Sunday, October 13, 2013

Lanny's 7th Birthday Party

Cousin Lanny wanted a "Percy Jackson" themed party this year since he had recently watched the new movie.  Unfortunately, his mom couldn't locate any "Percy Jackson" themed party decor.  She did get him a cool cake with the mechanical bull from the new movie on it.  Lanny also enjoyed getting to play laser tag with all of his friends.  Uncle Eddie really had a great time too!  Haha!

 photo Lanny1_zpsb5f5fd4f.jpg
Lanny is 7!

 photo Lanny15_zps019ba6ce.jpg
The party room was cute with a painting of a big Charlotte Hornet flying over the city skyline. 

 photo Lanny16_zps4bd5a60d.jpg
Lanny and his friends enjoy eating pizza and other snacks. 

 photo Lanny17_zps74f47e50.jpg
Lanny was hungry after a hard game of laser tag. 

 photo Lanny18_zps4081d24b.jpg
I love this picture which looks like big sister Emma is loving her little brother.  She was putting his birthday hat on him. 

 photo Lanny2_zpsc33b94cb.jpg
Birthday boy!

 photo Lanny3_zps6052e91f.jpg
Cousin and best buddy, Evan. 
 photo Lanny4_zps99aef119.jpg
Lanny's cool mechanical bull cake.

 photo Lanny5_zpsc6d9a9a5.jpg
He had a cool #7 sparkler instead of a candle. 

 photo Lanny19_zps73fd7236.jpg
Brody's "may I please have some cake" face. 

 photo Lanny13_zpsd3862af6.jpg
The top scores from the first game of laser tag.  My husband thinks he's a sniper!  

 photo Lanny14_zps7b836376.jpg
Yes, he had the top score of the day, and Uncle Paul was number 5. 

 photo Lanny6_zps0c902474.jpg
Lanny got toilet papered while we sang happy birthday. 

 photo Lanny9_zps7ad4e76f.jpg
The boys enjoyed toilet papering each other. 

 photo Lanny10_zpsf6c6119f.jpg
Toilet paper was everywhere. 
 photo Lanny12_zps1b72cc44.jpg
Cousin Cate got toilet papered too!
 photo Lanny7_zpse205d0de.jpg
Sweet babies hanging out during the laser tag game. 

 photo Lanny8_zpsb4521f87.jpg
Cousin Emma kept them company. 
 photo Lanny11_zpsaa6ef271.jpg
Brody wanted to play air hockey. 

 photo Lanny20_zps9d2b45a4.jpg
The boys watching Lanny open his presents. 

 photo Lanny21_zps7ddbbfdb.jpg
A bow and arrow cool!

 photo Lanny22_zps7acffec5.jpg
He got lots of neat presents. 

 photo Lanny23_zps80d06b26.jpg
Oh my, he really thinks he's Percy Jackson now!
 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. Looks like a great party! I love how Eddie dominated the score board. =) Tell him way to go!! I love that your family is so close to cousins. My kiddos have that too and it's such a blessing.

  2. Looks like a fun party. I agree with Eddie. He is a sniper. Watch out!

    It's so funny how kids get these ideas in their heads (Percy Jackson party) and us parents try to please them and then give up and go with a mechanical bull on the cake. I love it.

  3. Way to go Eddie!!!

    I love Brody's "I want some cake face" -- too cute :)


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