Monday, September 2, 2013

Summer Fun # 9 ~ Monkey Joe's

For our last week of summer before Evan started back to school and I headed back to work, I braved an adventure with the boys alone and took them to Monkey Joe's while Daddy was working.  This was a place I took Evan a lot when he was younger but that we had not visited in a long time.  The boys had gone more recently with their nanny, and Evan begged to go back.  Evan loved this place before he was even a year old, and we even took him as a "You're walking" celebration.  There are several locations in our area, and we decided to go to a different one than the one where we used to go.  I was slightly disappointed in the quality of this other location and wouldn't recommend it.  One of the large bounce castles was on the floor and not filled with air.  There was obviously a leak in the ceiling right in the center of the building and buckets were left out to catch the water.  Many of the bounce castles were so old and poorly maintained that they barely held air.  When Evan was smaller, I could take him down the bigger slides easily, but when I tried to take Brody, the bounce castles were leaking air so badly that I would sink down into them and could barely get out.  Despite these disappointments, Evan and Brody managed to both have a little fun.

 photo summer1_zpsa7bb9480.jpg
Brody enjoyed riding this little dinosaur. 

 photo summer2_zpsa859f01e.jpg
And then Evan had to join in.  The poor dinosaur couldn't hold them both! 

 photo summer3_zps6f840df8.jpg
Silly Evan fell off! 

 photo summer4_zpsb87592a3.jpg
Evan loved this snail when he was little.  You can tell the snail has seen better days since its eyes have been rubbed off! 

 photo summer5_zps7b252631.jpg
Brody peeking around the dinosaur at me. 

 photo summer6_zpsf8123b66.jpg

 photo summer7_zpscdbc54c6.jpg
Coming out.  He couldn't handle the ones with big kids. 

 photo summer8_zps0b884a54.jpg
He liked playing in the little kids' play area.
 photo summer10_zpsb1265fa6.jpg
Evan showing me how to go down the big slide. 

 photo summer11_zpsd6db1255.jpg
Evan getting ready to slide. 

 photo summer12_zps6a7f3e7d.jpg
And coming out.  I missed him on the way down.  

 photo summer13_zpsf14eba22.jpg
Brody was having fun while big brother did the big kid stuff. 

 photo summer14_zps592db4a8.jpg
Evan wanted to go down again so I could get a picture this time. 

 photo summer15_zps02680cea.jpg
Down he goes!

 photo summer16_zps00779e4a.jpg
Love this leap in the air. 

 photo summer17_zps3a1eca3c.jpg
My handsome big boy!

 photo summer18_zps907b49c6.jpg

 photo summer19_zps45d635bb.jpg
Evan came over to play with little brother. 

 photo summer20_zps68f168d3.jpg
Brody had to ride the dinosaur some more. 

 photo summer21_zps4d74852b.jpg
And give him some love. 

 photo summer22_zps59d46005.jpg
And the dinosaur face planted!  

 photo summer23_zpsdba44b5a.jpg
More dinosaur love. 

 photo summer24_zps170e03b3.jpg
Happy kid. 

 photo summer25_zpsae8cc9fe.jpg
Riding on the snail. 

 photo summer26_zps0de930d6.jpg
And choking the snail. 

 photo summer27_zps59fa674d.jpg
Big brother going down the big slide one last time. 

 photo summer28_zpsa95bef41.jpg
One last slide to end the summer! 

 photo MJcollage_zpsf124acf2.jpg
I just had to look back at some of the fun pictures from Evan's earlier MJ experience.  Notice that he is sucking his thumb in 2 of the 4 pictures.  Ha!  
 photo EvanMJ4_zps9e09693d.jpg
And this was a fun memory of me under a pile of kiddos!  :-) 
 photo namebutton_zps1d38d77c.jpg


  1. Fun! Spencer and Michael went to a similar place over the weekend. I think all little boys love places where they can bounce around and get some energy out. Us parents love it too!

  2. That looks like so much fun! And oh my goodness, Evan was one adorable walk baby!

  3. I'm so sorry the bouncy place was a bit of a disappointment. It looks like Evan had fun though. Both Sam and Rachel are still scared of bouncy castles/etc so it'll likely be a few years before we do them again.

  4. I love that you "braved" taking them by yourself. That looks like a fun place and looks like they had fun!! Good job mom!!


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