Sunday, October 13, 2013

A Day in the Apple Orchard

After Evan's soccer game last Saturday (in which he played like a champ), we decided to take advantage of a free afternoon to drive to an apple orchard.  While I wished for the cooler, crisper temperatures of fall for this outing, we settled for a warm and sunny day since it could be raining.  The best area of North Carolina for apple picking seems to be in Hendersonville which is about a two hour drive from Charlotte at the edge of the mountains.  The mountains here are a lot more like large tree covered hills.  Apple orchards and country stores are very plentiful so it is a great place for some fall fun.  The best way to get to this area is actually to take I-85 South into South Carolina and then go back North on I-26.  It is an easy drive for someone who does not do well on curvy mountain roads.  My ears only "popped" once each way!  Haha!  When we arrived, we followed the GPS to the address that I had found online for our orchard.  Unfortunately, I mistakenly plugged in the address for the owners' home instead of the store and orchard so we just went a bit too far and had to turn around.  It was a nice drive though, and they live in a beautiful spot surrounded by their orchards.  We got to the store and picked up our basket and a wagon for the boys to ride in and headed out behind the store to the orchard.  It was nice and cool in the shade of the trees, and there were two varieties of apples for picking:  Golden Delicious and Rome Beauties.  While my husband and I had hoped for something a little more crisp and tart, we were happy with these lovely sweet gold and red ones.  Now, I have a fridge drawer full of apples that I need to do something with.  I am thinking of making some apple sauce since Brody eats a lot of it, and I already tried an apple pie which looked good, but I need a bit more practice on my crust.

 photo apples1_zpsdbdf6e51.jpg
Evan and Brody prepare for the short ride to the orchard. 

 photo apples2_zps350814d4.jpg
Daddy pulling the wagon loaded with little boy cuteness. 

 photo apples3_zps14522add.jpg
Sweet boys being good. 

 photo apples4_zpsc5e6587e.jpg
The apple trees were filled with sweet, juicy goodness.

 photo apples6_zps014bdd6e.jpg
Daddy and the boys searching for the perfect trees. 

 photo apples7_zpsb13c2ef7.jpg
Evan learning how to pull the apples from the tree. 

 photo apples8_zps73b217dc.jpg
Evan showing his first sweet find. 

 photo apples9_zps948a1eee.jpg
Brody wanted one too!

 photo apples10_zpsbc160580.jpg
Brody was very proud of his find. 

 photo apples11_zps0394d058.jpg
Sweet golden apples shining in the sun. 

 photo apples12_zps803adb6b.jpg
Evan wanted to get a high one. 

 photo apples13_zps2cf20134.jpg
Who needs a ladder when you have a daddy? 

 photo apples14_zps2f7a5a26.jpg
Handing the apple to mommy for the basket. 

 photo apples15_zps87ed41f9.jpg
Sweet little apple picker. 

 photo apples16_zps5327527d.jpg
Daddy and his little apple pickers. 

 photo apples17_zps339b9228.jpg
Searching for more. 

 photo apples18_zps053d1ae9.jpg
Mommy helping Brody find some more. 

 photo apples19_zps1046118d.jpg
He really liked pulling the wagon. 

 photo apples20_zps3c2b5529.jpg
And being pulled in the wagon too. 

 photo apples21_zpsf70d252a.jpg
There were lots of really good ones way up high. 

 photo apples22_zps0c804e9e.jpg
Brody checking out all his apples. 

 photo apples23_zps685d40ba.jpg

 photo apples24_zps0b99ebb4.jpg
Sweetest apple picker. 

 photo apples25_zpsd54d9f52.jpg

 photo apples26_zpsbfd6cb59.jpg
Cutie pie. 

 photo apples28_zps08f6419f.jpg
Me and the boys with our favorite apples. 

 photo apples29_zpsfdc0f857.jpg
Brody says, "One apple up on top!"

 photo apples30_zps044c5f44.jpg
Brody tried to pull his big brother in the wagon.  

 photo apples31_zps63c1128d.jpg
Lots of delicious red apples. 

 photo apples32_zpsd1e68240.jpg
A long row of apple trees. 

 photo apples33_zpsdcd3dfab.jpg
Some of the newest additions to the apple orchard were blooming. 

 photo apples34_zps47dc69cb.jpg
What a beautiful day in the orchard!

 photo apples35_zps4b9285dd.jpg
The boys had some fun posing with the fun painted signs.  Of course, this one was not accurate for measuring as Evan is almost 4 feet tall. 

 photo apples36_zps052afbb6.jpg
Brody found some pumpkins. 

 photo apples37_zpsde306d54.jpg
One of the cutest pumpkins in the patch. 

 photo apples38_zpsd7ea98a0.jpg
And the silliest!

 photo apples39_zpsa6b6fbe7.jpg
Apple of my eye!

 photo apples41_zps0c64edea.jpg
And this one!

 photo apples40_zps82ee49e4.jpg
This one?  Haha!

 photo apples42_zps4c65b4ff.jpg
Evan found a John Deere. 

 photo apples43_zps5c3144bc.jpg
At our next stop, the boys found a giant gorilla. 

 photo apples44_zps577f5bcb.jpg
King Kong!

 photo apples45_zpsb469070d.jpg
A beautiful view of the corn fields and mountains. 

 photo apples46_zps984920ad.jpg
Evan got to ride with his sister on the cow train. 

 photo apples47_zps010b41a4.jpg
And Mommy and Brody rode too. 

 photo apples48_zps83e3810f.jpg
Waving bye to daddy. 

 photo apples51_zps0a634cb2.jpg
Back from our ride through the corn field. 

 photo apples52_zpscabab42c.jpg
It was a bumpy ride!


 photo apples49_zpsa43f7a12.jpg

 photo apples50_zpsea075d2b.jpg

 photo apples54_zps7dea34c3.jpg
Sweet little pumpkin. 

 photo apples55_zps03907097.jpg

 photo apples56_zpsc31402b5.jpg
Brody likes sitting on the pumpkins. 

 photo apples57_zps0de46915.jpg
The sun was very bright. 

 photo apples58_zps33df020e.jpg

 photo apples59_zps5dcc73e0.jpg

 photo apples60_zps36c40082.jpg
Trying for a shot of Evan driving the pumpkin truck, but the sun was in their eyes. 

 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. What a perfect day of fall fun! Every picture is gorgeous! How amazing is it that Evan got to ride with Mattie. It brought tears to my eyes.

  2. What a great orchard. We have taken Spencer peach picking, but not apple picking. We seriously got derailed when Elliott was born and are just now getting back to doing things like this. Now I feel like finding an orchard we could go to. There are some pretty far south of here, but it is too long of a drive. Hmm. Internet, here I come.

  3. I love everything you do with your boys. You guys are such a fun family! I wish we lived closer, I'd beg to tag along!


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