Saturday, September 28, 2013

Kick Off to Evan's 3rd Season of Soccer

Last Saturday was Evan's first soccer game of the season.  He played U6 his first two seasons, and he has now moved up to U8.  There are a few differences between U6 and U8 in our soccer league.  In U6, there are no goalies and only 3 players on the field at a time for each team.  In U8, there are 4 players and a goalie on the field.  Evan's team looked really good this year.  Cousin Lanny and another boy from their baseball team is on our team.  Lanny played U8 last year, and he was a little more hesitant to get in the game then since he was one of the younger and smaller members of his team.  Evan was a star on his team last year as one of the older and more experienced in U6.  This year, it appears it will be Lanny's turn to shine.  He scored 3 of his teams 5 goals, and he has some really unique soccer techniques that he seems to have "invented."  Evan didn't score this game and seemed to prefer to play a more defensive game.  He did get in on the action though so I was proud of him.  I am hoping that his confidence will continue as the season progresses.  His team did win the game 5 to 3.

 photo soccer6_zpse60a5cc9.jpg
Since they got yellow and black uniforms this year, Eddie thought they should be the Killer Bees, and the kids agreed.  They had team pictures taken before the game. 

 photo soccer1_zps26d5788f.jpg
Then, they got in a little practice before the game started.  

 photo soccer2_zpsff21006f.jpg
Our little bee

 photo soccer3_zps9eff5168.jpg
Lanny was having a good time. 

 photo soccer4_zps42bd6a89.jpg
They played a little drill that helped them learn to pass to their teammates and also helped them learn one another's names.  

 photo soccer11_zps5eac4f29.jpg
Does this boy look ready for action or what?

 photo soccer12_zps0cdb57c8.jpg
Ready to start the game. 

 photo soccer13_zps67763531.jpg
We were blessed with two girls on our team this year.  Girls are awesome at soccer!

 photo soccer14_zpsa1c32293.jpg
Evan's cheering section

 photo soccer15_zps6876f93a.jpg
Go, Evan!

 photo soccer16_zps2e74d062.jpg
I love the way he runs!

 photo soccer17_zpsfe99775d.jpg
Getting in on the action!

 photo soccer18_zpsbc420744.jpg
Get that ball, Evan!

 photo soccer19_zpsa2656b74.jpg
Evan and Lanny working together to keep the ball. 

 photo soccer20_zps96f092f8.jpg
Cousins and teammates

 photo soccer21_zps185751f6.jpg
I loved this shot when Brody was wearing his broken sunglasses.  One of the eye pieces had fallen out so we just removed the other one.  I think it looked like a superhero mask.  

 photo soccer22_zps024fda30.jpg
Eddie says the team motto should be "Don't mess with the bees!"  

 photo soccer23_zpsddc0dbb4.jpg
Cousin Lanny playing goalie. 

 photo soccer24_zps97d4b46b.jpg
Uh oh, someone is serious about his soccer!

 photo soccer25_zpsae5c41ad.jpg
Lanny trying to recover the ball. 

 photo soccer26_zps138df2a6.jpg
Evan got to be the goalie for a little bit, and he SURVIVED!  Haha!

 photo soccer27_zps31243910.jpg
The goals were bigger this time. 

 photo soccer28_zps1a384202.jpg
I think maybe the team motto should be "The bees stick together."  

 photo soccer32_zps4c0ba206.jpg
We took another team photo at the end of the game because several players missed the official picture.  

 photo soccer29_zps02e29b50.jpg
Daddy and Mommy switched up so he entertained Brody while I took some pictures.  

 photo soccer30_zps833996f3.jpg
Can you tell he loves Daddy? 

 photo soccer31_zpsd6942e79.jpg
Oh my, melt my heart!

Cousin Reade's 1st Soccer Game

 photo soccer7_zps805bf972.jpg
Poor Reade.  He injured his shoulder in an unfortunate roughhousing incident with his brother before his first game.  He attempted to still play a little, but you could tell it was hurting him.  He went to the doctor and had x-rays which showed nothing was broken, but he is still wearing a sling to keep it immobile and may miss his next couple of games because of the injury.  

 photo soccer8_zps8a0b4669.jpg
Sweet boy put on a brave face. 

 photo soccer9_zpsd226ad11.jpg
And look at him go!

 photo soccer10_zps809094e0.jpg
He was ready for action!

 photo soccer33_zpsb8f0de1d.jpg
Brody wanted to play on the playground for a little bit and bravely climbed the "rock" structure.

 photo soccer34_zpse12dcfcd.jpg
Then he even wanted to swing like a big boy. 
Cute Faces

 photo soccer35_zpse842a5c6.jpg

 photo soccer36_zps05f46ebf.jpg

 photo soccer37_zps88452663.jpg

 photo soccer38_zps49043c98.jpg

Go, Killer Bees!  We are ready for the second game today!

 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. You are the cutest soccer mom ever! I love all these pictures! : )

    Hope you have a good weekend.

  2. Way to go for the win Killer Bees! And good job to Lanny! That's awesome! I love your outfit, Sherry! You look so cute! The pictures of Brody and Daddy are great! Love them!!!

  3. I agree with Tracy and Kelly, you are looking really cute in these pictures :) Way to go Evan on being the goalie. I would be scared to death to be a goalie. And poor Reade :( I also think it's so cool that Lanny and Evan get to play together. Lucky boys :)


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