Thursday, September 19, 2013

One Last Summer Post

Our pool closed for summer on September 8th so we had to get one last swim in.  The weather was so beautiful that weekend as it has been for the last couple of weeks with no rain and very mild temperatures in the 70's.  We loved it!  Brody decided that he couldn't let Evan outdo him on his progress in the pool this summer so he tried out a few tricks of his own by swimming freely with just his arm floats on without us having to hold onto him.  He was so brave and loved kicking his little feet.  When he got water in his mouth, all we had to say was spit it out, and he was fine.  I think we'll have another swimmer soon!

 photo summer1_zps91914908.jpg
Just playing with his boat.

 photo summer2_zpsad326248.jpg
Evan practicing his underwater swimming in the baby pool. 

 photo summer3_zpsafc8a9e2.jpg
Brody loved having the little pool all to himself. 

 photo summer4_zps27b99e7e.jpg
Brothers playing in the water together. 

 photo summer5_zpsff938e05.jpg
Evan trying to pose for a picture with Brody in the water.  

 photo summer6_zps214aeff2.jpg
Brody loves pouring water on his head. 

 photo summer7_zpsa36e205a.jpg
And on Daddy. 

 photo summer8_zps75297dbb.jpg
And on Evan too. 

 photo summer9_zpse1249b9b.jpg
Evan's favorite thing to do at the Foosball!  

 photo summer10_zps9c7420ec.jpg
Preparing for one last dive of the summer. 

 photo summer11_zpsf0c3317a.jpg
And in he goes. 

 photo summer12_zps2d64284c.jpg
I sure hope he doesn't lose his newly acquired water skills over the winter.  

 photo summer13_zpsb806f5f9.jpg

 photo summer14_zps081b0663.jpg
He would rather swim underwater than above.  I think it takes him less effort. 

 photo summer15_zps5036dd6a.jpg
Coming up for air. 

 photo summer16_zps9c83a612.jpg
He had to do it one more time! 

 photo summer17_zps08657220.jpg
So proud of himself! 

 photo summer18_zps093c0192.jpg
We took little Italian ice cups to the pool as a treat because the snack bar doesn't stay open long. 

 photo summer19_zps46d8e8f4.jpg
My little red headed cutie. 

 photo summer20_zps8a9e1fa8.jpg
Brody enjoying his cool treat. 

 photo summer21_zps1f14b121.jpg
We had to pose for a picture for daddy.  

 photo summer22_zpsabb0329f.jpg
Mommy can never resist stealing a kiss.  I have taught him so well that when Daddy tries to kiss Mommy, he comes up making kissing sounds wanting to kiss too.  Haha!

 photo summer23_zps7f922274.jpg
Brody showing off his new skills. 

 photo summer24_zpsb5fb8ad6.jpg
Water baby! 

 photo summer25_zps8e2e7fc6.jpg
That's our little swimmer. 

 photo summer26_zps3970c5ae.jpg
High fives for Daddy. 

 photo summer27_zps2c53bc6b.jpg
He loves floating on his back. 

 photo summer28_zpsfae7cebd.jpg
I think he'll be ready for swim lessons next year. 

 photo summer29_zps5e439ea6.jpg
So brave. 

 photo summer30_zps1eb73000.jpg
He loved it! 

 photo summer31_zps8bc696e0.jpg
Time for basketball! 

 photo summer32_zpsbe6aa544.jpg
He has also come a long way in being able to throw and catch pretty effectively. 

 photo summer33_zpse6c8d047.jpg
Silly face! 

Goodbye, Summer!  See you next year!

 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. I don't think Evan will lose his skills over the fall/winter/spring. He'll probably be a little akward at first and need a bit of a warm-up when he gets back in the pool, but it'll come back quickly.

    You got some sweet jump shots off the diving board!

  2. Way to go Evan! He's doing awesome!!! I think Brody looks so much like you! I love the kissing picture! What a great way to end summer!

  3. This post reminds me that we didn't spend near enough time in the pool this summer. I love all the pictures of Evan and his new-found confidence! And Mister Brody is just so cute :)


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