Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Great-Grandpa's 84th Birthday Party

We were so glad to get to celebrate this special occasion with Great-Grandpa (Eddie's grandfather). As I have lost all of my grandparents in recent years, I am so thankful that we still have Eddie's grandfather with us.  He has given us a few health scares this past year, and Eddie's mom has been staying with him to keep him from having to live in a nursing care center.  He has developed congestive heart failure and has to be very careful of what he eats so that he will not retain too much fluid.  Despite the rough year he has had, his face just lights up with joy when he sees his great-grandchildren.  This man has always loved children, and you can see it in the old pictures of him with his own children when they were small.  I just loved seeing almost all of the great-grandchildren gathered around him.  I know his beloved wife, Mattie, smiles down from heaven when she sees it too.  Grandma Mattie wrote about how much she looked forward to seeing her great-grandchildren, but unfortunately, she did not live to see them.  Eddie's Uncle Matthew and Aunt Patti hosted the party, and the weather was just perfect for some outside fun.  Aunt Patti had prepared some entertainment for Great-Grandpa and the kids, and I think everyone had a great time as the kids had a little family field day in the yard.  Aunt Patti even made little award medals for the kids.

 photo grandpa47_zps9fa2c0c4.jpg
Our little family with Great-Grandpa

 photo grandpa42_zps05eec81c.jpg
Great-Grandpa with his children, Aunt Homa, Uncle Garry and Aunt Dava, Uncle Matthew and Aunt Patti, and  Grandma Rowena and Papa James (as my children who will one day read this know them) 

 photo grandpa44_zps1834e97e.jpg
Great-Grandpa with some of his grandchildren: cousins Marian, Aaron and his wife Christie, Shannon and her husband Adam, April, Aunt Naomi, and Eddie and I

 photo grandpa45_zps8fc8777e.jpg
Great-Grandpa with 10 of 13 of the great-grandchildren and a few of the grandchildren who had to be present for some of the babies to cooperate

 photo grandpa46_zps8ba70f2a.jpg
Great-Grandchildren: Brody, Evan, Grady, Emilia, Elena, Mason, Eva, Lilly, Jacob and Robert

 photo grandpa43_zps9e220fce.jpg
Sweet Grady was content playing on his blanket outside on this lovely day. 

 photo grandpa1_zps8d092821.jpg
Great-Grandpa eating lunch with his eldest child and namesake, Dava 

 photo grandpa2_zps7a79312c.jpg
Both looking cool in their shades. 

 photo grandpa7_zpse14b3173.jpg
Great-Grandpa surrounded by his children

 photo grandpa3_zpsb2fd46e5.jpg
Our little table where the boys insisted Grandma had to eat with them. 

 photo grandpa6_zps12c51005.jpg
The kids' table minus Evan and Brody who wanted to eat with Grandma.

 photo grandpa4_zps6d2416db.jpg
All of Uncle Matthew's granchildren

 photo grandpa8_zps4e1775b2.jpg
Of course, it wouldn't be a birthday without cake.  

 photo grandpa9_zps42157e90.jpg
The birthday boy

 photo grandpa10_zps1ff532f9.jpg
The children loved gathering around to sing happy birthday to Great-Grandpa. 

 photo grandpa11_zps1327ae1b.jpg
Can you tell Baby Grady is Great-Grandpa's favorite?  

 photo grandpa12_zps7d20504d.jpg
Just look at them looking at each other.  Grandpa will tell you Grady is his baby. 

 photo grandpa13_zpsb09d426e.jpg
Grandma Rowena tried to get all the babies in the picture. 

 photo grandpa14_zps31e061ab.jpg
Trying to catch Emilia for the picture. 

 photo grandpa15_zpsa4b00205.jpg
There's one with all the crazy kids!  

 photo grandpa17_zpsf23c541e.jpg
These kids loved showing Great-Grandpa the cards they made him. 

 photo grandpa19_zpsc81de567.jpg
I just love the look of joy on Great-Grandpa's face.  I don't think you could have bought him any present that he loved more.  

 photo grandpa20_zps8b577f7f.jpg
Grandma and Brody tried out the see-saw. 

 photo grandpa21_zpsb2dc65f3.jpg
Then little Jacob gave it a try. 

 photo grandpa22_zps5dcc9dba.jpg
The 1st annual family field day begins. 

 photo grandpa23_zps9284cee7.jpg
The first event was the soccer dribbling race. 

 photo grandpa24_zpsf2a54229.jpg
Even little Jacob gave it a try. 

 photo grandpa25_zps19e808e1.jpg
What a cutie!  I was amazed that cousin Marian's boys, Robert and Jacob, were so similar to Evan and Brody.  

 photo grandpa26_zps92192e75.jpg
Marian and Evan race while balancing bowls on their heads. 

 photo grandpa27_zps65fa30c2.jpg
And Robert too. 

 photo grandpa28_zps3d056fd4.jpg
Eva looks like a pro at balancing. 

 photo grandpa29_zpsc600702f.jpg
Evan and Elena doing the egg and spoon race. 

 photo grandpa30_zps8cf214bc.jpg
Elena is a lot like cousin Evan and is very sensitive and sweet. 

 photo grandpa31_zpsdf5c59b4.jpg
Sweet Robert was really proud of his efforts.

 photo grandpa32_zps65e9ab60.jpg
Go, Elena!

Happy Birthday, Great-Grandpa!  We wish you many more, and we hope you enjoyed this very special day!

 photo nametab_zps32a557cc.jpg


  1. Sounds like a perfect day celebrating! I LOVE that you all had a field day! How fun is that! You will treasure the family pictures you all took. They are awesome.

    1. Yes, the field day was a good idea. Brings back a lot of fun memories from childhood. I have really hated saying goodbye to my grandmothers the last few years since Evan was born so I know that all of the memories we make with the grandparents will be treasured in the days ahead.

  2. It is hard to get pictures with cooperative, non-wiggly kids but these are such precious memories! It looks like a wonderful birthday party.

    1. You know, I really don't care if the kids are acting silly, making faces, etc. as long as they are in the picture. I just want the memories preserved, you know? People are so concerned with getting that "perfect" picture that they miss out on the really good stuff, ya know?


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