difficulty of the slick surface and runny paint.  

 photo fall25_zps784618a1.jpg
I attempted an R pumpkin for us and had to sit and hold my pumpkin for a while until it dried. 

 photo fall22_zpsed01b3fd.jpg
Evan ran off to play while I waited for them to dry. 

 photo fall23_zps080f861e.jpg
Evan and his neighborhood and school friends enjoyed a little game of tag. 

 photo fall24_zpsc86035c6.jpg
And then I turned around, and Evan had sneaked the Kindle out of my purse, and I caught this.  *Sigh*  He just can't help himself!  

 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. Ya'll are great at having fall fun! I know that I said this earlier, but your family picture is just beautiful! Your Evan is so much like my Evan...have fun playing for a while and then it's tech time. ha!

    1. Oh, yes, technology is both a blessing and a curse. Sigh. I love all the fall fun, but seriously, sometimes it is just exhausting. I am currently "stressing" about when we will have time to carve pumpkins before Halloween night. By the time I get home from work, we eat dinner, take baths, and get ready for bed. Ugh! I don't know why I let this craziness stress me out when it is supposed to be fun! :-(

  2. Your boys look so grown up in these pictures! Looks like yall had fun! We skipped on the pumpkin patch this year.

    1. And that is okay, Annabelle! I don't know why I stress myself out trying to "do it all." There are so many different traditions this time of year and sometimes I feel like I am running myself crazy trying to do them all. Sigh.

  3. I love the idea of painting pumpkins; I'm just sorry the reality was disappointing. And I love your Fall family picture. What a beautiful family :)

    1. Also your photo captions make me laugh :)

    2. Yes, Natalie and I have decided we need some kind of bloggy award for funny photo captions of things our toddlers say with their expressions. Haha! I guess the "reality" of pumpkin painting wasn't that disappointing. I am thinking of painting some at home with actual craft paint and see how they turn out. I will keep you posted on that. :-)

  4. GREAT fall pictures. I love that one of just Brody where he is surrounded by all the little pumpkins. There is something really cool looking about a whole sea of tiny pumpkins. I never knew that before!

    I really did laugh out loud at the "this is crazy, they all look the same" comment. We should get some sort of blog award for funniest captions for our kids. Ha.

    Don't you find it to be so much fun but also exhausting at the same time to keep up with all the traditions? I am already worried about having time to take all the pictures I want to take on Thursday. And that's just ridiculous!

    1. Yes, we definitely need a bloggy award for our funny photo captions about our crazy toddler kids' expressions. And you know, I am betting that what Brody and Elliott would actually say (and think) is 100 times more funny. Those boys are just crazy!

      Yes, I am totally stressing out about Thursday's events. I don't know when I am going to have time to get pumpkins carved between now and then. I have taken a few pictures of the boys in costumes already just in case things don't go as planned on that day. Sigh. It is going to undoubtedly be an exhausting night. I don't know why we put ourselves through it all...well except for the memory making sake. I have very fond memories of childhood although I probably didn't do have the amount of stuff my kids do. I need to learn that simple is sometimes better. Haha!


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