Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Evan's 1st Week of 1st Grade

Despite all our efforts to slow the summer down, it did come to an end last week.  Actually, I think I am coming to terms with it now and am looking forward to all the fun I know we will have this Fall.  We are all adjusting to our new schedules, and I think the boys are happy to have mommy at home in the evenings.  Evan's first week of school was a success.  He said his first day was "good," and although I was a little disappointed it didn't at least get a "great" I think that is just the way it is going to be now.  He did come home with his first character card for being a good helper and a good listener.  He was also excited on Friday when he told us he received a 6 on the behavior chart.  Eddie and I were confused because we thought this chart only went up to 5.  They all begin the day in the middle at 3 and can either move up or down depending on their behavior.  He said he moved it up once with the whole class and once on his own.  He said he got a 6 because he also got a character card that day.  Regardless, we were very proud of his good behavior and rewarded him that night with dinner of his choice and then some yummy Krispy Kreme doughnuts for dessert.  And then, his daddy surprised us all on Saturday morning with his decision for a last minute trip to Raleigh (more on that little surprise later).

 photo school1_zpsbb6dfd8d.jpg

 photo school2_zps1992a642.jpg
We actually took this picture on the Friday before he started school because we wanted to make sure  we got some pictures in case the weather didn't cooperate.  We have had so much rain this summer!  

 photo school3_zpsa53ae1b6.jpg
He wasn't as happy on Friday during this "dress rehearsal."  It was  pretty hot outside, and the bugs were bothering us.  

 photo school4_zps92878dfa.jpg
Mommy must have the back shot too. 

 photo school5_zpsd5ab4482.jpg
And one with little brother! 

 photo school6_zpsc1d20eea.jpg
Looks like little brother is holding up a one for the big 1st grader. 

 photo school7_zps66a1aa1a.jpg
And then Evan wanted a shot with his soccer ball since he is going to be playing soccer again. 

 photo school8_zps64c19cbe.jpg
Looking very cool on the actual first day.  He didn't need his lunch box since he liked the school menu that day (pizza , of course).  

 photo school9_zps59039eb7.jpg
Playing with his toy dragon on the ride to school. 

 photo school10_zps4698e8a3.jpg
Mommy likes this shot of him by the brick wall of the school. 

 photo school11_zpse18e238b.jpg
He definitely knew the way to his class this year. 

 photo school12_zps1e3fa719.jpg
Putting away his backpack. 

 photo school13_zps1c619132.jpg
And putting on his name tag. 

The beginning of the first day of school pictures.  I wonder what this will look like in 12 more years!

 photo EvanSchoolCollage_zps6ed31811.jpg
And yes, he has the same backpack and lunchbox.  We thought they were good for one more year!  

Since we are still on the hunt for a new nanny, Grandma and Papa James came to stay with us for the week to watch the kids.  They brought sweet cousin Grady with them because they were keeping him for Aunt Naomi during her first week back to work (she teaches preschool).  Brody had tons of fun playing with baby Grady all week!

 photo Grady1_zps7bef98e8.jpg
Brody and Grady enjoyed bath time together.  Yes, they will likely hate me for these pictures one day.   

 photo Grady2_zps85beb9fb.jpg
So cute playing with rubber duckies.  Grady likes the water about as much as Brody. 

 photo Grady3_zps112e17ad.jpg
Brody taught Grady all about cars. 

 photo Grady4_zps819e530f.jpg
Grady liked the way they tasted. 

 photo Grady5_zpsbfa72140.jpg
He would smile for the camera until the flash went off.  

 photo Grady6_zps533f8b8d.jpg
Sweet baby

 photo Grady7_zpsd8ff0544.jpg
Loved the way Grady would pull the car basket towards him to get more.  

 photo Brody1_zps33a5d1f0.jpg

 photo Evan1_zps9b176d89.jpg
Grandma and Evan enjoyed playing the Wii. 

 photo Grady8_zps6c438d6d.jpg
Grady enjoyed hanging out with Uncle Eddie. 

 photo Grady9_zpse5de59c0.jpg
Uncle Eddie tried to get his tickles. 

 photo Grady10_zpse78c29aa.jpg
Yes, Brody was jealous. 

 photo Brody3_zps72144be0.jpg
Silly little man! 
 photo namebutton_zps1d38d77c.jpg


  1. Ahh! I love the pictures! I wish that I would have thought about chalk. It's a great idea! That's nice that Grandma and Papa have come to help. It looks like ya'll are really enjoying your time with them and Baby Grady. The bath tub pics are precious! Sounds like a fun and busy fall ahead! Oh, and I can't wait to hear about your surprise trip!!!!

  2. I'm a total failure when it comes to taking pictures of my son on the first day of school! New follower! :0)

  3. How come I know nothing about this trip to Raleigh.....because, you know, I know every single detail about your life.

    Great 1st day pictures. I will still be here reading every post when you have a collage of all the K-12th grade pictures. It's going to be awesome.

  4. Great First grade pictures! Evan is such a handsome little fella! Good luck this school year!

  5. I'm like Natalie, I will be crying with you as Evan and Brody graduate high school :) I also love that you did First Day pictures early. It is sooooo important to get them!

    1. And Way To Go Evan!!! on the awesome behaviour!!!


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