Friday, September 6, 2013

Back to College!

While in Raleigh for the football game, Eddie and I thought we would enjoy taking a little stroll down memory lane.  We met in Raleigh in early 2000 while I was a freshman at Meredith College (an all girls' school in the heart of Raleigh) and Eddie was a junior at N.C. State.  Before I met Eddie, I enjoyed hanging out with friends at N.C. State.  My friends from Meredith would head over there almost every night to hang out (you know this had nothing to do with the guys...haha!).  A friend I had made the summer before college at my first job was a freshman at State so we would hang out with him and his friends and suite mates mostly.  Sometimes we would just spend late nights walking around campus and acting like crazy kids away from home for the first time.  Yep, we were those college kids!  Thankfully, I met Eddie and settled down so as not to flunk out of college.  Hehe!  Anyway, these places just bring back great memories for Eddie and I, and we enjoyed showing Evan and Brody some of the fun spots.

 photo Raleigh35_zpsc4c0b142.jpg
Although I don't expect the boys have aspirations of attending Mommy's alma mater, I still wanted a picture in front of the school's fountain.  Hey, if they go to State, I suspect they'll want to hang out at Meredith for the girls.  ;-) 

 photo Raleigh36_zpsb03064b5.jpg
I just love these State boys!

 photo Raleigh37_zpsb92bd5a0.jpg
Me and my babies

 photo Raleigh38_zps8c22dc40.jpg
The main drive into Meredith is very pretty with trees lining the street.  I should have taken more pictures, but we were ready for dinner. 

 photo Raleigh39_zpsf4e6eb7b.jpg
The iconic symbol for N.C. State is the bell tower.  Doesn't every school have a symbol like this?   

 photo Raleigh40_zps29c52fb6.jpg
I thought the boys would like walking through the free expression tunnel on campus that goes under the railroad tracks.  

 photo Raleigh41_zps5405ffb5.jpg
Just checking out the "art." 

 photo Raleigh42_zps6dbe58fb.jpg
Evan posing with some of the crazy drawings and writings. 

 photo Raleigh43_zps7bd743e6.jpg
Brody liked this "doggie" and kept going back to it and barking. 

 photo Raleigh44_zps67d507f5.jpg
We tried to tell him it was supposed to be a wolf and get him to howl. 

 photo Raleigh45_zpsfbeb1f1b.jpg
Apparently, going green is big to college kids now.  

 photo Raleigh46_zpsdb4661b9.jpg
Broke college kids must paint for food. 

 photo Raleigh47_zps4579959a.jpg

 photo Raleigh48_zps54bb05b9.jpg

 photo Raleigh49_zps17bd1739.jpg
Brody thought this was a wishing tree. 

 photo Raleigh50_zps00b3b948.jpg
Beethoven, anyone? 

 photo Raleigh51_zps4c43b633.jpg
Or the Notorious B.I.G.? 

 photo Raleigh52_zps63bab757.jpg
These boys enjoyed howling at the moon with wolves. 

 photo Raleigh53_zpsf04425db.jpg
Silly wolves. 

 photo Raleigh54_zps0db4a121.jpg
These wolf sculptures were new to us. 

 photo Raleigh55_zpsc68e185d.jpg
The boys liked riding the wolf. 

 photo Raleigh56_zpsae61e39c.jpg

 photo Raleigh57_zpsc1140a48.jpg
And yes, I had to ride too.  I just knew a cop was going to come along while I was on it and arrest me.  Haha!  In my defense, there were other people on them before us. 

 photo Raleigh58_zpsf92d7df7.jpg
Me and my little man riding together. 

 photo Raleigh59_zps64305e0f.jpg
Evan wanted a picture with his State flag. 

I need to dig up some old pictures from my college days for old times sake, but here are a couple pictures on the computer that take me back:

Here are me and the girls after a big snow storm hit Raleigh in January of our freshman year.  It was great!  No classes all week, and we were snowed in.  

And this was an early picture of us together our first Christmas.  I was really in to putting crazy thought bubbles on photos back then.  Ha!

 photo namebutton_zps1d38d77c.jpg


  1. Well, who doesn't love a good thought bubble. Lol! I have a few pictures like that too. This post made me smile. I love the pictures on the wolf. I can only imagine y'all cracking up as you were taking them. I love Brody's appreciation for art. He's too cute!

    1. Oh yes, it was pretty funny seeing me trying to climb up on that wolf was pretty high up there! Haha! Yes, I hope Brody will be a budding spray paint artist someday! ;-)

  2. The art tunnel is cool! It's amazing how talented people are with a little spray paint. This makes me want to take the kids to my college campus. Maybe the next time we go back home!

    1. Oh, I think it is a great idea to show the kids places where their parents had so many good memories. Plus, it might just make them interested in going to college one day too! :-)

  3. Ohhhh... I want to read the blog post where the police came and hauled you off the wolf statue! And I love the art tunnel. Very cool. And this reminds me that we need to take the kids to our alma mater. What a fun visit.

    1. So you think my next post is about our night in jail, Natasha? Haha!

  4. I went to Meredith too! (class of 2001). Met my husband at NC State. :) Maybe our boys will end up marrying Meredith angels. :) Have you ever taken your boys to the Cornhuskin parade? I took our kids last year and they loved it!

    1. Yay for Meredith girls! I don't think I knew that. I really do miss reading about you on your blog! It was so random how I found you looking for another person's blog with your last name in NC. I wish I had known you at Meredith. I was class of 2003.

  5. You were a baby in those last two pictures! Great flashback pictures. Have you ever explained to me why we were in such different college graduating classes when are a year apart in age? I have a feeling you did, but I have forgotten. I graduated from high school in '97 but was always the youngest in my class because my b-day was after the Sep 1 cut-off. If my parents hadn't had me tested into kindergarten I would have been the class of '98. And then I graduated from college in 3.5 years so I was the class of '00.

    It's awesome that you took the boys for a college campus tour. We have taken Spencer to the U of A a couple of times (both Michael and I graduated from there), but not Elliott yet. Maybe this fall.

    1. Pretty much sounds like you got it. I graduated from high school in 1999 and graduated from college in 4 years in 2003. I preferred working through college instead of attempting to graduate early although I entered college with a semester's worth of credits already from AP and college credit classes taken in high school. :-)


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