Sunday, September 8, 2013

North Carolina History Museum

To continue our Labor Day weekend excursion to Raleigh, we spent Saturday night in a hotel (just a Holiday Inn Express so no big deal although we do like these hotels because they are clean, have continental breakfast, and this one even had a little indoor pool).  After the football game, we checked in to the hotel and took a quick dip in the pool to cool off after our very hot day.  Then, we dressed and headed out to explore and grab some dinner.  Of course, after dinner at a little bar and grill restaurant in downtown Raleigh, we hit the N.C. State campus to reminisce and have some fun as previously shared.  On Sunday, we slept late, ate breakfast, and headed out to show the boys some North Carolina history.  I always love our state's museums.  The museum didn't open until noon so we explored around the Capitol building and the Capitol mall area.  I think they modeled Raleigh after Washington D.C. so our Capitol building sits in the center with an outdoor mall space that looks directly across to the Legislative building with the museums on either side of the concrete space.  The Museums of History and Natural History have received numerous upgrades since I was a child, and their exhibits are excellent.  When I was in college, I thought about majoring in Public History with aspirations of working in a museum.  I took a Public History class (I was a History minor and a Politics major), and we did some work with the History museum.  I applied for an internship and would have accepted it if it had paid, but I needed a paying job at the time and decided to work for a law firm instead.  So hence, here I am a legal assistant and recent law school graduate.  Sometimes I still think I would have enjoyed museum work more.  Ha!  Anyway, we only spent a short time at the History museum this trip because we had more fun planned for the boys, but the boys really seemed to enjoy the History museum a lot as they had added a lot of hands on fun for kids.

 photo Raleigh60_zps2a76c2a0.jpg
Walking up to the Capitol building. 

 photo Raleigh61_zps12d31355.jpg
Evan enjoyed the walk.  

 photo Raleigh62_zps76453e13.jpg
Evan loved all the soldier statues and the guns.  This memorial was for the Vietnam War. 

 photo Raleigh63_zps6543ae7f.jpg
Our boys dressed in their patriotic colors checking out the war memorials. 

 photo Raleigh64_zps311c80ac.jpg
Not really sure he gets the somber meaning of this statue. 

 photo Raleigh66_zps571103cb.jpg
The three presidents who hailed from North Carolina.  

 photo Raleigh67_zps4650aec4.jpg
Brody wanted to pose for a picture. 

 photo Raleigh68_zps25726e8e.jpg
And Evan too. 

 photo Raleigh69_zpsa3085496.jpg
So we all posed for a picture. 

 photo Raleigh70_zpsb9677b7e.jpg
Evan trying to shoot a cannon. 

 photo Raleigh71_zpse8d66ce0.jpg
Brody says, "Fire!" 

 photo Raleigh72_zps42966809.jpg
Looks like Evan is trying to shove his little brother's head in the cannon! 

 photo Raleigh73_zpsef79b71a.jpg
Evan standing with his country's first president. 

 photo Raleigh74_zps640b3745.jpg
Both of the boys with President Washington. 

 photo Raleigh75_zpsaac6e752.jpg
A statue of a very important governor in our state's history who made great leaps in our education system.  He was born in Mommy's old hometown, and her old high school was named after him.  He was so important, his statue also resides in the Smithsonian Institute in D.C. (I know this because I have a picture of myself with him there!)   

 photo Raleigh76_zpsc106c1e6.jpg
Evan is fascinated by all kinds of guns...just like his daddy. 

 photo Raleigh77_zps64f9ea1b.jpg
The boys trying to figure out how it works. 

 photo Raleigh78_zps4ef73ef8.jpg
I'm pretty sure that's not how it works, Evan. 

 photo Raleigh79_zpsc00fd408.jpg
Brody just ran up to this statue and posed.  I guess he was used to posing in front of statues by this point.  This was a Navy hero. 

 photo Raleigh80_zpsd5f86e45.jpg
A Civil War Memorial 

 photo Raleigh81_zpsa8107755.jpg
World War II Memorial honoring all the branches of service

 photo Raleigh82_zps57697bcf.jpg
Brody reading the names on the World War II Memorial. 

