Monday, September 9, 2013

Jessica Kelley's Testimony

If you have read here long, you know that Jessica is little Henry's mom.  Henry is just one of the most beautiful children of God, and he now resides in heaven with Jesus, his beloved friend.  Jessica invites us all to wrestle with our picture of God.  She did, and she has developed a picture of God that begins with Jesus suffering and dying for us on a lonely cross on Calvary.  That picture does not involve a God who plans and orchestrates every event that happens on this earth.  It doesn't involve a God who plans pain and death and loss for any of us.  It doesn't involve a God who causes a horrible brain tumor to take the life of a precious four year old little boy.  Her picture shows a loving God who is Jesus, the loving savior who took the world's punishment for sin upon himself.  It involves a God who is battling an evil force on this earth.  It involves a God who loved us so much that He gave us the gift of freedom to choose to love Him.  Anyway, my words can not do justice to this beautiful view of God or heaven.  Little Henry understood it better than anyone as he obviously saw and talked with Jesus in his final moments on this earth as he prepared to transition to an eternity in heaven.  Just please listen to Jessica's beautiful message and then wrestle with this picture of God in your own heart.

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  1. Sherry, I am so thankful I have had this view of a loving God so awhile. I don't know if I've had it forever, and I don't know if I would say I fully Warfare Worldview, but I definitely trust the heart of God and know that pain and suffering and children dying before they've had a chance to fully live is NOT a part of our loving God's plan.

  2. God is a loving God! Such great words!

  3. Thank you for linking to this beautiful post. I am always amazed by people's strength and faith.


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