Friday, September 13, 2013

North Carolina Natural Sciences Museum, Raleigh, NC

And now for the long awaited conclusion to our little mini-vacation to Raleigh.  We spent the remainder of our Sunday afternoon at the Natural Sciences Museum.  Let me tell you, this museum has come a long way since I was in elementary school and went on a field trip there.  There are a ton of new additions and a whole new building housing lots of interactive exhibits.  There has also been the addition of a real dinosaur skeleton which is kind of a big deal!  The dinosaur skeleton was apparently donated by an anonymous, who wouldn't want the credit for donating a huge dinosaur to a museum?  Evan has been wanting to see real dinosaur bones since before he was 3 and began having aspirations of being a paleontologist!  I was actually thinking we would have to make a trip up to D.C. to the Smithsonian or to NYC to see some real dinosaur skeletons, but after a quick google search, I was pleased to discover we actually had our own right here.  There was also a special exhibit at the museum called Dinosaurs in Motion which was a bunch of giant replicas of dinosaur skeletons made from metal that were hooked to pulleys and electronic controls that we got to control and see how the dinosaurs moved.  It was pretty neat although I actually think it was more fascinating to people with an interest in mechanical engineering.  Several of the dinosaurs were controlled by video game controllers so Brody thought he was playing a video game and loved that.  Ha!  We spent the majority of our time walking through the real dinosaur and prehistoric exhibit since that is what interested Evan.

 photo Raleigh106_zpsf2ff4400.jpg
Yikes, the boys almost got squashed by a huge globe outside the museum!  

 photo Raleigh107_zpsfb7bc240.jpg
Whew, I'm glad that thing didn't start rolling! 

 photo Raleigh108_zpsb54fef8c.jpg
Man, I wish I could remember exactly what this was...some kind of whale.  We just passed through this section which was in the newer part of the museum where it is more hands on exploration stuff. 

 photo Raleigh109_zps34a53427.jpg
Evan and Brody heading across the connecting bridge between the two buildings. 

 photo Raleigh110_zps1b3a616e.jpg
Evan posing in front of the real head of the Acrocanthosaurus.  

 photo Raleigh111_zpsa7055b01.jpg
The Acrocanthosaurus on display has evidence of several injuries that are presumed to be from some kind of fight so they kind of re-created a dinosaur attack in the exhibit. 

 photo Raleigh112_zpsfd674d90.jpg
The boys standing under the huge victim of the Acro. 

 photo Raleigh113_zps1366f70b.jpg
He looked so sweet I really felt sorry for him. 

 photo Raleigh114_zps15960361.jpg
I guess the head of the real dinosaur is so valuable that they don't want to risk putting it up on the fragile display so it stays in its glass box while a replica is put on display.  There were little red lights marking the spots where Acro was injured (broken teeth, ribs, and a crushed foot were his ailments).  

 photo Raleigh115_zpsf180fa3a.jpg
This Acrocanthosaurus is the most complete specimen of its kind on display in the world.  It is a very rarely found species older than the T-Rex so very few have been found. 

 photo Raleigh116_zpsd8198962.jpg
He really looked sort of similar to T-Rex but with a spine more like a Spinosaurus. 

 photo Raleigh117_zps5a9ca06d.jpg
Brody was not having anything to do with picture taking. 

 photo Raleigh118_zps3ca0ccd9.jpg
So me and my favorite dinosaur lover posed. 

 photo Raleigh119_zps94e2a1ae.jpg
And one with the head. 

 photo Raleigh120_zpsd6dd41c0.jpg
A skull of a saber tooth cat. 

 photo Raleigh121_zpsf32354e9.jpg
Ewe, this one freaked me out!  It is an old giant sloth.  Freaky! 

 photo Raleigh122_zpsdd29ff8d.jpg
I cannot recall what this one was. 

 photo Raleigh123_zps4d562833.jpg
Willo, the fossil of a small, plant-eating dinosaur, is the most complete Thescelosaurus ever found. Willo’s 65-million-year-old fossil includes ossified tendons and cartilage.

 photo Raleigh124_zps3abcb3d3.jpg
Apparently, his name means "Marvelous Lizard Neglected" because his bones were found neglected in some museum drawer. 

 photo Raleigh125_zpsbef5f395.jpg
The giant femur bone of a huge Diplodocus. Diplodocus is the longest dinosaur known from a full skeleton although they think there was a Supersaurus who was longer. 

 photo Raleigh126_zpsac133d92.jpg
The boys posing with a T-Rex head. 

 photo Raleigh127_zpsc2ac12c2.jpg
And one more with my future paleontologist. 

 photo Raleigh128_zps50af2994.jpg
I tried sticking Brody's head in the T-Rex's mouth.  Hey, he deserved it!  Haha! 

Although Evan really enjoyed this museum, I still think we will have to make that trip up to D.C. because Evan wants to see his favorite dinosaur buddy, Mr. Stegosaurus!

 photo namebutton_zps1d38d77c.jpg


  1. That looks like so much fun!!! I can only imagine how excited Evan was. I'm glad that ya'll had a great mini vacation. What great family memories!!

    1. Thank you, Tracy! It was a really fun little weekend excursion. It was nice to spend time in Raleigh again as we haven't really done that in a long time except just passing through on the way somewhere.

  2. So cool. Going to see dinosaurs is such a boy thing. When Evan publishes his first book about dinosaurs he can put these pictures on the inside cover. It'll be awesome.

    1. Yes, dinosaurs are definitely a boy thing, and Evan has been obsessed since he was 2. Brody actually likes them too although he isn't verbal about it. He just roars when he sees one. I had been promising Evan we'd go see real dinosaur bones for years so I'm just glad I could finally deliver. Haha!


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