Thursday, September 5, 2013

Labor Day Weekend ~ First N.C. State Football Game

We didn't have any big plans for Labor Day weekend.  We were going to just spend a nice and relaxing weekend at home sleeping late and going to our neighborhood pool.  It was going to be great.  On Friday evening, Eddie mentioned that he saw a post from his alma mater that they were selling discounted tickets to the Opening Day football game.  I, being the supportive wife that I am, told my husband he should have bought the tickets because he and the boys would love going to a game.  College football tickets are expensive unless you know somebody, and we have just never taken an opportunity to go to a game since having kids.  We went to N.C. State's bowl game in 2006 here in Charlotte, but Eddie had not been to a game at home since he was in college. Although I am not a fan of watching football on TV, I actually don't mind going to games. Football on TV is boring, but there is always so much to see at the games.  Anyway, Eddie thought about the opportunity more Friday night, and in the morning, he decided we needed to go.  He got on the computer and ordered the tickets.  The game started at 12:30 so we had to get the kids up, eat breakfast, and pack our overnight bags very quickly.  We could have driven to Raleigh and back in one day, but we decided that it would be nice to make a weekend of it and had plans for other things we wanted to do.  The drive to Raleigh from Charlotte is about 2 1/2 to 3 hours so we were pushing it to make it to the game by kickoff.  We made good time, but unfortunately kickoff happened while we were still in the parking lot of the stadium.  The game got off to a fast start and State scored two touchdowns before we even got to our seats.  One touchdown occurred on the very first play when State's starting quarterback threw a 93 yard pass.  It sounded like an amazing play, and I was sad to have missed it.  The play actually resulted in the quarterback getting injured, and sadly, he will be out for the next few weeks.  The rest of the game was still good although we didn't see any plays that topped that one.  It was a hot day, but thankfully, we were sitting on the side with the box seats and building behind us so we were in the shade before the end of the first quarter.  Unfortunately, I still got a little sunburned during that 1st quarter.  Ha!

 photo Raleigh5_zpsa27fd13c.jpg

 photo Raleigh2_zps56a23af1.jpg
The score when we got to our seats after two touchdowns and a field goal.  Carter-Finley Stadium got some major upgrades in the last few years, and everything was very nice. 

 photo Raleigh3_zps0d067d8c.jpg
N.C. State has the ball. 

 photo Raleigh4_zpsb7900c6c.jpg
The flags flying after we scored! 

 photo Raleigh1_zpsffaa529f.jpg
We had to eat after we got to our seats because we didn't want to take time to get something on the way.  Evan enjoyed his pizza, Brody ate his whole hot dog (bun and all), and Daddy and Mommy had Chick-fil-a sandwiches.  

 photo Raleigh6_zps976b5e1b.jpg
The biggest fan! 

 photo Raleigh7_zpsdfb7b84a.jpg
He was so excited to be at his first real football game! 

 photo Raleigh8_zps4c3d358d.jpg
During the halftime show, the band formed the shape of the state. 

 photo Raleigh9_zps4f9318fb.jpg
This building was part of the new additions to the stadium. 

 photo Raleigh10_zps5d1d3bf8.jpg
The team comes out of a wolves' den. 

 photo Raleigh11_zpsfc7b6d9d.jpg
Eddie and his boys enjoying the game together.  Priceless! 

 photo Raleigh12_zps284e1ec6.jpg
I have to say that N.C. State actually has some of the sweetest guys, and these are just some of them.  That's why I enjoyed hanging out at State so much while I was in college!  ;-) 

 photo Raleigh13_zps2883fc04.jpg
Go Wolfpack! 

 photo Raleigh14_zps43017e98.jpg
Poor Louisiana Tech didn't stand a chance.  

 photo Raleigh15_zpsc7ac492a.jpg
One of the many wolf statues around the school. 

 photo Raleigh16_zps30107a62.jpg
The flags were flying proudly on a beautiful day. 

 photo Raleigh17_zps948f31b0.jpg
A field goal was scored. 
 photo Raleigh18_zps537ec534.jpg

 photo Raleigh19_zps076a9e5a.jpg
Wolfie comes out to cheer on the team. 

 photo Raleigh20_zps25e79c06.jpg
Wolfie doing some push ups.  How do mascots do push ups in those heavy and very hot costumes? 

 photo Raleigh21_zpsf43927c5.jpg
Some of the students helped Wolfie climb the wall.  

 photo Raleigh22_zps43f5555e.jpg
Always have to have a few students paint their chests, right? 

 photo Raleigh23_zps3093dd70.jpg
Let's go, pack! 

 photo Raleigh24_zps5bd809bb.jpg
About to score again! 

 photo Raleigh26_zps5f3714e4.jpg
And another field goal!  This is the final score. 

 photo Raleigh27_zpsfbb01be2.jpg
The team leaving the field. 

 photo Raleigh28_zps7166ff55.jpg
Daddy and his boys pose for a picture after the game. 

 photo Raleigh29_zps6f632036.jpg
I love State boys! 

 photo Raleigh30_zpsb428c307.jpg
Posing in front of the cool fountain in front of the stadium. 

 photo Raleigh31_zps5c7abbf6.jpg

 photo Raleigh32_zpsc3734fce.jpg
Someone took a family picture. 

 photo Raleigh33_zpsd180487d.jpg
Beautiful wolves. 

 photo Raleigh34_zps2dd5b75b.jpg
My sweet boys. 
We enjoyed lots more fun on our little mini vacation!

 photo namebutton_zps1d38d77c.jpg


  1. How much fun! I LOVE the picture of Evan that is labeled the biggest fan. What an amazing shot! Can't wait to hear about the rest of y'all's trip! How'd Brody do at the game? We're thinking about cheering on our high school team next week. I'm wondering how the little ladies of our family will do.

    1. I was actually quite surprised with how well Brody did! He was so hungry when we got there that he ate his entire hot dog with no problem. He was two-fisting it with the bun in one hand and the hot dog in the other. Haha! I think there was just plenty for him to see to keep him occupied. We stayed the entire game and even stayed after the crowd left to take pictures. It was a fun day! I think ball games are great for kids. Of course, it might have been a different story if we had been on the side in the full sun because the heat would have been unbearable. :-)

  2. That looks like such a fun time! Way to be spontaneous. You made such great memories for your family. And I love watching sports so add an NC State football game to your list of activities we need to do together :)

    1. Oh we have lots of opportunities for sports watching around here so we can choose which suits us football, college basketball, baseball, professional football and basketball, golf, even hockey (which I know you love) etc. This a great area for sports enthusiast! :-)

  3. I'm with you. There are about 1.2 million things I would rather do than watch football on TV. But I can tolerate going to a live game, mostly because of the people watching and the snacks.

    All of your pictures are great. The red really gives a festive feeling. It almost makes me want to go to a game, which is really shocking. Spencer has been to a few baseball games, but never football. Maybe this year?

    1. Yep, at least 1.2 million! Ha! I have felt kind of bad that Evan hasn't gone to a football game yet because it is obviously his and his daddy's favorite sport (I prefer basketball). I know we have a professional football team right here, but the tickets are so expensive, and we always seem to have something else to do. I do try to convince myself that he's had some pretty great experiences having his birthday party at the stadium and going to other kid friendly events there. I think he is getting old enough to really enjoy the games now though. :-)

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