 photo Raleigh83_zps0fcae4f8.jpg
Looking across the mall to the Legislative Building. 

 photo Raleigh84_zps65f7546b.jpg
This little Native American Woman resides outside the History museum. 

 photo Raleigh85_zpsc4623816.jpg
A quick journey through North Carolina history.  I am ashamed of how quickly we passed through this time.  

 photo Raleigh86_zps4937376a.jpg
A replica of a Native American dwelling. 

 photo Raleigh87_zps45a7495b.jpg
Daddy and the boys sitting inside the Native American house. 

 photo Raleigh88_zps255c6474.jpg
Evan checking out the Native American tools and artifacts. 

 photo Raleigh89_zps002a4317.jpg
Evan really liked the part about our pirate history and walking through a replica of a pirate ship.  He loves learning about Blackbeard the pirate and his ship, the Queen Anne's Revenge.  

 photo Raleigh90_zps1c5e5cc8.jpg
A Revolutionary War soldier. 

 photo Raleigh91_zps1a793db0.jpg
A replica of a home of an early North Carolina settler.  Look, they already knew the art of co-sleeping with babies. :-) 

 photo Raleigh92_zps3168e072.jpg
Sitting in front of a fireplace and reading by candlelight doesn't sound too bad. 

 photo Raleigh93_zps0fbc1f83.jpg
Cooking and washing clothes without modern conveniences may be a different story. 

 photo Raleigh94_zps24401999.jpg
Evan learned how to milk a cow. 

 photo Raleigh95_zps3f0718c4.jpg
Maybe we need to get him a cow as a pet.  

 photo Raleigh96_zpsb7f8230b.jpg
Brody gives milking a try. 

 photo Raleigh97_zps2482f8be.jpg
And egg gathering. 

 photo Raleigh98_zpsa9a9f96b.jpg
I explained to Evan about all the chores that children had to do in the old days in hopes that this would prove a valuable teaching moment in getting him to complete his chores at home.  He particularly appreciated the one for emptying chamber pots.  Ha!  

 photo Raleigh99_zpsa9282f91.jpg
He didn't mind gathering eggs though. 

 photo Raleigh100_zps61881420.jpg
The less comfortable quarters of a slave family. 

 photo Raleigh101_zps10751a2b.jpg
Moving into the 20th century with progress. 

 photo Raleigh102_zps4ae5f0fd.jpg
Evan pretending to be a World War I soldier. 

 photo Raleigh103_zpsca4e7410.jpg
This soldier is getting his picture taken.  

 photo Raleigh104_zpsb1df987e.jpg
Does the soldier in the photograph look familiar? 

And thus ends our excursion in the North Carolina History Museum.

 photo namebutton_zps1d38d77c.jpg


  1. That looks like such an awesome museum. I know what it's like to have to pass through areas of a museum very quickly. =) How fun that ya'll were able to see what chores were like many years ago! It really makes me realize just how much I take things for granted! I'm going to have to find a museum like that for my kiddos to go too. It looks like so much fun!

    1. Oh, I'm betting ya'll have some great museums too! Of course, Evan's favorite museum us coming up next! :-)

  2. Wow, y'all have all the fun! I'll have to look up the Blackbeard story too! : )

    1. You definitely need to, Kelly! He was one bad dude, but he was no match for our dangerous coastline. :-)

  3. I love that you have a Pirate History! That's pretty cool! And yes, now I have a hankering to go to a museum with our kids. I think it's great that they learn about, and respect, history early on.

    1. North Carolina has a pretty great history if you want to come check it out. ;-)

  4. I feel like I am learning so much about you whilst catching up on all of your posts. I did not know about your college major or 1st career aspirations. I am fascinated.

    What a cool museum. And you had a great excuse for going quickly. It's called: 2 kids.

    1. Well, I like to add in little tidbits of info now and then. My kids may need to read this one day to learn about me. Haha! I still hate rushing through places like this, but as you will see, we had another place to hit that day! :-)


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