Sunday, September 15, 2013

Brody's 1st Day of the 2nd Year of Preschool

Brody began his second year of preschool on Wednesday, September 4th.  He will still attend three days a week on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.  For the first week, he only went from 9:00 to 11:00, and the second week he stayed until 11:45 and ate his lunch at school.  This week will be his first full week attending until 12:30.  He is in a class with many of his friends from last year so I know he will have a great year.  It made this mommy's heart so happy when he and Evan both received birthday party invites for next weekend.  It will be Brody's first birthday party with a school friend.

 photo preschool1_zps53325770.jpg
Brody is ready for another year of preschool! 

 photo preschool2_zps16f0017c.jpg
Silly boy showing his belly. 

 photo preschool3_zps495fd3a0.jpg
And his tattoos. 

 photo preschool4_zps6c3c0d26.jpg
And his chalk art. 

 photo preschool5_zps1a997b3f.jpg
Our sweet big preschooler. 

 photo preschool6_zpsf20e426d.jpg
A picture with Mommy. 

 photo preschool7_zps7393a61e.jpg
Mommy is so proud of her little man. 

 photo preschool8_zps5878d9f9.jpg
Just being Brody. 

 photo preschool9_zpsf4065afe.jpg
More Brody. 

 photo preschool10_zpsc12d7b8b.jpg
More cuteness. 

 photo preschool11_zps96724189.jpg
Checking out the fountain at his school. 

 photo preschool12_zps5cd7b273.jpg
So pretty. 

 photo preschool13_zps33e2c8ae.jpg
Holding on to that silky blanket. 

 photo preschool14_zps9c46e1d6.jpg
And playing in the water. 

 photo preschool15_zps26609148.jpg
Waiting to go into school. 

 photo preschool16_zps7a9b3935.jpg
Checking out his bag. 

 photo preschool17_zpsc8c0e7a7.jpg
He went right in and headed for the cars.  Looks like he's checking out his old girlfriend, Sierra, who was also sporting tattoos. Note that all the boys were wearing blue collared shirts.  

We hope you enjoy another fun year of preschool and learn a lot while making lots of friends and memories.  We also hope that you will begin telling us about all the fun you have this year.  We love you, little man! 


Mommy & Daddy
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  1. What a cutie! I love that all the boys were wearing blue polo shirts. Hope he has a great year!

    1. Yes, that seems to be the standard "uniform" for boys. It gets harder and harder to get creative with boy clothes as they get older. It's either t-shirts or polo shirts. :-)

  2. He is so sweet! That is a huge bag for him to take to school. And just this year Sam has started telling us about what he does at school. Bits and pieces come out and it's so interesting to us.

    PS. I like the new blog colours.

    1. It is still hard to get Evan to tell us, but we are working on ways like the tell me three things you did today approach. Can't wait to get a little more out of Brody!

  3. What a sweet pea. I'm glad that he had a smooth transition back to school. It's hard to be out for summer break, especially when you are 2 and schedules and regularity are so important. So funny about all the blue shirts. They had their own little uniform.

    1. Yep, it is hard on all of us changing schedules. Ha! He actually adapted pretty quickly though and walks in like a champ now. The funny thing is he won't go to his old favorite teacher from last year. She was such a sweet lady, and he adored her all of last year. Then, at the end, he started going more to his other teacher. It made me kind of sad.


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